Exercise Science/Physiology

The overall encompassing idea of our
program is to just look at the way that the body responds and adapts to exercise.
We have a lot of different partnerships with different organizations in the
field. We are an NSCA ERP recognized program. NSEA is the National Strength
Conditioning Association. They recognize our program as having the curriculum
that would qualify you to get certifications from the NSCA. Because
our research is so robust, you’re always going to have something on your CV that
says you have experience in the laboratory. So if you’re interested in
video game research, we have video game research. If you’re interested in
Parkinson’s research, we have Parkinson’s research. If you like environmental
research, we have an environmental chamber in which we can change the
temperature within the chamber to accommodate whatever it is that you’re
interested in. Whether it’s exercising the heat, exercising the cold, we have a
hypoxia chamber that can mimic altitude if you’re interested in altitude
research, so our program just has a lot of tools that can maximize your interest
and sort of maximize what you can achieve. Undergraduates here have more
exposure to research. They have the opportunity to learn about research and
to be involved, to go to different conferences and speak; present
information. We’re getting ready to leave to go to Chicago for the Midwest ACSM
and we have undergrads and graduate students together, and they’ll all be
presenting. It’s very much a stepping stone degree. I like that they offer
research for us, so, and a lot of graduate schools look for that. Look that you’ve
had research experience, being in a lab, handling data. A lot of graduate programs
look for that experience, and luckily we we get to have that as an undergrad. I
really enjoyed the experience that I got with my professors. I will cherish these,
you know, relationships that I’ve had for so long. The connections that I’ve
actually made from talking to professors, the people they know, they
will help you do what you want to do as quickly as possible and at your pace. The
opportunities here at Kent State are just invaluable. A lot of times I meet
people and they asked me how I’ve done some of the things that I’ve done, from
working at a hospital and working at two other, you know, fairly large universities.
I would say it’s because of Kent State that I had all of those opportunities
and I don’t think I would be where I’m at right now career-wise if it wasn’t
for Kent and the professors and the relationships that I built here.