Dorm Room Yoga | 30 Minute Yoga Workout Video for Small Spaces

– Hey everyone and welcome
to “Yoga With Adriene.” I am Adriene, and today we have a sequence for the dorm room, by request. This is a sequence that you can do in any tight, cramped space. We’re going to use a bed
or a yoga mat, and a chair. I brought a couple of
props with me as well, so you might wanna stick
around so you can see me in my new sexy dorm room
yoga outfit later. Okay? Let’s get to it. (light country music) Okay, so you can begin
the sequence on your bed, your twin bed, or whatever bed you have. I’m just imagining a dorm room. Or if you’ve already laid
your mat out on the ground, then you can come flat on your back. So we have a couple of options here. You can be on the mat, or on your bed. I brought a pillow here to simulate a bed, just in case here. On your beddie-bye. Oh, didn’t think ahead here. Gotta move my mic. Seamless. Okay, let me come flat on my back here. Ooo yeah that’s nice. And I’m just gonna start by
hugging my knees into my chest. So I can really feel my lower
back just feeling yummy, supported either on the cushiony bed or on the firm floor. If you don’t have a
yoga mat in your space, you can just roll out a towel and that works fine too, so you’re not on the carpet. Okay, take a second to
point and flex the feet and relax the shoulders down. Just waking up the body,
maybe closing my eyes here. (exhales softly) And coming into the present moment by taking a nice deep breath in (inhales) and a nice long exhale out. (exhales) Two more like that, deep
inhale in through the nose. (inhales) And go ahead and let it out
through the mouth with the lips. (exhales) One more. Deep inhale. (inhales) And exhale completely (exhales) Nice. Keep the right knee
hugging into the chest, and we’ll extend the left leg out up. And then slowly lower it down. So, nice long leg here. You can let it hover
for just a second here as you squeeze the right
knee in towards the heart, towards the chin, and then go ahead and
relax it down (exhales). We’re breathing into the left side here, breathing into that left hip crease. We’re squeezing the right
knee up towards the chest, towards the chin, and then once again I can point
and flex that right ankle. Rotate it one way, then the other. I’m bringing a little bit of brightness to this left foot here as I breathe. (inhales) Relaxing the shoulders. Shoulders are gonna want to come up here, especially if you’ve been
studying, working a lot, or anything having to do with
the shoulders coming forward, which is almost everything in our culture. So make sure at all times
during this practice, we’re kind of reminding ourselves to relax, to create space between the ears and shoulders. One more deep breath in here (inhales). And I’m gonna cross it over (exhales). Right knee gently moves across the body, towards the left edge of your mat or bed. We can hook the right
foot here if you’d like. If it happens naturally it’s
kind of nice to hook it there. Otherwise, you can just let it be free. And then I’m gently opening
up through my right arm here, through my right wing,
breathing into the armpit chest. (inhales) And just finding that
breath again (exhales). (slowly inhales and exhales) One more deep inhale in, (exhales) exhale completely, and then rock it on back to center. Squeeze both knees up in
towards the chest again. Interlace the fingertips. Whether you’re on the mat or the bed, this will feel nice here. In between, we’re gonna inhale in, exhale, draw the navel down, tailbone up, and then lift gently nose to knees. Again, make sure shoulders
are melting down and away, far and away. Little bit of awareness in my feet. Just spreading awareness
through the whole body here, committing to the time that we’ve taken to be with our practice
and be with our bodies. And then I’ll gently release it back down. Send the right leg up,
squeeze the left knee in towards the chest, towards the heart. And then slowly we lower down, checking in with the
body in each transition. I call it getting your money’s worth. So, not really ignoring how
we get in and out of things, but considering that
part of the practice too. Now, I’m breathing, sending some awareness into the front of that right hip crease. I might find a little movement in the left ankle. Left foot. (slowly inhales and exhales) Maybe you press into the head, lift the chest, draw your shoulder blades in together and down if you
still feel like the shoulders are creeping up on your earlobes. And then when you’re
ready, let’s take the hands and gently guide the knee across, into our twist (exhales). Opening up through the left wing here. I’ve softened through the feet. Breathe into the left armpit chest. (slowly inhales and exhales) Notice I’m using my right
palm to gently guide the outer edge of my left leg down? That’s sometimes nice to
use the power of touch to just go a little bit deeper. (thumping in the distance)
Heyo. (inhales and exhales) Follow your breath. Nice
full deep inhale in. (inhales) And on the exhale we’ll
melt it back to center. Bring the soles of the feet
to your bed or your mat. Arms rest gently at your side.
