Elite Pilates & Yoga  Teacher Training  Course Devon –  Anatomy  serratus anterior YMCA Course

Elite Pilates & Yoga Teacher Training Course Devon – Anatomy serratus anterior YMCA Course

SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel Like Share & comment Elite Pilates teacher training video on Anatomy this particular muscle is on the serratus anterior Ontario serratus anterior serratus the origin remember the origin tends to stay more fixed than the insertion point in session so if the origin of the serratus anterior is the first eight eight to nine grips on the outer surface and then it comes underneath the scapula and it inserts underneath on the medial border medial just means to the middle midline of the body so the Contin attaches underneath what does it do it does two things again as the the origins tends to stay fixed if the artisan stays fixed and then what that actually of Paul is to draw the scapular the medial border closer towards the rib cage and to draw it around just thinking it largely comes from here underneath so it’s going to keep that side down the medial border down close to the rib cage as the scapula draws around so I should raise your arm for example that should slide rotate round and forward what you’re usually getting people for sophomore classes but what’s the relevance of this muscle you get something called winged scapula if people are weak and they can’t set Lisa lattice and this comes away from the body a good test for us someone’s pushing against the wall you know some sorts of push or any usually stations have some people sky-blue comes away with a soft tissue a point of view the other thing what you usually get with it was an imbalance between an Theresa Rattus and the rhomboids why because they were in combination with each other basically there’s usually no balance there let’s say this person is left handed left government they’re strapped and there’s more like if I’m going to possible sevens I see the spine usually left on people walk back down and conversely the shoulder blade the scapula many because I said using the computer this is what some that times more likely to be short and tight than to pull that forward and again usually see the medial border is further away from the spine of the other side but that to be short title not to be pulled the wrong boys on this side I’m gonna be longer they’re gonna be weaker so the waiting combination you need a good balance you want any muscle to be strong but flexible so what is with the possible 70 you can usually save with scapulars further away than possibly the serratus has tightened it on that side conversely two ways of looking at it Devon boys or weekend any combination of that is basically that’s that’s the serratus the two major problems that it said yet when you stuck together and you get an imbalance between which can massively affect mobility on a slightly different note everyone’s prepared that the rotator cuff muscles but there’s a lot of problems being given not just about the center to being a massive stabilizer to strengthen that lastly actual shortages it stems from a shoulder mobility point of view you definitely need with any muscle really but you want a strong but flexible mostly so there’s numerous different exercise but this isn’t Mattamy video rather than exercise what he could do to to work that usually push away for instability and that’s the anterior serratus 809 ribs to the filter that comes underneath and attaches on the medial border and I forget to subscribe like share and comment our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook we plan to use services of the Pilates SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel Like Share & comment teacher trim thank you SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel Like Share 7 comment