Did the Guru’s children have ego? GB Yoga Fest 2016 – Q&A #3

Yeah, ego came into the children of the Gurus as well. The first Guru’s sons weren’t very happy that the second Guru was not one of them. The first one especially was expecting it to be him. But they went to Bhai Lehna Ji who was a Guru’s disciple. The second Guru’s son was so upset that the third Guru wasn’t him, he actually went up and kicked the third Guru. He was much older than him and he kicked him and threw him off on the floor and the third Guru still out of respect for his Guru, he didn’t attack back at all to this young man who kicked him. The fifth Guru’s elder brother was actually quite upset that it went to the youngest brother. They expected it to come to him because he was the eldest brother. Prithi Chand But it didn’t go to him, it went to the younger one. He was quite upset. For many years he would call himself the true Guru. He would steal all the donations from the Sangat. Just for himself So Guru Arjan Dev Ji had a really hard time (Guru Ramdas Ji’s son). Guru Arjan Dev Ji had a real hard time building the Golden Temple of Amritsar, which was no Golden temple then, Harmandir Sahib. Because there’s very little funding coming for it. Most of the money was taken by his elder two brothers. So ego was inside all the Gurus’ families. Ego is just everywhere.