Faculties of the Soul – ஆத்மாவின் அங்கங்கள்  (Tamil Video) – Raja Yoga Series #02

Faculties of the Soul – ஆத்மாவின் அங்கங்கள் (Tamil Video) – Raja Yoga Series #02

Welcome All Today the subject what we are going to see is “Faculties of the Soul” Divisions or parts of the Soul We have already seen this in earlier video “Who Am I” Now we will see in detail about Faculties of the Soul They are Mind, Intellect and Sanskar Mind is creating 32 thoughts per minute per hour multiplied by 60 per day multiplied by 24…Thus 46080 thoughts Mind creates four types of thoughts Good, bad, useful and waste thoughts Mind is the factory which produces thoughts So it creates many thoughts Intellect is giving a decision on thoughts For example, let’s think a 60 year old man is waiting for bus at the bus stop Though the bus has come but it stops a bit far away from the bus stop That old man thinks ” if I leave this bus whether another one will come or not….should I wait for the next one” He gets these kind of thoughts Intellect says “You have become old, need not run behind the bus… If it comes nearby then only get into it” Like this thoughts keep on coming Intellect instructs do and not to do Then, mind creates all types of thoughts He acts upon either according to thoughts or intellect When we do every action there is a conflict between mind and the intellect Intellect behaves like a Judge For example, let’s assume we have filed a case in the District Court We get a judgement from there If it is not favourable then we go to the High Court They also give some Judgement If we are not satisified then we go to Supreme Court Intellect also gives one judgement like this. That’s all….but mind keeps on giving innumerable thoughts In this Kalyug everyone’s mind and intllect are like this That means, mind is powerful than intellect Let me give another example for better understanding Already I have told this many times when I was taking my classes Let’s assume a person has got Diabetes recently.. just one week before His family members keeping his health condition in mind refuses to give him sugar He is completely not given any kind of sweets Since, this change has come very recently he finds it difficult to adapt One day while walking on the road he looks at a sweets shop Let’s assume he likes ladoos very much Immediately he gets a thought “Why don’t we eat one Ladoo?” Intellect says, “You are a diabetic patient… You should never eat sweets” Decision has been given But the mind creates another thought “Look, We eat sweets once in a while, One week is already over, moreover now we are taking medicine also” Mind keeps on creating these kind of thoughts Anyway this body goes back to earth only By creating these kind of thoughts He buys the ladoo and eats immediately After finishing eating now mind says “Are you not ashamed? Can’t you control yourself? Why this is happening? Because Mind and Intellect are like this This is the reason for all bad habits People consume supari, cigarettes, alcohol etc They all say the same reason They know very well this is a bad habit should be given up Why they are not able to give up is mind and intellect are like this You will get to know while learning Rajayoga how mind and intellect change like this It depends on how quickly we learn it After learning Rajayoga let’s see what happens.. The same diabetic person sees the sweets shop while walking on the road now also he thinks of eating Ladoos Now also, intellect cautions him not to eat sweets Now, the mind obeys It stops creating many thoughts This is only Rajayoga….this is also science I have been taking classes since 6 1/2 years Many of my students say that they have given up their bad habits You can give up bad habits effortlessly without any difficulty So, mind creates thoughts and Intellect gives the judgement Then we act according to the mind or the intellect These actions get recorded in “Sanskar” automatically.. We are under the impression that we don’t know what will happen tomorrow or day after tomorrow But this Soul is playing its role everyday One cannot know about the next scene in a audio casette Whatever is recorded already that will be played automatically Same with CD too The same way in the Soul also It is pre recorded We repeat our roles in every 5000 years But no one remembers any details about their roles But we play our parts perfectly when the correct time comes The good deeds what we do is recorded as Puniya and bad deeds as Paava or sins This is the ultimate truth Then on which point we should concentrate? To earn crores of money or to buy land or property We can buy properties….nothing wrong But when we change our body in the next birth we can’t take any money or property alongwith us Only the mind, intellect and sanskar are coming with us We take the Puniya and paava alongwith us Then if we have more good deeds or less or no bad deeds it will be so nice When you learn Rajayoga you will do only good deeds in a very simple way How wonderful it will be if we are able to reduce 46080 thoughts to its half It will be so good that the mind creates only good and useful thoughts and no bad or waste thoughts Why don’t our actions are always good We will always think and act accordingly We will never do any sins This is the speciality of learning Rajayoga Secondly, everyone in this world has a common problem Muslims think all people in their community be doing well and do not care about other communities Even Christians, Hindus and all the communities think the same But the speciality of this knowledge is God Shiva is our Father All 800 crore humans are our brothers and sisters My brother is worshipping our Father in a different name Muslims worship God Shiva in the name of “Allah” Christians worship Shiva in the name of God And also the Jews worship Shiva in the name of “Jehova” All are my brothers and sisters I have understood this Others will understand very soon in the coming days If you cannot accept that Shiva is Allah But i am ready to accept that Allah and Jesus Christ is Shiva A=B or B=A both are same I consider all are my brothers and sisters hence, I am posting these videos I don’t have any discrimination…honestly speaking Rajayoga is not a religion The main purpose of these videos are to convey that all are our brothers and sisters What are the Faculties of the Soul? Mind, Intellect and Sanskar Here after how to lead our life? In each and every of our action, words and thoughts we should not give any pain to anyone…Please try to achieve this I hope you like this post Please Subscribe, like and share with your friends You can put your comments too Thank you!