Full Workout Fusion: 45 min – CARDIO YOGA PILATES

[SILENCE] Hye everyone.
Welcome to CardiYoFit My name is Jennifer Menzer
and I’m with Susan Readon and I’m with Emily which is very exciting. So you’ve got two other bodies
to watch this time. As we progress through, Susan will be doing
all of the high intensity work Emily is going to be taking
some of the low intensity work. and then I’ll be alternating between
so you know that you can always choose high, moderate, or low intensity depending on how you day is going
or where you are in your workout sequence. So, with a good demand, we’re going to come back
to our bottle boost workout. So this is 2.0 We’re going to start up with our warm up Just take a deep breath,
up and in. And exhale it down.
We move up so we don’t smack the girls. Inhale, bring the arms up. And exhale it down. One more time.
Deep breath, up and in. And exhale it down. Good. Let’s roll all the way down
one vertebrae at a time with hip distance apart. Tangle here. Grab on to opposite elbows
and just let the head hang. Bring your body weight into the balls of your feet so you’ll get a little bit more into the hamstrings. And now sway the arms over
towards the right leg. Feeling a deeper sensation
behind the right leg here. And then swing over to the left. Let’s come back to center, place the hands down onto the floor, and then step the right foot back. Drop the knee down and
we’ll take a hip flex to stretch here. Think about tucking the tailbone and then
reaching your right arms up to the ceiling. You’re getting enough here.
Fantastic! If not, reach over towards the left side
so you’re reaching towards the knee in front. Stay here for a few more breath. And then let’s straighten
the front leg and fall back. You may know this as half splits pose,
we’ve done this before. Great hamstring stretch. Excellent! Let’s switch to the other side. Right leg in front, left leg back. You can crawl the toes under
or keep them straight. Either way. The most important part is tucking
that tailbone under so that you’ll have a beautiful straight line from your knee all the way up to your shoulders. Reach the arms up to complete the extension and then over to your right side. If you’re not feeling not stretch
in the hip flexor consider stepping the opposite foot
forward a little bit more and then leaning forward just a tiny bit. Then we’re looking to sensation not pain. So make sure you feel stretch
but nothing sharp shooting. Let’s straighten and fold.
Straightening that front leg. folding the body over the thighs. Take a few deep breath. If the flexibility allow it,
you can even bend the elbows and drop down just a little bit more,
speed up deeper stretch. Good. Let’s walk right leg back to meet the left. Come down into a cat-cow position, ladies. Hands directly underneath the shoulders and then let’s just kind of flip back and forth First, drop the bellies,
press the sitting bone wide, look forward. And then exhale, round the spine. Twice more. Inhale.
Drop the belly, look forward. And exhale, round. Once more. Inhale And exhale, round. Ok, let’s push back so that
we’re standing on our knees. And then interlace the hands behind the back stretching up chest. You can either drop the chin or look up.
Your choice. Gently release the stretch.
Place one hand on top of the other and this time let’s round aback
just like we were on wearing cat-pose. Gently release. Just bring the left arms overhead.
Bend the elbow, triceps stretch. We do have push ups coming up
so let’s get everything warm up. And then switch opposite side. Perfects! Alright! So, you need to press pause here.
Press pause. Grab two water bottles. If you don’t have two water bottles,
two box, two cans anything that you can hold into your hands
that provide resistance will work perfectly and then
will catch you back. All right. Let’s start up with our first exercise. Grabbing on to both bottles,
we’re doing a double overhead curtsy lunge. So both arms reach up overhead.
We’re going to alternate between legs. With one leg coming behind knee comes over just a little bit more than
a traditional reverse lunge. and then come up and tap,
opposite side you come back and up. All right,
Here we go. Good. So instead just reaching back
with legs hip distance apart you reaching that back knee almost behind
the heel of the other foot. You can be a little bit closer if you want
with the knee and the heel but I find that it’ll take a little bit more space. It’s probably little more compatible
on that front knee. Keep the core strong Draw the naval slightly in so you protect the spine Good Find your balance. Maybe looking at
the focal point in front. We’ve got just about five more seconds here. Take your time. You can go at a slower pace,
moving with Emily and let’s finish last one and come back to center. Good. Drop the arms and let’s come to the floor. We’ve a press quench and leg lift. Traditional press legs are open of just about a waist of a mat head, neck, and shoulders are down and then the arms are bent out
to the side, 90 degrees. As we press the arms up
like a regular chest press, we’re going to crunch up
and then bring one leg up. All the way down and switch. Here we go.