Knees point up in the air. Take a second to lift your
sip bones. Lift your hips. Curl the tailbone under. So here is it tilting down.
I’m gonna curl it up and under. And again, find that nice… What’s the word I’m
looking for? (chuckles) Flush (laughs). Nice flush sensation with the lower back. And I’m just gonna take a breath here. (slowly inhales and exhales) And then I’m gently gonna
Windshield-Wiper the legs to the right side of the bed or the mat. If there’s a wall here and
you can’t quite get over, then shift your hips over so
you can do this on your bed. And I’m gonna gently
draw my left knee down towards the bottom right
corner of my mat or my bed. So I’m breathing into the
front of that hip crease again. Arms are resting gently at your sides. Another option would be to maybe interlace behind the head. Chill out here. Let the breath expand. So let the breath really
be the movement here as we find stillness. What I mean by that is we’re not just kind of waiting with the sensation, but we’re breathing. And on the inhale, we can
feel the skin of the body, the muscles, all that connective tissue (inhales) move with the breath. (exhales) To come out, we’ll gently rock back onto the soles of my feet, and then
send it to the other side. This time, I’m intending
the right knee down towards the bottom left corner of my bed or bottom left corner of the mat. Breathe. (slowly inhales and exhales) We’re opening up these muscles here, along through the front body. So great after being
crumpled up at a desk, or just on-the-go. (slowly exhales and inhales) Follow your breath back to center. And then we’ll come into a
little fetal position here, on either side, just taking a second here and transition to feel good. Finding that curve in the spine as we hug the knees up towards the heart. Take a couple breaths here. And it’s here today that
we might set our intention. So you might just be playing possum if somebody walks into your
dorm like, “I’m sleeping.” But in our practice today, we’re not just pretending to be asleep. We’ll take a second to maybe even bring the palms together here if you like. Namaste. Or hands
interlaced. Or just relaxing. As we take a second here
to set an intention, or connect to a current mantra, or a current goal in your life. I always say in my classes
it’s never too late to reconnect with New Year’s resolutions. Why not? So the time on our mat is to
stretch, increase flexibility, build strength, tone the body, but also to do a little
energetic mental hygiene. So we’ll take a second
here. Connect to that. Something positive that will serve you in the present moment,
whatever that means to you. Close your eyes (inhales) and articulate your intention to yourself. (breathes deeply) Go ahead and repeat your
intention to yourself, honoring the power of
word, the power of thought. And then we’ll take a nice deep breath in, confirming it, considering
it, already done, already so. And on the exhale open your
eyes, press into the palms, and we’ll slowly rise up. Okay, so now we’re going
to move to your desk chair. I figure every dorm has a bed, and a little runway to walk in, and of course a desk and chair. And even if you’re not in a dorm room. If you’re just in a confined space, or also maybe it’d be
good if you’re traveling. Find the chair in the room. I’m gonna use my built-in
bench to be my chair. And we’ll come to sit at it,
just kind of at the edge. In a place where we can feel
like we have a fighting chance, sitting up tall. So even if you’re not quite
sitting up straight yet, find a place where you
feel most supported. So sometimes in the back of the chair, we lean against the back like this. In the middle of the chair,
we’re kind of collapsing. So come onto the edge. And we’ll just take a second here to roll up through the spine, find that length from
