Fill Your Cup Yoga | Yoga With Adriene

– Hello my darling friends and
welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and this is Benji and today we have a
yoga to fill your cup. Peace Benji. So this is gonna
be a great practice when you’re
feeling low on energy but you know you wanna do
something good for yourself. We’re gonna start
low and take it high. Hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alrighty my friends, let’s begin today’s
practice on our backs. Yay. Come on down to the ground. Extend the legs out
long and when you’re ready on an inhale reach the arms all the way up and overhead for a nice full body stretch. Take a couple
deep breaths here to rotate the wrists, the ankles. I’m smiling because my
ankles are popping (laughs). Maybe yours are too. Maybe open and close the palms. Move the fingers,
move the toes and make sure you take a couple deep
breaths here in this shape. Start to really land
here in your practice taking this time to fill your cup,
to find what feels good. And then nice and
easy we’re gonna hug the knees into the chest. Nice and slow
you’re gonna wrap the arms around the shins and
take a couple deep breaths here nice and easy,
nothing fancy. Just nice full deep breaths. Maybe rocking side to side. You can peel the
nose up towards the knees. And today I’m gonna
invite you to breathe like
you love yourself. Breathe like this
practice and this time with your body matters. Make the most of it and of
course enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. You’re gonna bring the hands
to the backs of the thighs. We’re gonna rock all
the way up to seated. If it feels
awesome or it feels good to rock a couple
more times go ahead and do that, massaging up and
down the length of your spine. Maybe tapping into a
little inner smile as you do so. And we’ll come up to a nice
cross-legged seat together. Bring the palms together, Anjali Mudra at the heart. Nice active connection here. So send your
elbows left to right. Lift the sternum
up to your thumbs, lengthen through
the crown of the head. Take a deep breath in. And on an exhale bow
your head to your heart. Continue to breathe deeply here. Again, breathe
like you love yourself. Feel this deep stretch
in the back of the neck. Opportunity here to
set a little intention for your practice or for your life. Just taking one
quiet moment here before we really get moving. And then just
notice what came up and if nothing
came up that’s okay. You’re still breathing. You’re still bringing attention
inward and you’re getting a nice great stretch
in the back of the neck. Alright, together, let’s take a
deep breath in through the nose. And as you
exhale go ahead and let it out softly through the mouth. Lift the head,
open the eyes and we’re gonna take the
palms to the knees. Slowly bring your navel back. Start to round
through the spine, shoulders come forward,
chin to chest. Now get really
heavy from the waist down and we’re gonna
move nice and slow here. As you inhale smooth
the chest, the heart forward. Think Cow Pose and then exhale. Draw the naval back,
chin to chest, rounding it back,
shoulders forward. Think Cat Pose. Keep it going in
a nice circle here. Inhale, coming forward. And exhale, rounding back. So try not to rush this here. We wanna really get some good
spinal flection going on. So, think about the spine as you create this circular motion. You might even close your eyes
once you have the hang of it to really visualize
the spine, each vertebra. And then reverse your circle. Synchronize with your breath. Awesome. Then bring
the head and the heart and the pelvis back
to one straight line and we’ll take the fingertips
down gently at your sides. Great. Walk the left palm out. Press it firmly into the earth so you have lots of space here. Then take the
right fingertips all the way up
towards the sky first. Feel this length
in the side body as you reach up
all the way towards the ceiling or
the sky and then take it over and find
your side body stretch. Synchronize with
the breath here. Soft, easy movement. And then bring it all the
way back up through center. Fingertips back
on the earth and when you’re ready walk
the right palm out. Give yourself a lot of
space from the hips here. Press the palm into
the earth and inhale, reach the left
fingertips all the way straight up
towards the sky first. Feel that connection
from the left hip all the way up
through the left fingertips. Take another deep
breath in and then on an exhale take it up and over
into a nice side body stretch. Find what feels good here. Explore, create space. Breathe deep. Great, then bring it
all the way back to center. We’ll bring the
palms together once again. Interlace the
fingertips this time. Press the palms
forward here. Getting a nice stretch through the wrists,
through the forearms. See if you can
draw your shoulders back into socket a bit here
as you lift the sternum, the heart up even higher. Inhale in. Exhale out. One more deep inhale in here. And exhale to release the bind and come forward onto all fours. When you arrive walk
the palms nice and wide, pinkies towards the
outer edges of your mat. Upper arm bones
rotate out externally. And as you’re ready
we’ll curl the toes under, take a deep breath in. And on your exhale
keep the knees bent as you slowly
peel the tailbone up. Bring the belly
towards the tops of the thighs. Stay here for
one cycle of breath. Building strength. Waking up the
muscles of the body. And then as you’re
ready drop the heels, let them get really heavy and if you wanna pedal
it out here please do. Stretching through the
calves and the hamstrings. Find a deep breath here. And when you’re ready actively
anchor through the left heel. As you inhale lift the right
knee in towards your heart. Check it out. I’m in Downward Dog
but I’m squeezing the right knee up in
towards my heart space. Feel the low belly come in. Hug the low ribs in. Breathe here for three, two. Kick it up on the one,
Three-Legged Dog. Spiral the right pinky toe down. Inhale in. Exhale, bend your right knee, open it up stacking the
right hip over the left. Try to keep your right shoulder in the same plane
as your left shoulder. So, shoulders nice and square
here while working towards that. Take a deep breath in, inhale. (Benji barking)
Exhale. Hi Benji. Step the right
foot all the way up. Nice low lunge. Lower the back
knee to the earth. Do a hair toss
with your ponytail. I’m just kidding. Slowly lift the chest,
look forward. Front knee is
over front ankle here, you can keep the back knee low on the ground or
you can lift it here just depending on
how you’re feeling today. Big stretch. So, bring a nice deep breath. Awesome.