30 seconds ladies. Good. The back just stay down on the mat so you’re keeping your rib cage down
and just crunching up enough at the top of the rib. If you’re a female it’s right
at the bra strapline if you’re gentleman
it’s just underneath the packs. Keep reaching the leg up but make sure that you’re reaching the arms up
and shoulders up with your long leg though you just still have to swing back. Make sure you’re reaching
the upper body with you ladies let’s do six… five… drop the naval in four… shoulders down three… those legs up less two… and one. Good. Alright, let’s come on and up. Next one is going to be a squat upright row So for this,
Emily is going to just use of of her bottle Susan is going to use both. So Emme you might have to hold it lengthwise,
like this coming down, squat… upright, row… Susan and I are going to stay with the two.
All right. Here we go. squat… up row squat… up row Susan is going to add a little more to this
by adding a hop at the end. Squat… up row, hop. Good. Can keep the core strong Sit back so that your knees stay
behind the toes and you’re bending and flexing at the knee joint
as opposed of just bending at the hips Less of a bow forward, more of a sit back
as if you’re sitting against the chair. Lets do 5 more here. Four…you’re jumping three… Two… one more and one.
Good. Alright. The next ones are going to be
our dead lift. So, when you come the side just to remind you, we’re going to do
stiff lift and dead lift today So you’re about, just hip distance apart,
it’s a little bit narrow slight bending the knees and that’s it. As we lower down,
we don’t bend the knees anymore. Feel free to tap down,
if you’re closer to the ground like me. Someone’s that’s a little bit taller, that’s okay.
You can just stop at the shins butt Nice flat back is what we’re looking for
as opposed to that rounding. Alright ladies. Lets take it down. Here we go. Down… and up.
Hip trust. Down… open… pelvis forward. Squeeze your gluts at the top. Feel it behind you. Good. Susan’s going to ramp this up a little bit
by coming up and press. Emily, you can take it a little bit slower here
and go halfway. Or you can choose to just use
one of your water bottles. Good. Last ten seconds. Remember to keep your abs tight
to protect the lower back and continue to squeeze the bones at the top. Three more here. Lets do two. And last one. Good. Okay. Next one is a little bit choreographically challenging,
so take your time. If you don’t get it, no big deal. Do the workout again
and you’ll probably get even better. So we’re going to start out, ladies.
With our left arm reaching up first. Right arm down Feet, wide.
To make room. and then come down into
a low squat. Weight is on the inside of the thighs. Biceps curl here. Press up, stand up.
Switch. Left arm down. Squat down. Bicep curl. Stand up. Good. All right, take your time. Find your flow. Always the bicep curl to the stand. We squat down to reach the bottle down,
we bicep curl low. It makes it that much harder. To make it a little easier,
you can bicep curl as you’re standing But your challenge is to stay low. We are doing here. -Everybody good?
-Good. Keep it moving. Four more. Here’s four… We’ve got some people clapping for us.
It’s fun doing on the esplanade in the public. The sun is shining. and buddies on their boots are running Fascinating falls. Lovely. Last one. And up. Good.
Let’s shake it up. Grab some water, and then we’re going to do
that same sequence again. This time, without any stops in between. We’re going right from
one, two, three, four to five. All right, guys.
Let’s do round two. Here we go. Arms up. Curtsy lunge.
Alternating leg. Susan’s going to add a bounced kick. You can stay with her. I’m going to stay at regular pace. Emily’s taking it a little slower. So, you’ve got three different versions
of the same exercise. So you can ramp it up. or dilate down to your fitness level. Either way, remember to smile and have fun. Good.
We’ve got about ten more seconds left here. Keep breathing. Abs tight.
Naval drawn in. Last five ladies. Four… three… two… and one. Good.
Just take it right down to the ground. Press crunch leg lift. Legs wide. Here we go.