the crown of the head to the tip of the tailbone. (inhales) Loop the shoulders: forward, up and back. (exhales) See if you can find a
full range of motion here. And then we’re just gonna kind of swim to reverse through one shoulder, and then the other (chuckles). It’s kind of a silly one. But close your eyes to get
into the sensations here. And then when you feel satisfied, we’ll roll up through the spine again. Lift the right leg, and
cross the right ankle over the top of the left thigh. Okay, so take a second here to make sure that you’ve maintained this nice lift from the crown of the head
to the tip of the tailbone. It’s the first thing to go, like “Okay, lift the leg.” (chuckles) So let’s see if we can keep
this nice and long, my friends. Great, imagine the top
of your right thigh bone melting down and away. And I’m gonna keep a little
brightness in my right foot, and what I mean by that is I’m not just letting
it go lax here, soft. But maybe pressing into the
ball joint of that big toe. Maybe pressing into the heel. Spending a little bit
of energy in the foot. Okey-doke. Take a deep breath in here (inhales) and exhale (exhales). On your next breath in, I’m gonna inhale. Reach the arms up. Imagine lifting from this
area, from the armpit chest. So we’re lifting up. Then everyone, draw your belly in. Lower belly especially, draws in. And we breathe. Don’t
hold your breath here. Spread the fingertips. Again, imagine the top of that right thigh bone drawing down. So I have a lot of opposition here. I have this lift up, but
also this grounding down. Maybe through the shoulder blades, through the foot, through
the top of the right thigh. Take a deep breath in,
and then exhale gently. We’re gonna lean it forward. This is gonna be a little
different for everyone okay? So we might start off
here and already feel that stretch in the hip. And so we might just chill here, with awareness through the fingertips. Every part of the body nice and awake. We might be able to go
a little bit further, and let the arms drape
gently at our sides, and let the weight of
the head gently come down chin to chest. Notice I’m maintaining that
brightness in the foot here. I’m breathing into the back of the neck. Soft fingertips wherever you are. Sweet. And then we tuck
the chin to the chest. We press down through our
sip bones in the chair, and we slowly roll up,
finishing with a nice loop of the shoulders (quickly exhales), and then we release. Take it to the other side. Again, check in with that line. Crown of the head to
the tip of the tailbone. Nice and long, as we cross the left ankle over the top of the right foot. Find that brightness again. Just kind of do a little
bit of a body scan. And that’s a good note in general, especially if you’re new to yoga, is each time we come into these postures, do a little scan, right? So we’re not just trying to do the poses, but have an experience. It’s what our yoga’s all about. Okay, find that lift in the heart. Take a deep breath in
(exhales) and let it out. Once again, we’re gonna reach
the fingertips all the way up. Stay here for a couple breaths, just finding that opposition. So the reason I say “stay
here for a couple breaths,” is that first we’re gonna be
like “Okay, inhale” (groan) “Okay, exhale” So inhale, find the space, take your time. Find a lot of space between
the ears and shoulders. Draw the lower belly in. (slowly inhales and exhales) And then we’ll take it down. Again, we might just rest here. Breathing into the outer edge
of that left hip (inhales), keeping an integrity in that
left foot and in the spine. I might bring the arms to
drape gently at my sides as I allow (inhales) the spine to round, the
chin to come to the chest and the weight of the head to relax over. Breathe, my friends. Tuck your chin into your chest, press down through the sip bones, and again we’ll roll it up,
