hey guys, it’s Magdeline! Thank you for visiting
my channel! I’ve seen these flared pants literally everywhere
lately, so thought I’d show you a quick and easy way to make them for yourself from an existing
pair or leggings you’ll need to pick up some matching fabric
to your leggings and it’s pretty easy to buy if they’re a plain
pair but just make sure you take them along with
you when you go to buy your extra fabric or you can make your own and I’ll link my Legging’s Tutorial in the
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hit that subscribe button! here is the tutorial! I’m using these green legging’s you saw me
make in my first Instagram Clothes Tutorial I’m using these green legging’s you saw me
make in my first Instagram Clothes Tutorial so I’ve got matching fabric left over but as I said, it’s easy to match plain leggings
in a Fabric Store So to start, I’ve drawn my angle that I want
my flare to be at but you can draw this as a straight line across,
if you want to I wanted my flare to be asymmetrical and shorter on the outside leg and start just
below my knee next I need to make the flare, and I’m doing
that in pretty much the same way I would for a
Circle Skirt I’ve measured the length of the diagonal line,
which was 9 inches halved it and minus half an inch to give me 4 inches then I’ve cut 2 large squares of fabric taken one of the squares and folded it in
half then in half again and you need to make sure you have a fully
folded corner, with no raw edges next
I applied the 4 inch measurement to the folded corner keeping the edges as close to 90 degrees as you can and drew in a quarter circle shape with some
chalk then I decided on how long I wanted my flare
to be from the longest point of the leggings and I decided on 8 inches so measured down 8 inches from the quarter circle shape on both sides and at the
centre and drew in another quarter circle shape then cut out the flared piece leaving half a cm seam allowance at the top so you can attach it to your leggings now this part is optional to make the asymmetrical angle a little more
exaggerated open up the folded flare so that it’s a semi
circle and shorten one side I decided on 6 inches for the short side so I re-shaped this with my chalk next I’ve taken one of my legs and the flare
piece both with right sides facing up and making sure that the short side of my
flare is on the short side of the leggings and to attach the flare, snip the two corners of the semi circle at the top to match the notches with the side seams of
the leggings place your legging’s through the hole in the
flare and pin the leg opening to the top of the
flare circle so that the right sides are facing matching the notes to the side seams once you’ve pinned, you can sew the leg opening to the flare along the raw edge okay, that’s it guys! pretty easy to make, so
do give them a go I think the fabric cost me about £1 a meter from a market stall, so to make the whole
thing it only cost me about £2, much cheaper than
buying a pair in the shops! so, if you liked this tutorial then please
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if you want me to film it and I’ll get it done! Thanks for watching guys and as always thank you for the support! I’ll see you in the next video, byeee!