Press it up. Remember, legs up just about belly button height. Try not to bring legs too far towards your nose. Because then you won’t need to lift your shoulders. I want you guys to have to lift then reach. Reach towards your toes. Feel it in the belly button Feel it all the way up through
that eight pack abs. Keep drawing the naval in. And then shoulders down the ways from the ears. They do like to rise up on exercises like this. Try to use your abs to do the work,
not your shoulders. Five more here. four… three… last two… and one. Good. Lets come right on up. All right. Squat upright row. Squat… up row.
Susan’s adding a little bit of a jump. Emily’s just got one bottle.
So again, three different levels. You get to choose. Feet hip distance apart. Sit back.
Remember to bend up the knees. In theory, you should be able to reach down
and touch the floor with the bottles. Keep squeezing the butt. Lets do five more here. Four more. Last three. Two more.
They’re giving their appreciation. Last one. Good.
Okay. Next one. Dead lift. Slight bend the knees.
Feet a little bit closer, and then here we go. Straight legs.
Down and up. Thrust. Down, hip thrust forward. Good. Susan’s adding a little bit more
over the overhead press. Emily’s going a little slower. Concentrate on your form. Remember, you want a slight bend in the knees
as opposed to completely locked out. We almost never locked out because
we want to keep the muscles doing the work and not the joints. Let’s do ten seconds here. Keep squeezing your abs.
Squeezing your butt. Reach back. You should feel it just underneath your bump in those hamstring. Three… two… and one… Good. All right. We’ve got those switches.
Let’s reach the left arm up. Feet wide this time. Squat down. Bicep curl. Stand press. Reset. Down… Curl… Press… Reset. Down… Curl… Press… Reset. Good, you guys are doing great. Keep it moving.
If you messed up, don’t worry about it. Go to the other side. Keep it moving. This should flow. Full body here. Heart rate should be up and challenged. You can always add a hop to this
if you wish to at the top. and hop, and come down. This is your choice. -Your fitness level.
-I’ll do that next time. Last one. You got it. And here we go.
Standing up and shake it out. Good. All right. We’ve got one more round.
Same exact thing. We’re just going to do it half this time.
But quick speed. So, all three of us are going to do
pretty much the same thing. You can always choose your fitness level. So ladies, double arm, overhead, curtsy lunge. Here we go. Quick legs. Quick legs. Remember core strong. Think about upright. and straight from your hips. All the way up through the crown of your head
as though there’s an imaginary string pulling you up. Five more seconds. Four… three… two… and one. Come right down. Press and crunch. Here we go. Press… press.. Abs tight, reach it up. and up. Good. Back stays on the mat. You’re just curling at the bra line
or right at the line of the packs. Five seconds… three… two… and one. We’re up. Squat upright row. Here we go. Squat… Up row. Squat… and up. Sit that butt back. Abs tight. Bottles come just about to your collar bone. Elbows are just about shoulder height.
They don’t need to be all the way up to your ears. Try to keep your wrist straight
as opposed to letting them curl. And you’ll keep the wrist a lot happier
especially if you seat at the desk all day. Lets do one more here. Good. Here we go.
Next ones. Dead lift. Reach it down. Straight legs.
Slight bend in the knees. Hip thrust forward. Abs tight.
Looking forward… or looking at the floor. Probably just about two feet in front of you. Five seconds. Four… Three… Two… And one. Open the feet. Reach the arm up. Squat down. Bicep curl. Stand. Reset. Nice. You’ll see that Susan’s adding jump here. -Emily, want to add a jump?
-No thanks. Okay, just checking. Five more. This is four. Three more. Get down low. Last two. And one more here. Good. Shake it out. Grab some water. Nicely done. We’re going to move into our vinyasa flow next. So, feel free to press pause.
Take a break. Grab some water. And then, we’re going to flow and stretch. Alright guys, we’re in the vinyasa flow phase here. So, lets inhale the arms up. Exhale, bring the hands to the heart center.
And fold. Inhale to a flat back. On the exhale, plant the water bottles down.
And step back to plank pose. Drop the knees. Lower the chest down. Inhale for cobra.
Keep the elbow slightly bend. On the exhale, press back. Downward facing dog. Slight bend in the elbows. Feet about hip distance apart. Inhale, lets reach the right leg up. Bend the knee,
open the hips up towards the right side. Inhale, straighten that back leg. And then, step it through to a low lunge. Left knee comes down.
Grab your bottles, reach the arms up. From here, back toes curled under.
Squeeze the inner thigh together. Lift to your crescent lunge.