finishing with a nice loop of the shoulders (sighs). And then we’ll release
both feet back down. Awesome. So if you’re in a chair now, you can grab the outer edge of the chair with your left hand. Or if you don’t have an edge, then you’re gonna be doing more… Or if you don’t have an arm. So if you have an arm,
you can grab the arm of the chair here. If you have an edge, you can grab the edge and then you’re gonna be doing a little bit more core strength. If that did not make sense to you (laughs) it didn’t make sense to me either. Then just follow me. Here we go. So keeping this integrity here, lower belly in, heart lifting, I’m gonna reach my right
fingertips all the way up and over. I’m gonna press into the bench here since I don’t have an edge of a chair. But find something to kind of ground. And then nice and easy. I’m going to find a
little side body stretch. Heart’s gonna wanna collapse here. I’m gonna keep the heart open. We’re gonna come into a side
angle stretch here on our mats or on the floor in a second, so take a second to breathe
through the side body and keep that kind of spiraling motion of the chest to the heart up. (inhales) Take a deep breath in. Careful not to collapse in the neck here. But lengthen. Lots of integrity. Remembering the neck is
an extension of the spine. And then we’ll melt it
all the way through. Grab a hold of the opposite arm, chair, or press down through the palm. Stay grounded through your left sip bone as we check in with the
left side body (exhales). Again, careful not to
collapse in the neck here. Extend through the crown of the head. Spiral your heart up towards the sky. Arm doesn’t have to be
straight here, again. I’m going for sensation rather than shape. And on an exhale melt it
back to center (exhales). Okay, last thing here. I’m gonna spread my
feet a little bit wider, and I’m gonna let it all hang y’all, okay? So just like I did before, I’m going to kind of swim my shoulders, and I’m gonna let my
fingertips come between, and I’m gonna allow my spine to round, my chin to come to my chest, and I’m gonna breathe into
the back body here (exhales). I can grab the elbows here. And you might notice here– We’re gonna stay here a couple breaths. You might notice that
after a couple breaths, you begin to release a little
bit more into this shape, like you didn’t even
realize you were holding in the neck and shoulders (inhales). So really give it some nice,
juicy exhales (exhales). (breathes in and out deeply) One more inhale. Feel the
skin in the back stretch. (slowly inhales) And let an exhale. We’ll release. Press into the feet to
come up, chin to chest. Lots of integrity as we roll it up, stacking the spine, traveling up, and finishing again with a
nice loop of the shoulders. Open chest. Open heart. Confidence. Yes. Cool. Lets come to standing. Okay, so if you have
rolled out a yoga mat, come to the head of your mat. If you’ve rolled out a towel,
come to the top of your towel. Or if you are just in
a clean space and ready to rock and roll, let’s come
to a nice Mountain Pose. So I figure in a tight space, we have kind of a little
alleyway to work with. And so that’s what we’re
gonna play with today. So we can kind of take up
space internally (laughs) but not externally, so let’s
take a nice deep breath in, filling the lungs (inhales). And exhale. Feel that nice grounding through the soles of the feet, the ball joint of the big toe,
ball joint of the pinky toe and the back two corners of the heel. I like to imagine that line tracking all four corners of the feet. Take a deep breath in. Reach
the fingertips forward. Knees soften here, notice. Up and back. Volcano Pose. Tailbone lengthens down. So I move from here to
tailbone, lengthening down. I loop the shoulders. I find
the space between the ears and the tops of the shoulders. I spread my fingertips.
