Dedicate – Day 5 – Flow  |  Yoga With Adriene

Dedicate – Day 5 – Flow | Yoga With Adriene

– Hi pals.
Welcome to Dedicate, your 30 day yoga journey. It’s Day 5. Go ahead and put a hand up. Let’s do like a
virtual high five. (wooshes) We are doing this. Today’s a really nice day
because the world can get a little chaotic and move fast and
we remember that time on the mat is time well spent because
it allows us to help get in our natural flow state. So hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (bright music) Okey doke, my friends. Let’s begin in a
nice comfortable seat. Take a second to
get down on the ground. And remember this is time
that you so beautifully have carved out for yourself. So right away start
to lean in and choose to enjoy this practice, right? This time that you’ve
dedicated for your body, for your mind and for your spirit or
your soul as well. So come on down to the
ground and when you get there, sit up nice and tall and we’re
going to start right away with the fingertips on the earth. So at your sides. Just take a second to land and
just a reminder this is going to take time some days. Some days are
going to drop right in. And some days you may spend the
entire duration of the practice just trying to
land in this moment. So just a reminder that
that’s what it’s all about. It’s about that process. It’s about recognizing that
and being present with whatever you’re coming to the mat with. So sometimes if we forget that
we can get a little frustrated and miss out on the
valuable moments of just the me time, the you time. And I think the more we embrace
too this truth of you know some days are going to be harder than
others but you still show up the easier it will be to
keep showing up for yourself. So you can stick with it all the
way ’til Day 30 and well beyond so that you can be
strong and healthy. So that you can
attract positive, vibrant energy and slowly learn
to tend to tend to and then hopefully release that
which simply isn’t serving you. So relax your shoulders,
start to notice your breath. Thank you for being here today
for sharing your valuable time and energy with
me and with people and pets all across the globe. Today’s session we’re
going to lean into a flow. So the word vinyasa really just
means to move with intention when we break it down. So as we begin to introduce a
new rhythm and pick up the pace here in the days to come remember this is your time. This is your practice and it is designed
for you to meet and greet it with whatever you’re
coming on the mat with each day. So make it your own. Learn to adapt. Question everything
and I’ll do my best to guide you in a loving way. Synchronizing
with the breath today. Here we go. Inhale, fingertips
reach out left to right. On your exhale, slowly, so slow
breath and slow movement here to start, palms come
together at the heart. Anjuli Mudra.
In prayer. Remember yesterday’s practice. See if you can feel what
does it feel like to bring the palms together in prayer? And if it feel like nothing,
that’s fine. (laughs) Just notice. Okay, good.
Drop the chin to the chest. Feel that broadening
through the upper back body. Nice stretch in
the back of the neck. And then when you’re
ready slowly reach behind, palms kiss
together behind the neck. Start to draw your
navel in here a little bit. Good, then inhale, fingertips
glide up towards the sky. Take a nice big breath,
big stretch here. And then exhale,
wiggle the fingertips, rain it all the way
down moving with your breath. So the breath is the fuel for
the movement and the movement has this beautiful marriage with
the breath and that’s what we want to really try to build
today so that we can take it into the rest of our
practices here together. So picking up
the pace just a bit. See if you can make your
breath long and controlled. Here we go, inhale.
Fingertips reach out. Exhale, hands to heart. Long slow breath out. Beautiful, chin to chest. Feel that stretch in
the back of the neck. Reach behind. Inhale, navel draws in
as you reach all the way up. Big breath. Exhale, float
the fingertips down. Start to open up
to the shoulders. Beautiful, inhale halfway lift. Exhale, hands to heart. Notice what it feels like. Chin to chest, reach behind. Inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, releasing all the way
down fingertips kiss the earth. Let’s keep it going.
Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, palms come together. Beautiful. Opportunity
here to retain the breath, drop the chin
to the chest, reach behind and now inhale
reach for the sky. Exhale, float it down. Now this time when you float it
down you can start to reach your fingertips a little
bit behind the hips. If you want to start
opening up through the chest, the pecs, the heart
a little more. Here we go.
Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, hands to heart. Retain the breath.
Chin to chest, reach behind. Navel draws in
and as you inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, float it down, fingertips reaching
back just slightly. Once more.
Nice audible breath. Here you go.
Nice refreshing breath in. Exhale, hands to heart. Chin to chest, reach behind. Navel draws in
as you inhale, lift up. Exhale, release
it all the way down. Beautiful,
left hand to the earth. Inhale,
right fingertips up and over. Exhale, all the
way back to center. Right hand to the earth. Inhale,
left fingertips up and over. All the way back to center. Inhale, both fingertips
reach all the way up. We’re gonna just find
that big beach ball here. Here to draw
their shoulders down. Imagine your shoulder blades,
your scap just kind of rounding back to hold your heart space. Beautiful then you’re
gonna take your fingers and just the thumbs
are going to press up. Breathing deep. Lifting the heart,
lifting the sternum. Quads get really heavy here
so we find that opposition, that lift up
from the pelvic floor. Benju’s here with
us breathing deep. We’re here for three. Soften the skin
of the face, two. And on the one,
open the fingertips wide, stretch them as wide as you can. Take a deep breath in
through your nose, don’t think. On the exhale Lion’s Breath,
tongue out, look up. Beautiful, bend the elbows. Float or melt
the fingertips down. Awesome work, just take a second
here to notice how you feel. Observe. Letting go of the day thus far. Politely putting whatever’s
gonna happen after this practice,
putting your To-Do List, just gently put
them on the shelf. Take one more deep breath in. Exhale, just
really landing here again. Present. And within our flow we’ll
really just work to be in one moment into the next. So one present moment opens a
window or a door into the next. And that’s all
we do and not really thinking ahead or considering the past. Alright, gently open the
eyes and we’ll come all the way forward to your
Tabletop Position. Consider how you
move here. Be kind. Remember the way
you move matters. Picking some
Benji hair off my mat. Keepin’ it real. Hey, speak of the devil
or speak of the angel. Depending on what day it is. Find your base. Remember the breath comes first and then next your foundation. And we tend to do these two
things first not because that’s the right way to do it in yoga but because it really puts us in the role of our own teacher. Right? Yoga is about
uniting the mind, the body. Making sure that
things work for you. So I’m just here to guide you. Listen to the
sound of your breath. Listen to your
body and let’s flow. Inhale, dropping the belly. Finding a significant tilt in
the pelvis perhaps today as you drop the belly,
open the chest. And then on your exhale,
opposite tilt. A bit of a tuck as
you round to the spine. Just bringing
awareness to the pelvis today. Cool, inhale drop the belly. Listen to the
sound of your breath. And exhale, rounding through. Right now you’re gonna continue with the sound of
your own breath. Opening up the
front and back body. Awakening the spine. Trusting the process. Trusting that whatever benefits
you’re supposed to receive from your practice, they’re just
going to happen no matter what. All you have to do is be present
with your breath and open. You can even start
to change up the breath. Following any natural rhythm. And then veering off the
railroad tracks as you see fit. Finding a little
freedom within the form. I like to think of the flow
or the vinyasa really being an opportunity for you to
unite with whatever is going on in your body today. Not necessarily
taking orders, right, from somebody else. And take whatever flow, whatever
little dance you’ve created here and make your
way to Downward Dog. Nice and slow. Again, paying attention to your
breath and your foundation so fingertips are spread nice and
white and you make your way up nice and slow in your own time. Then find what feels good here. Maybe it’s exquisite stillness
with a focus on the breath. Maybe it’s bending one knee as
you straighten the other leg and then switching off. Maybe it’s
another Lion’s Breath. Maybe it’s a soft gentle shake in the head, the neck. Great, then take one more breath
here and as you exhale bend both knees,
melt your sternum, your heart towards
the tops of your thighs. Upper arm bones, again,
nice external rotation to keep the joints nice
and happy and stable. You’re here for three,
two and on the one go ahead and drop the heels. Work to straighten the legs. Now we’ll work with
the breath inhale in here. Exhale to bend the knees. Belly towards the
tops of the thighs. You got it.
