Now we move to another breath called
yogic breath. now the yogic breath is a combination of the abdominal breath
thoracic breath and the clavicular breath, now the yogic breath can be used
to relax or calm your frayed nerves and we include this breath in yoga because
it helps you to deepen your breathing but it should not be used on its own
everyday. So in yogic breath we will inhale through our nose up till
abdomen, chest and shoulder. Let’s do it together, so inhale and see the rising of
your abdomen, chest and shoulder blades up to the throat and then when
you exhale you bring first your shoulders down chest down and in the end
your abdomen. So let’s do it together Inhale Exhale Inhale Exhale Inhale Exhale Inhale Exhale You may carry on doing two more rounds
like that So in yogic breath there should be
absolutely no interruption in the flow of breath but it should be a continuous
and smooth flow of breath, each face of breath is seamless and without any
effort. So to practice Pranayama always remember to have a relaxed effortless
breath, so once you have practiced these breaths and experimented with these
breaths and you are aware of the sensations and the awareness of your
body. Yogic breath as you master it you will let go of the clavicular breathing,
we do not move our shoulders up and down we just let go of the clavicular
breathing and then the yogic breath is a combination of only the abdominal breath
and thoracic. I hope you find this video useful. Keep watching and keep
subscribing. Thank you for all your love support and energy. Namaste