Dedicate – Day 9 – Divine  |  Yoga With Adriene

Dedicate – Day 9 – Divine | Yoga With Adriene

– What’s up everyone,
and welcome to Dedicate, your 30 day yoga journey. You guys we’re doing this. It’s Day 9, Week 2
and for today’s practice we’re focusing on
the divine within. Let’s get started. (bright music) Alrighty, my darling friends,
let’s begin on all fours today. Right away start to
notice how you feel as you set up your foundation. Start to tune into your breath. And today’s session invites us to connect to our higher self, whatever that means to you. To me it just means an
invitation to really notice what it feels like to be you today. Your highest self
being perhaps your true self. So practically speaking as we
begin with Cat-Cow today see if you can focus on
just being in the gesture rather than doing
the gesture. Right? This idea of being verse
doing so here we go right away. You know the drill. Try to find something new. Go ahead and move with
the rhythm of your breath. Slowly easing
into today’s practice but also just allowing for whatever you brought
with you on the mat to be. Letting go of this
idea that you have to do anything in particular. Letting go of the expectation
for today’s practice. And snuggling
up with the divine or your highest self,
your higher self. Sweet. Then we’ll come
back to neutral spine. Curl the toes under,
walk the hands out just a bit. Set yourself up here. Upper arm bones rotate out. Elbow creases aimed towards
the front edge of your mat. Again, we’re gonna curl the toes
under if you haven’t already and we’re gonna peel the tailbone
up nice and slow coming to your Downward Dog with a mindfulness. So a lot of times we
make that transition, boom, Downward Dog,
my brain knows what that is. We kind of miss the beautiful
experience of checking in with the body as you lift up high. Again, just inviting all
parts to be present today. The mind,
the body and the breath. When we work in this way we
begin to kind of give ourselves permission to move in a way that
feels good so just notice if you’re holding here in Down
Dog or waiting for the next cue. Can you soften it up? Can you start to notice what it
feels like to be alive today? And then we’ll take
one more breath here. You got it. And then slow descent of
the knees back to the earth, cross one ankle over the other
and you’re going to come all the way through to a
comfortable seat. Bring your hands
to your belly here. Sit up nice and tall. Use your inhale
to find expansion. Yes, and then
use your exhale to, (clears throat) excuse me,
relax the shoulders down. So integrating a little
pranayama technique today called Kapalabhati Breath
to help you get high naturally and just to celebrate this relationship and
this willingness to connect or reconnect with
your highest self, whatever that means to you. Again, a little different
interpretation for everyone and that’s how it should be. So we have a foundations video
on this pranayama if you want to check it out after class,
go a little deeper but for now just hang with me. So let’s start by taking
a full diaphragmatic breath in and then as you breathe out just feel your navel
kind of draw in, just a bit, in towards
the center of your being. And one more time,
just like that. See if you can
breathe into your hands this full belly balloon breath. And then actively
drawing the navel in toward the center as you breathe out. Great. Now we’re just going to
essentially speed that up. We also call this the breath of
fire or I love it also has this fun name called
Skull Shining Breath. Huh? Just think some people
are already at work right now and you get to do
Skull Shining Breath. So perspective, right?
Here we go. The inhale is passive. The exhale is
sharp and intentional. So we’re gonna speed
that up so it’s inhaling in, exhale out through the
nose sharp and intentional. Let’s give it another try.
Big inhale. Exhale, sharp and intentional. Beautiful.
One more time. Inhale. And exhale. Beautiful.
Now we’re going to speed it up. Tendency here, particularly if
you’re new to this pranayama, is we’re going to start
doing this cool dance move, which is awesome. Maybe not so cool. So see if you can use
your toolkit thus far, this breath control of
expansion through the torso instead of
lifting the shoulders. And we’ll keep it going
in a nice little rhythm that I’ll help you keep. If you ever need
to pause, of course, at any moment, please do. And remember, this is
all about process not the product, so lean in. Notice how you feel afterwards. I’ll guide you. And let’s have some fun,
breath of fire. Here you go, Kapalabhati. Inhaling in for nothing first. Emptying it out. Hands on the belly to guide you.
Inhale to begin. (repeated sharp exhalations) Keep it going. Inhale is passive,
exhale is sharp and intentional. (repeated sharp exhalations) Keep it going. Relax the skin of the face,
soften through the forehead, keep your shoulders relaxed.