nhale, straighten the legs. Exhale, bend the knees. Inhale, straighten the legs. Building strength
in the upper body. Exhale, bend the knees. And once more, you got it,
claw through the fingertips, inhale. Exhale, bend the knees. This time inhale, look
forward with the knees bent. Exhale, make
your way to the top. You can take baby steps,
do a little ditty maybe you’re working
on a float or hop. We’ll meet at
the top of the mat. Feet hip width
apart or flush together. Nice conscious footing and then
relaxing over into that Forward Fold, Uttanasana. Standing Extended Forward Fold. Clasp opposite
elbow with the hands. Take a second here to
move with your breath. Gently rocking side to side. And just here just to stay in
the moment but remember you have everything you need.
We have a nice solid tool belt (chuckles) going on Day 5 so remembering your foundation. Paying attention
to this sensation. And again,
always with the breath. Here we go, releasing the hands,
begin to slowly roll it up. Take your time.
Feel it out. Coming to your Mountain Pose. And again, each time you
come to Mountain you have this opportunity, I think, beautiful
opportunity to come into what I like to call or
think of quiet Mountain. Like do you need
all of these things, you know, that
you tend to do here? I see it all the
time in myself, too, but also my friends and class. And if you do like take it,
you know, it’s all good. But just maybe you
might like quiet Mountain. Just coming up knowing that
you are exactly where you’re supposed to be and in particular
with the at home yoga practice, maybe the temptation to
kind of like fix things isn’t necessarily there in the same
way that it might be when we’re naturally, very normally,
in a public space. So just a little
food for thought. Okay, quiet Mountain.
Here we go. Stand up nice and tall. You can close your eyes now or
gaze down past your nose and just use the sound of
my voice to guide you here. Here we go.
We’re going to inhale, reach the fingertips all the way up to the sky,
just big stretch. Exhale, bend the knees,
Forward Fold. Inhale, halfway lift
just like we’ve been doing, moving with the breath. Exhale, fold all the way down. Inhale, rewind.
Reach all the way back up. Big stretch. Exhale, quiet Mountain, fingertips just
gently at your side. Just like that again. See if you can do this little
ditty with your eyes closed or the gaze soft.
Here we go. Inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, Forward Fold. Inhale,
find length in the spine. Lift up halfway. Exhale, fold it down. Back all the way up, inhale,
reach for the sky. Spread the fingertips. And exhale, hands
gently down at your side. Pause here.
Take a deep breath in. Long breath out. Find that upward current of
energy through the front body. Relax the shoulders, find that
grounding through the back body. Okay, let’s play. Inhale, send the
fingertips out left to right, just as we’ve been
doing on the ground. Exhale hands to heart,
Anjuli Mudra, prayer. Chin to chest, slight bend
in the knees this time as you reach behind.
Little shark fin. Now inhale,
ground through the feet. Find your loop of energy and reach for the sky
as you breathe in. Exhale, fingertips left to right
as you lead with your heart, bend your knees,
take it all the way down. So we’re starting
to innegrate, integrate, not innegrate,
integrate or innegrate. Inhale, halfway lift.
You got it. Move with your
breath, exhale, fold. Root to rise here.
Inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale hands
gently down at your side, Mountain Pose. Again, inhale, send the
fingertips out left to right. Stretch through the chest. Exhale, hands to heart. Draw the navel just in. Chin to chest, reach behind. All the way up
as you breathe in. Fingertips to the sky. Exhale, wiggle the fingertips. Lead with the heart. Bend your knees,
take it all the way down. Beautiful, inhale, halfway lift. Moving with your breath. Exhale to fold and
step the right foot back. Inhale, open the chest, lower
your right knee to the earth. Exhale, bring the
back knee all the way up. Here we go, inhale. Drop the right knee,
open the chest. Moving with your breath. Exhale, lift the
right knee all the way up. Reaching back
with the right heel. Once more, inhale,
bend that right knee down, open your heart. Exhale, lifting it up. Now listen carefully,
we’re gonna squeeze the thighs together here. You have everything you need. Squeezing the
inner thighs together, lifting up from
the pelvic floor. We’re going to inhale, reach
fingertips forward, up and back. High lunge. Now we’ve already had
our back knee on the ground so we know that
it’s there for us. Totally awesome,
totally wonderful to just know, okay, you know what? It’s better for me to
put my back knee down. And you can be here. Otherwise, we’re
lifting the back knee, we’re pulling the left
hip crease back just a bit. Front knee over front ankle,
finding that energetic loop. Lots of stretching here
so allow that stretch to be supported by your breath. You’re here for three, two and on the one we
take it all the way down. Great, inhale, big open
twist to the left. You got this. Exhale, bring it
all the way back down, framing the left foot.
Plant the palms. Step your left toes back,
Plank Pose. Feel free to lower the knees. Great, inhale to look forward,
shift forward. Squeeze elbows
into the side body. Exhale to lower all
the way down to your belly. With your breath, inhale, Cobra. Nice and easy. Exhale, soften and fold.
Bring it down. Curl the toes under.
Lift the kneecaps. Tone your quadriceps. Find your foundation
in the hands here. Nice and strong and
here we go, big inhale. Exhale, navel
draws to the spine. We press up to
Plank or Half Plank. Now pause here,
quietly whisper to yourself, “I am strong.” I am strong. And then send it to
Downward Facing Dog. Inhale in deeply. And exhale, let something go. Awesome, bend the knees. Belly comes towards the
tops of the thighs again, sternum towards the knees. Inhale to look forward. Exhale to make
your way to the top. Flowing with the breath,
inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, fold. This time step the
left foot all the way back. Beautiful. Here we go,
lowering the left knee. Inhale, open the heart. Exhale, left heel reaches back as you lift the
left knee up high. Inhale, lower the back knee,
open the chest. Feel that awesome stretch the
front of the left hip crease and then exhale,
reach the left heel back, lift the back knee. Inhale, open the chest. Heart radiates forward. Exhale, lift it up. Alright, find that connection. Squeeze inner
thighs to the midline. Lift up from the pelvic floor,
you got this, inhale reach the
fingertips forward up and back. High lunge so you may have been
in this posture a million times but what we’re doing is
bringing a lot of integrity. We’re connecting to the
foundation of not just the physical body and the alignment
but our energetic body so again making adjustments
if you need to by lowering the back knee or even
bringing hands to the waistline. Give it your all here,
find your breath. You got it. Awesome then
slowly releasing it down. Nice work.
Left hand to the earth. Breathe into your belly here.
Take it all the way up. Right fingertips to the sky.
Big open twist. And then on your exhale
bring it all the way down. Awesome, plant the palms,
step your right toes back. Inhale, look forward,
shift forward on the toes, squeeze the elbows in. This time belly to Cobra
or maybe Chaturanga to Upward Facing Dog. Move with your breath. Use an inhale to open your heart
and then use your exhale to make your way to Downward Dog.
Nice and smooth. That’s where we’ll
meet in Downward Dog. Check in. Awesome work.
From Downward Dog, anchor the left heel
down to the earth. Inhale, lift the
right leg up high. Exhale, you’re gonna
slowly shift forward. Squeeze your
right knee in towards your chest as you breathe out. Contraction in the abdominals. Inhale, anchor
through the left heel. Kick the right leg up high.
Three-Legged Dog. Exhale, shift forward
with your breath, contract through your center. Inhale, kick it up. Exhale, last one, you got this.
