Family Yoga: “I Love Bonding with My Daughter.”

I’ve been a member of the Y for about six years now and love it. I’ve loved all their classes and programs for me. When I had my daughter, I wanted to involve her in the Y as well. I was looking for programming things
that we could do together at the Y that could help
her learn more and develop more physically.
She was getting a little bored with me at home, so I found the YogaSign StoryTime at the YMCA, at the East Community. It’s really interesting and creative how the poses were integrated into the
actual story, and then utilizing sign language too to make it all come together. I know Elle kind of forgot what she was doing. Didn’t really think about the yoga part of it, and was just putting her body in different positions,
because that’s what the story was telling her to do. They did a butterfly
one that she had a lot of fun with, Stop-and-Go it was
a game that they actually play at the end of a lot of the classes. Her attention was really focused during this class. It’s a lot of repetition and singing and
letting the kids move and be active rather than forcing them to sit
in a pose for too long because anyone with a toddler knows that that
doesn’t happen. And Elle just loved it. The transitions from one
element of the story to the next. The parent-child bond at an early age is I don’t take it for granted. I think it’s
one of the most important things you can do as a parent. Before they get into school, that’s when
you sort of set the standard and set a lot of the framework for how they’re going to be able to develop, and learn, and grow and feel comfortable as a person. The class is wonderful because it’s open to many different ages. It’s all about family time. I got to be a part of it, and for her to see me doing it with her, I think helped, I hope to set a really good example. I love the YMCA. To me at first it was just an affordable
gym membership, and it wasn’t until actually we had our
daughter, I started getting back into the gym and just even with Child Watch you don’t have
all the money to pay for all the classes and babysitters. It’s the the little things that really help out. Do you like doing Yoga? Yeah. It was fun. Like a butterfly. Very impactful. Like a bird. Very beneficial for my daughter and I and our family. It gave me a neat way to interact with my daughter and interact with a group of people. Who are all there trying to do the same thing, keep their families close, and give their kids the best tools for learning in the future.