You’re doing great. (repeated sharp exhalations) Now, big inhale. Great work. Exhale, hands come
to the knees or thighs. Let everything go and
just pause and notice. Observe. Nobody’s watching. Part the lips, open the jaw. If I can do it on YouTube,
you can do it at home. Ah. Excelente. Then open the eyes
if they’re closed and let’s make
our way back to all fours. I’m quite surprised Benji
didn’t come up for Kapalabhati. If you have a pet at home
they probably did because pets particularly dogs
love Kapalabhati Breath. Okay, maybe Benji is like,
“I’m used to it now, Mom.” Tabletop Position. Here we go.
Clawing through the fingertips. We’re gonna kick
the right leg out, just the right leg.
Dial the right toes down. On your next inhale, lift
the left fingertips forward. Left thumb up or left pinky
down if you’re doing like a hang loose and then spread
the fingertips wide as if you’re gonna
shake someone’s hand. Then plug the left shoulder
in, take a deep breath in. Spread energy through
the fingers and toes and then exhale, knee to nose,
round everything through. Twice more. Inhale, radiating energy through
the fingers and toes. Exhale, rounding through. With the breath, inhale, extend. Exhale, navel draws up and in,
sharp exhale out. Then switch, release. Kicking the left foot out,
right hand forward. Same thing, plugging
the right shoulder in. Reaching to shake hands,
maybe with your higher self. You want to reconnect. Bring that best and
beautiful you back in to this present moment. Inhale, spread the fingers,
spread the toes. Exhale, rounding through. Nurturing the spine here. Inhale, pressing
away from your yoga mat. Exhale, rounding through. Once more, inhale. Find length. Exhale, contract. Awesome. Tabletop. Take a big loving inhale in. Exhale, curl the toes under. Send it up and back,
Downward Dog. Inhale in through the nose. Exhale out through the mouth. Give your thinking
mind a break here. Inhale in and empty it out. Beautiful.
Bend the knees, look forward, baby steps to
the top of the mat. Nice and slow. Stretching through
the fascia of the foot. Paying attention
to the Achilles. I feel like the transition from
the back of the mat to the front of the mat is a beautiful and a
humbling one so embrace that. No need to skip
over it or try to hide. Find the humility and
I’ll meet you in Forward Fold. Take a couple moments here to
find what feels good whether it’s sending an obsessive amount
of awareness to your sweet feet or drawing
energy from the arches. Maybe clasping opposite
elbow with opposite hand. Maybe forgiving someone
or letting something go. Maybe that someone is yourself. Oh. Release the fingertips and
let’s roll it up nice and slow. Enjoy this move.
Enjoy the ride. As you come up into
your quiet Mountain, remember this is an opportunity
to ground and listen. So if you need to do
any extra movements here, you can, but always remember this is a great
place to just connect. And of course, right, we can
find this off the mat as well. Wherever we are
grounding through the feet. Just bringing our
awareness and intention together in the moment. Great, then I’ll invite you to spread the fingertips
super wide here. We’re gonna interlace the
fingertips behind the tail. Again, knuckles down and
away like we’ve been doing but see if you can
find something new. Maybe there’s a little more
space here after you’ve been practicing for a week. Find that loop of energy, that support system
that comes from within. It doesn’t come
from anywhere else. It comes from within, as you
lift up through the front body, ground through the back body. And then any soft, easy movement
here that feels good in the neck go ahead and take it. Notice if you’re
clenching in the toes here. Completely normal. Just sending some
awareness back down to the feet. Awesome, then we’ll
release the fingertips, soft bend in the knees. Inhale to reach for the sky. Exhale, rain it all the
way down, Forward Fold. Inhale, lifts you
up halfway, your version. Exhale with
intention Forward Fold. Bend the knees, plant the palms. Step the right foot back,
step the left foot back. You’re gonna press away
from your yoga mat here. Option to lower the knees. If you want you
can even cross the ankles just for some fun style points. Everyone, we want to find
length from crown to tail. This connection through the
bottom and the top of the spine. Then look forward just slightly. Shoulders draw
away from the ears, navel draws in, inhale. Exhale just halfway lower,
halfway, just halfway. Beautiful, inhale to press up. Exhale out. On your next
inhale, lower halfway and then exhale press back up. You got it. Inhale, lower halfway,
keep your gaze forward. Exhale, press back up.
Just one more, you got this. Inhale, lower halfway,
gazing forward and exhale press back up. Awesome, make your way
to Downward Facing Dog. Nice cleansing breath
here in through the nose. Out through the mouth.