Squeeze and lift. Try to touch your right
heel to your right glute. Hollow body,
you got this for three, two, awesome work, one. Plant the right foot.
High lunge again. Here we go sweeping the
fingertips forward, up and back. Notice that heat, that warmth. Try to get your
center underneath you here. Maybe by bending your back knee. Paying attention to
what’s going on in the pelvis. Big beach ball up and overhead. Great, inhale in here. And exhale, float
it all the way down. Hi Buddy. From here you’re
going to plant the palms, step the right toes back. Inhale to look forward,
shift forward. Exhale, belly to Cobra
or Chaturanga to Up Dog. Again, use your
inhale to open up through the heart, the chest. Use your exhale
to make your way, Downward Facing Dog. Breathe in. Breathe out. One more time, breathe in. You’re doing great.
Exhale, breathe out. Great, anchor the right heel.
Hang with me. Claw through the fingertips.
Nice strong base. Hands nice and wide. Inhale, lift the
left leg up high. So remember to
square the hips here. As we’ve been doing,
dialing toes down. Moving with the breath, inhale. Exhale, shift forward. Squeeze that left knee
up and towards your chest. Inhale, anchor through
the right heel. Kick it up. Exhale, slow and steady,
my friends, squeeze and lift. Neck is nice and long here. Inhale, kick it up. Claw through the fingertips,
take pressure out of the wrist. Exhale, shift forward. Pause here, try to touch your
left heel to your left glute. Hollow front body. You’re here for
three, two, you’re awesome. On the one, step it up hallelu. Here we go. Squeezing inner thighs, finding that
connection to midline. Sweeping the
fingertips forward, up and back. Welcome that heat. Is the door cracked
open for that warmth, for that powerful shift, that
transformation or is there like a little guard there?
Little resistance? Option to always
lower the back me here. Breathing deep. Find the full expression.
Get your center underneath you by bending your
back knee just for a bit. And we’ll take one more breath. Big beach ball up and overhead. And then slowly
releasing it down. Awesome work.
Plant the palms. Step it back. Nice strong Plank or
Half Plank for your vinyasa. Move with your breath. Move with intention. Use the inhale
to open your chest, open your heart. Soft in the face. And use your exhale
to take it up and back, Downward Facing Dog. Now stick with it. Even if you have to move
into a Puppy Posture here, stay present.
Stick with your breath. Now close your eyes here
for this final breath in Downward Dog and on your inhale just invite some positive vibrant energy into your body, into your life. It’s this type of energy and awareness
that allows us to be in a flow state. Open, available,
ready to shift and change. Present with
whatever comes our way. You’re doing awesome. Stick with it, bend the knees. Slow descend of
the knees to the earth. Awesome. From here you’re gonna
across one ankle over the other. Be mindful of the knees here.
You’re gonna drag your hands, just paint your
favorite color paint, just paint your
mat all the way back. And try not to shift here,
just come right into a seat. And come into your Sukhasana. Allow the hands to
rest gently on the knees. Sit up nice and tall and notice how a
little can go a long way when we’re paying attention. Take one more breath here.
Just observe. Sweet. Then we’ll inhale,
reach the fingertips all the way up towards the sky. Find that big beach
ball up and overhead. A nice easy twist to your left. Nice and easy here. Gently nod the head yes. And then bring
it back to center. Inhale, reach for the sky. And exhale, twist to the right. Nice and easy. Nodding the head. And then slowly
bringing it back to center. When you come into to
Sukhasana, and once again, and this time we’re
going to flip the palms up. Just take one more
moment to notice how you feel. Then we’ll gently bring the
hands together at the heart. Gently bring the
thumbs up to the third eye. Day 5 in the books. Tomorrow we focus on our core, center of our being,
getting stronger. Let us know how you’re feeling in the comments
section down below. From my heart to yours, Namaste. (bright music)