Back leg is straight and strong. And then from here, we’re going to come in Dekasana arm. So, it’s kind of mix of standing split and warrior three. Press on that back leg, just a little.
Dilate the arms down. And find that balance. Palms faced down. Straight leg on the back leg helps you with the balance. One more inhale breath here. On the exhale, bend the left knee into your chest. And then lower the foot down.
Stand tall. Mountain post. All four corners of both feet down. Reach the arms down.
Shoulder shrugged down and back. Stand tall and proud.
Lets sweep the arms back up. Inhale.
And then exhale. Forward fold. Inhale, flat back. On the exhale, plant your water bottle.
Plant the hands, step back. Plank pose. Choose to either drop the knees like Emily
or with Susan and I come down through [foreign word] Shoulders and elbows, same height. Inhale. Lift to your up dog or your cobra. Press back. Downward facing dog. Inhale. This time left leg up and back. Bend the knee. Open the hips, left side. Uh, love this opener. Inhale, straighten the leg,
reach it back behind you And then step it through low lunge. Right knee drops down. Grab your water bottles.
Reach the arms up. Anjaneyasana crescent pose. Back toes are curled under.
Squeeze the inner thighs together. And then lets lift to our crescent lunge. Stay here for the inhale breath. Dekasana arm. Press into that front foot. Bring the arms down. Find your Drishti. Good. That first time I was wobbly
because I didn’t pick a focal point. Now, I realize can’t do it without it and that’s okay. Focal points are exactly
what we need to help with that balance Draw the core in. Bend your right knee into your chest.
Place the foot down. Mountain pose.
We’re going to add to our flow. Inhale. Swift the arms up. Exhale. Walk it through heart center and down. Inhale, flat back. On the exhale, plant your water bottles. Either walk step or jump high to low push up. Inhale, up dog or cobra. Up dog like me, the legs are off to the ground. If you’re down, you can always drop the knees. Press back, downward facing dog. Lets inhale, the right leg up and back. Step it through low lunge. Drop the back knee down. Curl the toes under.
Grab your water bottles. Reach the arms up. Crescent pose.
Rise up. Stand up. From here, Dekasana arms.
Swift the arms back. Find your focal point and lift. So much easier when you find your Drishti. Ladies, we’re going
to reach the arms forward for warrior three. Hold the balance. The weight of the bottles
should make it a little more challenging. From here, we’re going to step into
crescent pose once again. Breath. And now we’re open up to warrior two. Right arm in front.
Left foot square to the back of your mat. From here, triangle pose.
Straighten the front leg Reach the right arm down.
Left arm up to the ceiling. You can either look up at the sky.
Or look down to your right foot. We’re going to take revolved triangle here. Slowly the first time, lets lower the left hand
down to the inside of the right foot. Spin the back heel to lift.
And then the right arm reaches up to the ceiling. Try to keep both legs straight as best as you can. If you need to add a slight bend in the right knee, you can. From here, we’re going to add
our revolved half moon pose. So, bend the right knee left hand reaches off of the mat, probably about six inches forward.
Little hop in that back leg. Back leg lift. Find your Drishti.
Breath here. For three… and for two… and for one… We’re going to step back.
Crescent pose. Drop that left foot back. Grab your water bottle. Swift your arms up. Drop the back knee down. Low lunge. Good. Place both hands down. Water bottles down. Step back to plank post. And then
we’re coming to Vashista into on the left side. Drop fold heels to your left. Reach the right arm up and lift the hips. Vashista is a different form of plank pose. In that, we’re adding this little rainbow effect
to this pulling up of the hip. Feel the flexion in your oblique on the left side. And then, lets square off to the plank pose. And then lower down through Vinyasa. Inhale and exhale press back. Alright, we’ve got one more side. How are we doing, ladies?
Awesome? Lets take another breathe here. Emme how are you doing? -Good. Inhale here, and exhale. Once more. Deep breath in and exhale. Inhale, left legs up and back. Step it through low lunge. Grab your water bottles.
Crescent pose, bring it up. Smile. Find your Drishti
Dekasana arms. Float. Hold here. Squeeze the abs. Breath through that back heel.
Either flexed or pointed. Reach the arm forward, warrior three. We’re holding for three. Abs tight.
