Entry-Level Fitness Stepper for Aerobic Exercise

Step up your fitness routine with Gopher’s
lightweight and colorful Rainbow® ClassStep™ Fitness Steps! Durable one-piece fitness steps are a staple
for your fitness regimen! Lightweight and easy to move, it’s a breeze
to get younger students’ hearts pumping. Antiskid rubber feet keep
steps in place during use. Six Rainbow® colors add a burst of fun and
allow for quick organization of activities. Easily pair them with the 6
beginner-friendly exercises included on the custom full-color laminated
exercise guide! Fitness steps are available individually,
in a rainbow set with activity instructions or in a class pack of 24 steps
with a cart and aerobics DVD. When class is done, these 26 x 15 ½ inch
steps quickly stack so they stay organized and take
up less space. Durable, versatile, colorful steps! ClassStep™
Fitness Steps, only from Gopher.