Estate ’19 –  Giorno 1 e 2:  tramonto in spiaggia, meduse, yoga urbano e festa medievale

Estate ’19 – Giorno 1 e 2: tramonto in spiaggia, meduse, yoga urbano e festa medievale

In August Daniele and I spent 2 weeks in our house at the seaside and we documented our days through a mix of Insta stories, go pro videos, time lapses, slow motions, boomerangs ect 🙂 The result is a series of slightly different vlogs, I hope you’ll like them enjoy! Good morning friends, welcome back merry saturday to you, it’s 9 a.m. well I’m not sure what’s the time, I’m guessing it, but I think it should be around 9 a.m. the car is loaded and we are ready to leave, I don’t know if you can spot him but Daniele is over there It’s going to be a long trip, Daniele will reide the scooter and I’ll drive behind him Ok, we’re officially ready to leave keys on hand and here we go I’ll probably see you on the other side c’mon! first stop, Daniele wore his jacket there he is and he’s drinking some water too and we’re ready to go again We’re almost there it’s the last traffic light and then we’ll be there, it took us 3 hours not too bad I must say Daniele is taking off the jacket because it’s really hot here and he almost got run over by a motorcycle where is he going anyway? can’t he see there’s a red traffic light ahead? ok, that’s it for the current update Good evening my friends, welcome back, it’s 6.30 p.m. and we’re on the beach and we have something to eat and drink with us so cool! that’s a good start for our vacation let’s have something to eat Good morning, merry sunday for today’s instalment of Never a joy on my second vacation day I got stang by a jellyfish such a joy! fire on my thights and the great joy of having some south american neighbors here on the beach I don’t know if you can hear there they are! so great! the good news is that my leg is getting better, the bad news is that they’re still playing the same music so great! Good evening friends we are leaving, very stretched and relaxed a yoga lesson in the parking lot, urban yoga if you will but except a bit of discomfort at the beginning, it was quite good enjoy a short montage of our lesson and after a long wait we have our rostelle with musical background I love you rostelline