Two… and one. Drop the back leg, crescent pose. Lift. Open up. Warrior two. Back heel is now parallel with the back mat. Left knee deeply bend. Reach the arms long.
Shoulders down. Squeeze that back. Work the back muscles.
Straighten the front leg. Triangle pose. Reach the left arm. Down to the floor. Right arm reaches up. Gaze is either at your right hands, sky. Or left hand, lower. Alright, we’ve got that
revolved triangle, ladies. Hand comes down. Back heel lift. And we switch. Left arm up. It’s a big stretch for the hamstrings everyone. So, if you need to, bend the front knee. One more inhale breath here. On the exhale, look down.
Bend the left knee. Bring the left hand, right hand.
My apologies… forward And then step it up. Revolved half moon pose. It’s a tough pose. It’s a big hip opener. Hold here and breathe here for three… and for two… and for one. Step it back. Crescent pose.
Grab both of your water bottles. Reach the arms up. Drop the back knee down. Low lunge. Let’s place the water bottles down. Plank pose and then
we’ve got Vashista in the right side. From here, both heels drop right. Reach the left arm up.
And shine the hips up to the ceiling. Find that beautiful roundness in the hips. One more inhale breath here. And then, lets bring the hands down to plank pose. One more Vinyasa. Shoulders and elbows beautifully same height
you could rest the coffee cup on those triceps. Inhale, lift. Up dog. Exhale press back. Downward facing dog. Nicely done ladies. Lets bring the knees down
and take a wide legged in child’s pose. Toes together, heels apart. Reach the arms forward. Drop the chin. Let’s take two more breaths here and exhale.
Once more, inhale and exhale. Lets bring it down to our pose and then come up onto knees. Alright, we’ve got one more round
that we’re going to go through. for our bottle boost strength training. So grab some water, grab your bottles.
And then we’ve got another round. Alright guys, we’re going to go into
our second super set, turn it round. Starting with the alternate leg V up. You’ll notice Susan’s tramping it up a notch.
So, you can just stay with Emme and I or you can take it up to a higher level with Susan. Come down onto your back. Legs long, arms long. We’re going to start. Right hand up to left leg. Reach all the way up. Only thing touching to the ground
is your booty, and down. Left arm reaches and down. Noticed that Susan’s going to complete that knives. The only thing touching the ground is her booty. Whereas Emily and I have a little kick stand.
Keeping one leg down. Maybe you tried just two of the fold back knives. Remember, each time you do this,
try to ramp it up make it a little bit harder. Increase that fitness level. Burn extra calories. Work it. Abs tight. Shoulders down away from the ears. Even when the arms are reaching up
over the head, try not to shrug the shoulders up. Let’s do four more here. -How are we doing ladies?
-Great! Three more. Two more. And last one. All righty. Next ones are going to be outside lunge. We’re going to add a row to each over a side lunges. Start on the right side first. Get it on time. Lets do right leg. Step it out. Lunge… Row… Together. Side lunge… Row… and together. Abs tight. Core strong. Take that booty back. Deep bend in the knee If you need to bend
the straight leg knee, that’s okay. It’s just a little bit of inflexibility. And the more you do this, the better they’ll get. We never want to over streamed the groin. So, it’s okay as I’m doing
to add a slight bend to the straight leg. Let’s do two more. Last one. Good. Come back to center. Next one we have is an Iso squat hold out. So let’s bring the feet about hips distance apart Emily’s going to do one bottle.
I’m going to do two. Susan’s going to reach the arms up. And… squat and hold. Hold and squeeze. You’re sitting on the imaginary chair. Quads are engaged. You should be able
to wiggle your toes. We’re ten seconds in. Know that you could always
drop the hands down if you need, if it gets heavy. And if you’re feeling it on your lower back, tuck the tailbone so that you’re engaging core. We’re at eight. Seven. Shoulders down. Six. Five, belly tight, four. three… two… and one. Shake it out. All right ladies, let’s come on down to push up. Alternating bottle tap. Emily is going to keep her bottle a little bit lower. Susan and I are going to keep the bottle
a little bit higher. We are aiming to tap the top of the bottles after each push up. You can be either on knees or toes I’m opting for knees. I’m opting for knees. I’m going to start with close. All right. We have levels, choose them wisely. We together, here we go. Down… tap. Remember abs height. Full press. Aim for the nose all the way down to your mat. You can get there just yet.