Then plant the palms. Step the right toes back. We’re coming into a Plank Pose. So you can lift both
knees or you can come to a Half Plank keeping
both knees, kissing the earth. Upper arm bones
still rotating out here. I’m connecting to the core
by drawing my low belly in, by hugging the low ribs in,
connecting to center. We’re here for three, two. Go ahead and lower all
the way to the belly on one. Then press into
the tops of the feet. Squeeze the elbows into your
side body and inhale, lift up. Bhujangasana, Cobra. On your exhale slowly release. Press back up to all fours. Reestablish great
connection with the hands finding that
hand to earth press. Upper arm bones
rotate out and once again we will
curl the toes under. Articulate Adriene, sorry. And nice and slow,
check it out, lifting the hips creases first keeping the knees bent,
keeping the belly leaning towards the tops
of the thighs here. Waking up the muscles. Take a deep breath in and then exhale,
straighten the legs. Let the heels get heavy here. Keep that hand
to earth connection. Pedal it out if
you like or enjoy a moment of stillness
letting the breath move you. And now actively
anchoring the right heel down you’re gonna lift the left
knee up in towards the heart. Try to create a contraction, a connection to
your core muscles, the abdominal
wall waking up here as you breathe deep for
three, two and then kicking the left foot out,
Three-Legged Dog keeping those hips squared. Breathing deep, crawling
into the fingertips here. And then bending the left knee, slowly stacking the hips, keeping the shoulder
square or working towards that as you breathe
deep here. Big stretch. Right heel is heavy. Awesome. And then
slow and steady bringing it all the way through, stepping the left
foot all the way up, lowering the back knee down
and finding your low lunge. So back knee can be
lowered or lifted here. Or maybe a little bit of
both as you breathe deep. Open the chest. Always working to
integrate the neck. Keep that awareness. Thinking of the neck, right? Always as an extension of the
spine in your Asana practice. Okie doke, here we go. Planting the palms,
stepping it back, Plank Pose. Inhale to shift forward.
Look forward. Try to keep those
elbows hugging into the side body as you
slowly lower down to the belly. Good. Inhale, Cobra.