I draw my lower belly in. And I breathe here, kind of knitting the
lower rib cage together. One more breath. Lift
your heart (inhales). And on an exhale, soft knees again, we’ll bring the palms together as we bow forward through the mid-line. Again, not taking up a lot
of space here (inhales). Uttanasana feet, flush
together, or hip with the par. Take a couple breaths here
to just find some movement. Stretch it out, relax the
weight of the head over. Great. Bend your knees as
generously as you need to here. Great. Fingertips come to
the outer edges of the feet. We step the right foot back
into our Runner’s Lunge. Inhale. Loop the shoulders. Look forward. Let your chest shine open. Heart radiates forward. Really spike that right
heel towards the back. And then we’ll plant the palms for a Downward-Facing Dog. Pedal the feet here. Work your Dog. Then we’ll step the right
foot up into our lunge. Same thing here (exhales). Breathe. And we’ll plant the palms
and step it to Plank. In your plank, draw the
toes together today. Heels really reach towards the back. Navel draws up. I loop my shoulders away from my ears. And I’m gonna stay here for five breaths, so you can always lower the
knees, cross the ankles, and check it out this way. Make sure you’re pressing
up and out of the palms. Lots of upward energy. Pressing up and out of the
palms. Up through the arms. We breathe. We hug the
inner thighs together. We really spike the heels
towards the back wall. We spread the shoulder
blades left to right. And then everyone, don’t
forget about your neck, and nice long extension of the spine. Take one more breath (inhales) and then exhale. Draw your navel up. And we send it back Downward-Facing Dog. Bend the knees. Pedal the feet. Cool. Then from here we’re
gonna walk the toes in towards the center line. Careful not to take up too much space. We inhale, lift the right
leg just a little bit, and then we’re gonna draw the right knee all the way up and into our lunge. I’m gonna spiral that back
foot, planting the left heel, and really charging that inner thigh here. Great. I’m gonna bend my right knee and slowly lift my heart up,
peel my hip creases back, and then I’m not gonna
collapse my weight here, but I’m gonna gently
bring my right forearm to the top of that right thigh. I’ll walk mine out a little bit. And breathe. Gaze is down. You can find a little bit of movement. I’m lengthening my tailbone down here. Great. I can stay here or I can inhale, send the left fingertips up, opening up through the front body, but still grounding shoulder
blades down and together, grounding through the outer
edge of that back foot. Great. Release the left fingertips down. Now I’m gonna trace a
line on my side body here, past behind the ear, and now
send it towards the front. So before I was going
straight up towards the sky. Now I’m gonna open my
chest, open my heart, and slowly send it towards my right toes. (exhales) The tendency is to collapse
here, so keep the heart lifted. Lower belly drawing in. Legs are strong. Full body experience here.
Full body strengthener. Awesome. Inhale in. As you exhale, press into that
front leg (exhales sharply), bring the hands to the waistline, and then we’ll switch to the other side. So, nice strong legs here.
Find your foundation. Tailbone lengthens down. And here we go, first
bringing left forearm to the top of that thigh (exhales). Now, if we start right
away collapsing into that, there’s just no way to get out, so make sure you keep this integrity that we’ve been chatting about. Back foot’s nice and strong. Inhale. Open up through the right wing. I have to actively
lengthen my tailbone down and draw my navel in. Lower rib cage comes together and down. And again, making sure that I’m not just hanging in the neck,
but lots of integrity from the crown to the tail. Great. Release that. Send the right fingertips
behind the ear now. Now I’m imagining a
nice beautiful long line from my right fingertips
all the way through the outer edge of my back foot. Breathe. (inhales and exhales) And then slowly I’m
gonna inhale in. Exhale. Press into that left foot now. Turn both toes in, bring
the hands to the waistline, and then heel-toe, heel-toe, my feet back into center. Okay, so now we’re gonna
come back to the floor, or the bed, even. And we’re gonna check in with our core, and then send our bodies
and minds and souls into a little Relaxation Pose, okay? Which is very important,
so don’t skip that part. But before we get there,
we’re gonna come up nice and tall through the heart again. Loop the shoulders. Find that integrity. (breathes in and out deeply) And then we have a couple options here. If you’re on a cushy– (goofy laugh) If you’re on a cushy bed then
you might just come to here. We’re gonna lift the legs up. The weight of the body is