Make it a goal to shoot for. It feels a little much. Don’t use the water bottle.
Just go into whole push up. Each time we lift the arms,
we’re putting a lot of pressure into this other side to work the packs. and that will be getting a little bit more work
then just a regular push up alone. Let’s do one more and tap.
Good. Sit back… and then let’s come into our next ones
which are bottle jump squat. Being messy on my mat today. Emily I’m going to have you
just jump with one bottle. Susan and I are going to jump with two. I really have been called it froggy jump
since I feel like I’m *frog sounds* with them. So feel free say *frog sounds*
if it makes you smile. Hands are joining between the legs. Feet are the width of the mat. Down… push up. Down… push up. If you want to ramp it up,
you can bring the arm overhead. It is going to pick up your heart rate that much more so choose wisely. Remember to keep the abs tight. Sit back and keep the feet straight widely. You can take a little bit of a turn down
if that feels better on your knees. Make sure that you’re always down in the body. Five more seconds, ladies. Three… two… and… one. Good. We’ll take a little break and we’ll come right
into our second round. This time no breaks. Grab a little water if you need. Okay let’s take it down, second set. Starting with the abs Slash that knives right on Emily’s first using both arms. Here we go. Remember, breathe… Core strong, naval’s engaged. Pound the belly button down to the spine
will help protect. Abs low back and also strength of the muscle of the back. Breathing with each one. Making sure to come all the way up until you touch. If it’s too hard, keep one hand down. Push up just like what I am doing. Three more… two more… and… last one. Good.
Let’s come right on up. And then we’ve got a side lunges. Starting right leg over first. Here we go. Right leg lunge… and a row. Nicely done. Keep that booty back and most importantly keep smiling. Remember the straight leg, you can always
bend the knee if it feels tight even in this second round. Imagine as you’re stepping on
the imaginary line the whole time. So both heels are ore on the region the same line. If your hips are tight like mine, sometimes you may step one leg a little forward. Beware of it until you can correct it over time. Ladies let’s do one more set. Over to the right and over to the left. Good. Next one, Iso squat hold
Feet hip distance apart. We go right in and squat. -You don’t want to hold on to two?
-No. Okay. Nice job, Susan. It’s tough. Bring the arms up overhead
and it really taxing. Anytime you have the head above the heart,
it’s that much more challenging. We’re already half way there. We’ve got thirty more seconds left.
Try not to drop the arms. Even if you need to take a break for a minute
put them on your hips and see if you can bring them
right back up. Sit that booty lower. Eight… seven… six… five… four… three… two… -and… one. Come on up. Good.
-High tea, then. All right. Next one.
Push up bottle tap. Bring it down. Think my bottle may fall
so I apologize the video, I put them down. All right. Here we go. Nose down… and tap. Isn’t it feeling more fancy? Cross tap. Good. Little harder with the
knees together if you’re on the floor and then even a little harder for toes together. So if you’re not quite at coming all the way up to toes and nose try put down with the knees down. It’s a little bit, kind of like an intermediate step. Let’s do five more. four more… last three… nose down, abs tight. Two… and last one here. Good. Let’s step it back Jump squats. Here we go. Key one… overly down, all the way up. Jump, push, and jump. You can opt the arms
all the way up to the field like Susan’s are doing. You can come intermediate
and bring the hands to the shoulders. So somewhere in between. And them maybe you choose
to push one up. If too much you come back down. Always your level.
Remember this is your challenge. Change comes out of challenge.
So no matter what, pushing your level. One more. Three… two… and… one. Good. All right.
We’ve got one more round ladies. This time it’s only fifteen seconds long. Catch your breath Third round. Lightning on, only half time!
Fifteen seconds we’ll take it down. Operating like the abs. Here we go!
Just fifteen seconds. Core strong… Remember faster jogged means
that you don’t take the form into consideration. It just means that
you’ve got to use even more focus. So stay strong. Here’s the last one. Come ride on. Side lunge to row. Here we go. Right side.
Side lunge… and row… switch… just fifteen seconds. Stay with it.
Try not to take a break in between. Keep breathing… keep smiling.
Sit that booty back. Three seconds… two… and… one.
Iso squat hold. Ride in. Here we go. Maybe this time it’s shorter.
