Exercise with Limb Loss:  Aerobic Workout

Exercise with Limb Loss: Aerobic Workout

Okay everybody we’re going to get warmed up. March in place. Breathe in and out, keep marching. Looks great. Breathe in and out, reaching up and out. Reaching up, breathe in. And down and breathe out. Keep marching. Alternating shoulder presses are next. If you’re using weights, grab your weights. And reaching up, alternating arms. Keep breathing and try not to lock those elbows. Now we’re going to alternate to the side, reaching up on this angled shoulder press. Keep breathing, now we’re going to reach across with the press, reaching up on that angle, alternating arms. Now we’re going to be doing bicep curls. Alternating arms, regular bicep curls, reaching up. Bent over rows are next. Bend forward and reaching up, keep breathing. Upper cuts are next, punching up, rotating to the side, keep going, looks great. Lunges are next, to the front, alternating legs. Keep that knee over the ankle.