Shake the head a little. Melt your heart
towards your knees. Sweet, then claw
through the fingertips, engage, and inhale
lift the right leg up high. Exhale, shift forward,
knee to nose. Beautiful, inhale, kick it up. Exhale, this time shift forward
right knee to right elbow. You can always do this with
the left knee on the ground. Inhale, kick it up,
Three-Legged Dog. Exhale, cross it over. Right knee to left elbow.
Gaze is forward. Inhale, kick it up. Exhale, step it all the way up. Lower the back knee. Inhale to reach for the sky,
nice Crescent Lunge. Sinking the hips forward. And exhale to
melt down and back. Pull the right hip crease back, flex your right toes
towards your face. Take a big breath in. Fill your body with air. And then exhale,
rolling all the way through. Beautiful.
You’re gonna lift the back knee. We’re gonna squeeze
inner thighs to the midline. We’re gonna slowly reach
fingertips forward, up and back. Moving slow so
we can really feel that connection from within. Bending the back knee, getting
your center underneath you for a nice high lunge. Again, you know that you can
always lower the back knee to the earth if you’re
just a little low on energy or if that feels
better in your body. Then find your breath. Open up,
big beach ball overhead. Lots of space. Inhale in here. And exhale, belly to
the top of the thigh. Rain it all the way down. Awesome work. Plant the palms, step it back. Slowly lower to the belly. Inhale, Cobra. So lots of space between
the ears and shoulders here. We wanna avoid
this clench and again, think about the energy that’s
running up and down your spine. So you want lots
of length in the neck. Yeah! Then take
a deep breath in. Smile, exhale to
release and fold down. Inhale in. Exhale, press up
to all fours or Plank. Then inhale in again and
exhale to Downward Facing Dog. All with the breath. From Down Dog
anchor your right heel. Inhale, kick the
left leg up high. Here we go, exhale,
shifting forward. Squeeze your left knee towards
your chest but look forward. Long in the neck. Inhale, kick it up.
Anchor through the right heel. Claw through the fingertips. Exhale, left knee to left elbow. (laughs)
That’s what that’s called. Great, inhale, kick it up,
anchor through the right heel. Now cross it over, you got this. Shifting forward,
squeezing up and in. That front hollow body,
left knee to right elbow. You’re doing great. Great, inhale,
kick it all the way up. Nice work.
Here we go, shifting forward. Stepping left
foot all the way up. Lower the right knee gently. Inhale with your breath. Scoop the fingertips
forward, up and back. Hips can sink forward here. We reach up. Find beautiful wave,
catch a wave here. And then exhale
to crest and fall. Pull the left hip crease back. Big belly breath here. Just like we did at
the top of this practice. Breathe into
your belly, your guts. Listen to your guts
as my friend, Kim, always says. Right? Trust your guts.
Trust that higher self. Maybe your true self, yes? And then rolling
through the left foot. You’re doing awesome. Lift the back knee,
squeeze the inner thighs. Find that support
system that comes from within. Lifting from the pelvic floor. We take the
fingertips forward, up and back. Nice high lunge. Bend that right knee get your
center right underneath you. Front knee over front ankle. Make adjustments as needed. Remember you are your best
teacher so lower that knee. Even if you’re low energy,
lower that back knee. Cool, inhale. Create space and
exhale to melt it down. Awesome work. Listen carefully.
Plant the palms. This time maybe a
Chatarunga or a belly to Cobra. Inhale to shift forward. Exhale, squeezing
elbows into side body. Move through your vinyasa using
an inhale to lift your heart and lift the creases of
the mouth just slightly. And then use an exhale to make
your way to your Downward Dog. Again, nice
cleansing breath here. Inhale in through the nose. Exhale out through the mouth. Inhale to bend the knees,
look forward. Exhale, baby steps
to the top of the mat. Stretching through
the fascia of the foot, feeling the backs of the legs. Forward Fold at
the top of the mat. Inhale to halfway lift. Follow your breath,
your heart’s song and then exhale,
soften and bow. Root to rise here, spread the
fingertips in celebration of you as you reach for the sky.
Big breath in. Exhale, hands to heart. Nice and slow.
Pause here. Breathe. And just notice any prana,
any energy in the body. Notice how you feel. What’s different. And if nothing, that’s okay. Here we go,
soft bend in the knees. Inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, Forward Fold. Inhale, halfway lift. Find length. Exhale to soften and fold. Plant the palms
step the right foot back, step the left foot back. Here we go. Knees lifted or lowered,
squeezing elbows in, take your gaze forward.