gonna sink into the cushiness, and we’re gonna do everything we can to keep the heart lifted. Notice my hands are
behind the thighs here. And now before anyone even
moves any step further, just check in with the upper back. Check in with that heart
center, if you will. See if you can loop the shoulders, and find that lift in the heart. Long beautiful neck. Lower rib cage is knitting in, navel’s drawing in, and we’re breathing. (inhales and exhales) Great. From here, we can stay here. We might release the fingertips
towards the outer edges of the feet, and breathe here. In (inhales) and out (exhales). Great. Straighten the right
leg if you’re still with me. Inhale in (inhales), and out. Back to center (exhales). Left leg. You can stay
here too, no problemo. Lifting the heart. Straighten the left leg in, and out. Here we come back to center. One more breath. We can inhale. Straighten both legs now
as we lift the heart maybe. Or maybe we stay bent. Or maybe we’re going to a Low Boat, ’cause we rock, and we’re Pilates stars. So find what feels good here. Just checking with the core, all of us. (quick inhale and exhale) Anything goes. And then we’ll bring the
fingertips behind the thighs, bring the soles of the feet together, and come to lie flat on the back. (chuckles) Have my pillow here. So the important thing is to
just kind of get the abdominals a little bit of a wake-up call. A little bit of love there for the back. We have other videos that
are all about the core, but for now, just a quick check-in. Soles of the feet come together. We take the hands to the belly, and we literally give it a little pet. We take a deep breath in, (exhales) and then we exhale out. So, don’t skip this, This relaxation is kind of a chance for all the nutrients of our
practice to come together, for our mind to get a little bit of the nutrients as well. Making space for fresh thoughts, knowledge, new opportunity, new joy, new love. So make sure you give a nice good exhale here. (inhales) Letting go (exhales sharply). You can stay here in Reclined
Cobbler or Butterfly. Supta Baddha Konasana, as
we call it in Sanskrit. Or you can extend both legs out long. Come to your side. I brought with me… This is a present. I figured this would be the episode where this might be appropriate. If you have a blanky from home, or something that makes you feel good. A very dear friend gave me this ridiculous Snuggie. (laughs) Can’t have two ridiculous
things on at once. The point is, get comfortable y’all. It’s not homework, it’s Shavasana. (laughs) I’m going to regret this later. (laughs) So have a laugh on me, and know that relaxation isn’t always like “Om. Shanti. Zen.” I mean, if you live in a dorm room, chances are you’re not gonna hear the Zen Rock Guard and bells call you and say “It’s time for yoga.” Or if you have kids. Every scenario, there’s distractions. So, as you come into this Relaxation Pose, embrace the distractions. Just know that all that matters is this quick moment
with you and your breath. Even if it’s just two breaths before you have to get
up and get back to it. Make sure you take this time for yourself. And we can start together by
taking a nice full breath in, (inhales deeply) maybe a big Gratitude Breath, and a nice long exhale out. (exhales loudly) Gratitude for showing up and doing the work. Gratitude for this connection that you and I are making
here through this video. Gratitude for all the
lovely things in our life, as well as the challenges
and distractions. You might take a second here
to remember your intention. And just choose to enjoy
the moment for what it is. (breathes in and out calmly) After a couple breaths,
you can stay here too and maybe press the spacebar
or pause this video, and chill out here as long as you like. Otherwise, after a couple breaths, we’ll gently hug the knees into the chest, rock onto our sides,
just like we did before, and then press on up, and get to the rest of your day. Okay, so that was– I’m talking with my Snuggie. Okay, so that was a sequence that we can do in a dorm room. Or if you’re way past college, not like me, then this is a great sequence to do in just a tight space. I remember this feeling of,
“I can’t do yoga at home,” or “my home practice
sucks because I don’t have “the space to do it in.” So now there’s no excuse. I do know that feeling of wanting a clean, private, spacious yoga room. I mean, trust me. No one understands more than me. But now you have no excuse. Lets give it a try and
see how it goes, okay? Have a great rest of your day. Please leave questions or comments below. Feel free to send me a note on Facebook. Join our Facebook family
if you haven’t already. Follow us on Twitter, and see you next time. Namaste. (light country music)