Arms over head. Abs tight. Top the tailbone. Eight… seven… six… five… four… three… two… and… one. Hands down. Right into push up. Maybe we get just only fifteen seconds,
your’re on toes. Here we go. Down… tap… and tap. Core strong. Shift this little as possible from side to side. Keep the naval drawn in. Two more. Last one. Here we go. Right up. Squat jump lasts fifteen seconds
then we cool down. Jump it. Push… Your boundary, your comfort zone. Keep breathing. Keep that booty back. Bend down the knees self long each jump. Five seconds. four… three… two… and one… Nicely done, ladies. All right. Let’s take it down to the floor. Emme will take it into our cool down. Let’s lay all the way down onto our backs. Arms overhead, legs long. And breathe… Inhale through the nose, exhale through the lips. Two more… and… one. Hug these onto the chest and then you’re gonna rock and roll all the way up. To your seat. Feet bend. From here. Push back down the facing dog. We’re going to take the gym pose. Right leg up.
It’s going to feel fantastic. Bend the knee, open the hip and then let’s thread that right leg
through and forward for pigeon. Good. Walk the left toes back
so you get to open up the hip. And then you have a few choices here either high fingers or you can come down to forearms or down onto your palms, resting your head. Take deep breath here.
I’m going to drop the shoulders. Let the heart rate come down. Don’t think of the stretching part to deal the unimportant part
that used to press stop and then go on about your day. After doing 45 minutes of work, it’s so important
to do this five to ten minutes of stretching because it’ll allow you to get deeper
into the pose on the next exercises next time and then all of the sudden, you get stronger and longer. You get that length with the strength. Let’s press up onto higher arms and then reach back. See if you can reach back
with the left hand for the left foot. for a quite stretch. If that’s tough, use the other hand instead. It’s a little bit easier if you do
alternating arm to alternating leg. All right. Let’s press it
back to down with facing dog and switch. Left leg reaches up and back, ladies. Bend the knee, open the hip. Good. Let’s straighten and then
thread that left leg through and down. Walk the right toes back,
get as much length to this right hip flexor you can. and then again, choose to stay here…
or forearms… or down to palms. Breathing, to the hip. And take a moment to notice if your hips are square. If you find that your booty’s dropping you’re not getting the opening in the hips
that we’re looking for. We’re looking for the stretch back here, in the gluts and hamstring. So you need to use your water bottle.
Stick in underneath your butt and the help would actually
gives me a better stretch being here because it keeps forcing we to keep
a square hip with the belly button down. All right. Let’s come up onto those high fingertips. and reach back either left hand little bit easier… or the right hand. A little bit deeper. Take that quite stretch aiming for heel towards the bum Either notice the shoulder
so you can drop the shoulder down Good. Let’s gently release. Take down onto left palm and then swing both legs around. Let’s open the feet out just about the length of the mat and then we’re going to take a couple of side stretches. So ladies, let’s reach the right fingertips down swift the left arm up and then reach it over to the left I’m sorry left arms up over to the right. Swift the arms down toward your right foot towards your left foot
back up to the ceiling… or sky. Take it over to the right, side bend and then a rotation to the foot,
opposite foot, back up. and then reach the hand down. For complete movement and lubrication of the spine we look for extension, flexion,
lots of flexion and rotation. So we’ve done a lot of flexion extension.
Right arm up. This time we’re getting that side flexion here. We didn’t do too much flexion today. All rotation. And then must rotate down.
Left foot, right foot, back up. And one more time. Take it over. Bring the right hand to the left foot right food, and back up. Good. Take your arms down and let’s take the triceps stretch here. My hips are tight.
So, sitting here not as comfortable for me choose to stay here or you can come into
Sukhasana easy pose for the next few stretches. Place both hands on top Press it forward round the spine. Drop the chin. And then from here,
place both hands down behind you. Tented fingers. and then reach the heart
and the collar bone up and forward. Feel free to drop the head back if it feels good And gently release. Overhead triceps stretch.
Bring the arm up and press it back. Continuing to breathe,
letting the heart rate come down at it’s own pace. And then switch opposite side and release Bring the hands to heart centre. Hopefully you’re doing this with a few friends
so you can look at each one. Nicely done. Nicely done. Awesome job everybody. Namaste. [MUSIC]