Find length. Inhale in. Exhale out. Inhale, lower halfway. Exhale, press it up. Inhale, lower halfway. Exhale, press it up. One more, you got this.
Inhale, lower halfway. Exhale press it up. Then make your way
to Downward Facing Dog. Take your time. You’re doing great. Inhale, lift the
right leg up high. Exhale, right on through,
step it forward. Pivot on the back foot. We rise up, Warrior I,
reach for the sky. Beautiful. Take a moment here. Create space.
Find your footing. And then when you’re ready,
bend the elbows, rain the fingertips down to
interlace behind the back. Humble Warrior,
knuckles draw down and away. Back toes are turned in. I lift my chest
up towards the sun. And then when you’re ready pull
the right hip crease back just like you did in
that runner’s stretch. And slowly melt belly
to the top of the thigh. Maybe we pause here. Maintaining this
connection with the spine, with the dunda or in time perhaps we continue
the journey down. Experimenting bringing
the crown to the earth. Breathe deep. Everyone keep your
left inner thigh engaged. Hold on to that connection to
all four corners of the feet. Remember the breath comes first. If your breath
is restricted here, come on up a bit. Breathing deep. Then rooting
through that back leg. Pressing through all four
corners of the front foot. We’ll slowly and with control
rise all the way back up. Release the fingertips,
reach ’em all the way up. Catch a wave here and
then exhale to melt it down. Awesome, plant the palms here.
Step it back. Yogi’s choice, you can
take a little vinyasa here. Belly to Cobra,
Chaturanga to Up Dog or go straight to
Downward Facing Dog. When you arrive,
anchor the right heel down. Inhale, lift the
left leg up high. Exhale, shifting forward,
nice and slow. Pivoting on the back foot. Finding that
connection to the earth first. Then rooting from there
and rising up, Warrior I. Create lots of space here. Pressing into the
knife edge of that back foot. Engaging the right arch,
the right inner thigh. Then inhale in, exhale,
bend the elbows, wiggle the fingertips,
rain it down. Interlace, this time perhaps
bring the opposite thumb on top. So maybe the one
that feels a little weird. Funky town and then here we go. Humble Warrior,
think of the archetype here as you go down into this gesture. Root through the back foot. Legs are strong and grounded. We open the chest,
open the heart up to the sky. An offering and then a surrender
as you pull the left femur into socket and continue this journey
leading with your heart all the way down, belly
towards the top of the thigh. And you can pause here. Peek at me if you need to. Pausing here, working to bring
the shoulder blades together. Rooting through that back
leg and then in time guys the beautiful thing is (sighs)
when you focus on the journey it starts to become so
much more fun and loving. As you see just how
powerful and beautiful you are and how amazing your body is. So keep that in mind. Just meeting your
appropriate edge today. Remembering the
breath comes first. Then find that
root in the back leg. Engage in your core
and slowly rise back up. Strong legs,
release the fingertips. Inhale, catch a wave. Reach for the heavens. Exhale, cascade it
down nice and slow. Woo, awesome. Plant the palms,
last call for vinyasa! Take it or leave it. Belly to Cobra,
Chaturanga to Up Dog. Maybe a little ditty of
your choice then we’ll meet in Downward Facing Dog
together as a community for one global breath,
let’s do it! Ready now?
Inhale in through the nose and exhale to release. Slowly lower the
knees to the earth. Child’s Pose,
knees together, hips back. If that’s not
good for your body, knees wide, hips back. If that’s not good for your body
then maybe coming into a nice comfortable seat or
coming right on to your back. Alright, now here we are in our own private
little love cave. And even if that this is a new
term for you and it sounds a little corny just
open up, stay open. We live in a busy world. Fast moving. At times chaotic. Often we wake up and
we’re told where to look. Where to go. What to wear, how to eat. May today’s practice remind you that you have
everything you need and that this time
on the mat is super valuable. Time for you to go inward. And connect to your
best and most beautiful self. Take a deep breath in. Exhale to release. Come on up. Slide into a nice,
comfortable seat. Slide into home. So may today’s practice be a
good reminder and also hopefully a nice motivation for you to
turn up tomorrow and the next day and the next day. I love you so much. You’re my hero.
Awesome work. Let’s bring the hands together.
Thumbs up to third eye. The highest in me, the divine in me recognizes and celebrates
the divine in you. Namaste. (bright music)