Face Yoga exercises with Trina Felber

– (gasps) All right, good morning. If you want to look more awake and you want to do it naturally, I have some exercises I’m
going to be sharing with you. Today’s exercise I call the Eye Opener. Nothing makes you look more tired, more sad, and actually even older, than eyebrows that are down here. And this is what happens to your eyebrows. They start to droop
and sag as we get older because there’s muscles under here that actually hold your eyebrows up. So let’s work those muscles. It’s a really simple exercise. And if you do this repeatedly
throughout the day, you can actually have
the eye opener effect and look younger longer. All right, so it’s really simple. So you’re going to take your two, well you want your two
because you’re going to be facing your fingers this way. Sorry, your two middle fingers right here and you want it right at
the edge of your eyebrow. Right there, right there. And then you want to make a
V shape with your fingers. So I’m just going to cross
my fingers like this. You want the index finger on the outer parts of your eyebrows. And then what you’re going to do is give yourself a little push. Push into your face. You’re trying to stabilize
those muscles right there. So what you’re going to do next is you’re going to look
up with your eyeballs. So you’re going to look
towards the ceiling with your eyeballs, and then you’re going to actually squint. All right, you see that? And you’re going to hold
it for a count of three and then relax. And then squint but look up, be looking up at your eyebrows. You want to be able to see
those eyebrows and then squint. Look up, keep looking up. Look, you should be able
to see the furrowing brow, and then release. Look up, hold, release. Look up, hold, release. You can see all those
muscles that are working. You want to repeat this six to ten times. And then at the end of
your six to ten times, whatever you decide to do, you just want to squeeze
your eyes super tight, shut them, hold them for
about a count of six, and then relax. And you can do that again. That feels really good. Okay, let’s try that again. So you got to squeeze
your eyes really tight. Keep holding a little bit of
pressure on your eyebrows. You’re actually trying to
just stabilize those muscles, and then relax. Do it again. Hold it for about a count of six, and stabilize. All right, so really quickly. That is going to help lift your eyes. Middle fingers, index fingers. I usually just cross. You want to look up with your eyes. All right, look up with your eyes. You’re stabilizing this. Look up with your eyes. Squint. Pushing a little bit of pressure. Squint. You should still be able to see. You should be looking
at those furrowed brows. We’re doing a second set. This is going to be, I’ll do ten, so this is four. Release, five. I’m seeing my eyebrows. My eyes are not completely shut. I’m looking up with my eyes. All right, that’s five. Here’s five, I think this is five. I’m losing count. Six, hold, release. Seven, hold, release. Eight, hold, release. Nine, hold, release. Ten, hold, looking up you should see, you should actually be
able to see your eyebrows when you’re holding and you’re looking up. Release. And then the next
thing that you want to do is just close your eyes tight. That furrowed brow, close them, holding pressure for about a count of six. And you can do this like three times. Release, hold tight closed, and release. All right, good. Good, good. You can repeat that again. Super easy, let’s do it one more time. I hope you’re doing this with me. If you’re sitting at your
office and you’re in the office, you can actually do this
without holding that. You can actually just kind of furrow. You want your eyebrows
to drop and look up. Squeeze your eyes. You’re looking up. Like I make funny faces. You’re squinting, you’re looking up. You’re working those muscles. You can actually do this while
you’re sitting at your desk. If people are kind of
looking at you kind of funny. So you don’t necessarily have to hold, but this is going to help
stabilize your face, your muscles. And that is going to help
keep your eyebrows lifted up naturally so that you don’t
have that droopy eyebrow. So, here’s another quick tip. Why not finish that off with
a little bit of vibration? A stimulation, stimulating those muscles a little bit differently with my Quiver. That’s just an added bonus. You can use a little bit of a serum, but just holding that vibration of Quiver right there for a count of ten, boom, you just worked all those muscles. What you’re doing is
increasing the blood flow as well as stimulating the muscles. So this is actually just an added bonus. But doing the facial muscle exercises every day as often as you can, is a natural way to keep you
looking younger and healthier. And stay tuned because
I’m going to be giving you more facial exercises that are going to be working
not just your eyebrows, but your entire face to
keep you looking younger and healthier completely naturally. To keep you out of the OR. To stay away from injections and other things that are artificial. Let’s do it naturally. So stay tuned and don’t forget, if you do Quiver, that’s
just the added bonus. (Quiver buzzing)