Lift it up. Exhale to soften
and release everything. Press back up to all fours. Curl the toes under right away, and then lifting the
hips up high and back. Downward Dog. Awesome. From here bend
the knees generously bringing the belly towards
the tops of the thighs, creating space in
the shoulders melting your heart towards your knees and then nice and slow baby
steps to the top of the mat. So, really stretching through the ankle here or the achilles, the calf as you
walk all the way to a nice Forward Fold
at the top of your mat. Bend your knees as
generously as you need to here. Shake the head a little yes. And a little no. Find those I love you
breaths again. Inhaling deeply in
through the nose. And exhaling completely out
through the nose or the mouth. Then bend your
knees a little more. Drop your hips back in space. Nice and easy you’re gonna start to roll it up,
straightening through the legs. Enjoy this move. Come into a
beautiful Mountain Pose grounding through the feet. Lengthening through the crown. And on your
next big inhale reach the arms all
the way up overhead. Spread the fingertips. Take the thumbs back,
pinkies forward and imagine your shoulder blades
coming in to kiss each other and then dropping
down the back body. So give yourself a
lotta space and in case you’re here give
yourself more space. Imagine you’re holding a big
beach ball up and overhead. Then connect to
your core by drawing your navel in just a
bit and maybe lifting up through the pelvic floor. Strong legs here. Lifting gently up
from the kneecaps. Inhale in, exhale,
palms kiss together and slowly melt
down towards the heart. From here you’re gonna turn
your left fingertips forward, your right fingertips in and then we’re gonna
catch the hands here. Catching the fingers,
bringing them into fists. Great. Tug the
elbows left to right here. Lift your heart. Again, feel that
connection in your feet. Kneecaps lifting,
pelvic floor lifting. So, the whole body’s
nice and awake here. Inhale in, exhale. You’re gonna slowly
take your right elbow up, your left elbow down. Keep the heels
nice and grounded here as you bring the
hands behind your head, feel this stretch
in your left side body, left low back as you
really lift actively, right elbow up
feeling that opening in the front of
the right hip crease, the right abdominal wall. Take one more deep breath in. And then exhale slowly. Bring it back to center. Hug the low ribs in. You’ll switch the bind here. So just switching the fingers. Right elbow up, excuse me,
right thumb up this time. Left thumb down. Both elbows
extending left to right here. Reestablish your Mountain Pose. Inhale in, then exhale. Here we go taking the right
elbow down, left elbow up. Breathing in. You can lean your head back,
lift your heart up. Big stretch here. Use your breath
to create more space. Dig into the heels. Keep the tailbone
lengthening down. One more breath. And then slowly
bring it back to center. Awesome, release the bind. Fingertips are gonna go down
to come up as you inhale. Once again reach the arms all
the way up toward the sky. This time exhale,
send your hips back. Fingertips rain down. Heart stays open. Gaze forward as
you bend the knees, send the hips back coming
into a little ski position. So I’m wanting to
really send my shins back digging into the heels,
pressing into all four corners of the feet
firmly for stability. You can even lift the
toes here to test that out. Let the low back get
long by slowly lengthening, tailbone down towards the earth. Hugging the low ribs in. Then sink a little deeper. And a little deeper. And now let’s
flow a couple times. So inhale. Dig into the earth,
straighten the legs. Send the fingertips up high. Volcano Pose.
Big beach ball up and overhead. Exhale. Slowly raining the fingertips
down keeping the chest open, sending the hips back coming
into your modified Chair. Inhale, reach it up.
Dig into the heels. Build strength. Exhale, slow and steady. Heart stays open,
core stays engaged as you send the hips back. Fingertips reach way back. Airplane arms. Inhale to reach it up. Exhale, bend the knees. Activating the upper back body here drawing the
shoulder blades together. Great, one more time.
Inhale, reach it up. This time as you
exhale send the hips way back, bend the knees,
fingertips way back. You might lift the heels. Stretching through the foot,
opening through the chest. Breathing deep here. Excellent, then drop
the heels, inhale. Reach it all the way up
and exhale, hands to heart. Go ahead and turn now to step the feet super wide on your mat. So you can use the sound
of my voice to guide you. You don’t have to
move your mat here. We’re gonna bring the feet wide. Arms way out and
you can kind of gauge where the feet should
be by maybe bringing them underneath the
hands or the wrists. Awesome. Then let the
feet be parallel here so you can feel that
stretch in the outer ankle. Draw energy up
through the inner arch, inner ankle and
you should be able to feel that in the inner thigh. Lift up through the front body,
ground through the back body, then turn the
thumbs up and start to reach your fingertips
up high for a big star pose. Holding space for yourself here. Breathing into all
four sides of the torso. Close your eyes. Again, use the sound of
my voice to guide you here. Pressing firmly, actively into
the outer edge of the foot, drawing energy up
through the inner arch, inner ankle, inner thigh. Lift your heart,
tuck your chin slightly to lengthen more in
the back of the neck, and listen to the sound
of your breath here for three cycles in and out,
in and out, in and out, holding space, taking up space,
filling your cup. You got it.
Stick with it. Awesome and then
slow and with control bring the palms together. Inhale to lift up
from the base of the spine, sternum lifts to the thumbs, crown of the head reaches high. Then we’re gonna bend the
knees, take a deep breath in. And on an exhale
you’re gonna hop the feet together
back to Mountain. Here we go. Try to catch it here. Lift the corners
of the mouth slightly. Take one more
final deep breath in. And exhale to bow the head. Take a second
here to just observe. Notice how you feel. And give thanks for
your practice and this time, that you have cultivated, created for yourself. You rock. Thank you so much for sharing your valuable time
and energy with me. I tip my hat to
you for taking time to fill your cup
knowing that it will serve not only you but
all of your loved ones and all of the
people you work with and even complete
and total strangers. So love you guys. Let me know how it went for
you in the comments section down below and
I’ll see you next time. Namaste. (upbeat music)