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hey everyone welcome back to my channel
fit saga I’m Nagaratna.in today’s video I’m gonna show you the ice back
workout which are followed by pull-ups bento a barbell row underhand barbell
row t-bar row seated row and finishing with single arm row I feel it is very
important to work your back muscles for posture since most of us sit all day
long at work and our shoulders tend to roll forward back exercises have a
deeper impact and the strong back keeps your posture pristine and your spine
healthy so it’s really very important to work your back muscles at least once a
week check out the workouts here I’m doing five sets of body weight
pull-ups I feel body weight pull-ups are the
hardest ones so if you’re a beginner or find difficulty with the bodyweight
pull-ups you can always go for assisted pull-ups both have the same effect
anyway the next exercise is bent over barbell
rows the barbell rows are full-body compound exercise they work your upper
back lower back hips and arms they will stronger back and biceps the next one is underhand barbell row
the underhand bubble rule and went over barbell both are similar just the barbell
grip where is the underhand barbellrow targets more of laths and lower back and
traps the next exercise is t-bar row the t-bar
row is a variation of the bent-over row and an exercise used to build backs
muscle and strength. the back is a muscle group that requires fair amount of
variations hence I’m using a lot of different variations in this workout
session the next one is seated cable row if you
are looking to build your upper body strength then the seated rows are the
best option it’s a type of strength training that works back and upper arms
it’s actually done by pulling the weighted handle on a seated row machine
or you can do it on seated cable Row or even by pulling the resistant
band if you don’t have any gym access the next exercise is single arm row for
this i am using dumbbell the single arm dumbbell row is popular exercise for
building the lats the bench is used for support during the rowing motion it
builds bigger lats it’s allows you to focus on one lat
at a time and permits better range of motion that’s it for today hope you guys
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I’ll see you guys in the next video until then bye bye