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Thousands of years ago,
during Satyuga (age of truth).. ..the earth, sky and underworld.. ..there was no demon
more powerful and terrifying.. ..than Tarakasura. When he kicked
the ground in anger.. ..there would be an earthquake. Man and demon, even the demi-gods.. ..shuddered at the thought of him. He lorded over all the demons.. ..and had become their king. But that wasn’t
enough to satisfy him. He wanted to rule over
all the three worlds. But this wasn’t possible
without becoming immortal. Therefore, Tarakasura
meditated upon Lord Brahma. Pleased by Tarakasura’s
rigorous penance.. ..Lord Brahma appeared before him. Tarakasura sought a boon.. ..that only a boy can subdue him. Tarakasura was under the illusion
that a small boy cannot slay him. And he will thus become immortal. Brahma smiled at
Tarakasura’s ignorance. And granted him the boon. After acquiring the boon,
Tarakasura wreaks havoc. He declares victory over
the earth and underworld. To become the master
of the three worlds.. ..Tarakasura attacks heaven.. ..and defeats the
army of the demi-gods. Many demi-gods are killed. And many others are enslaved. Indra and a few demi-gods
approached Lord Brahma.. seek protection
from Tarakasura. O lord, protect us! Save us! Save us from Tarakasura! Your boon has corrupted his mind. He’s wreaking havoc! O lord..
liberate us from Tarakasura. I’m helpless. I cannot take back my boon. He has enslaved
many of the demi-gods. After earth and the underworld,
now he rules over heaven as well. If he’s not put down.. ..then very soon,
he’ll enslave us as well. Either we can keep
running from him all life.. ..or become his slave. There must surely
be a way to slay him. That fool is under the
illusion that he’s immortal. No boy can kill him. But.. he doesn’t know.. ..that an extraordinary
boy will become his death. He’s fated to die at
the hands of Lord Shiva’s son. Impossible! He’s celibate! That means Tarakasura
will remain immortal.. ..and continue
his atrocities on us. Don’t feel dejected. To end Lord Shiva’s celibacy.. ..and to get married to him.. ..King Himalaya and Queen Maina’s.. ..daughter Parvati,
is performing a penance. It can take thousands of
years for her penance to succeed. The speed of time
cannot be increased. That’s why you’ll
have to find a solution.. hurry up Shiva
and Parvati’s wedding. Go on, make the wedding happen. Only then can you be liberated
from Tarakasura’s tyranny. O Kamadeva.. O Rati.. you’re
the embodiment of love and desire. And Lord Shiva is the
embodiment of celibacy. He has no desire for marriage. That’s why, it’s a challenging
task to give rise.. such desires in him. Be assured, Indra. Me and Rati have already
accepted this challenge. I’ll shoot my arrows on
that part of Lord Shiva’s body.. ..where love resides. Kamadeva! How dare you? You’ve interrupted my penance. You’ve stoked my anger! Forgive me, O lord! -Never. O Lord, we’ve made a mistake. Forgive us. Interrupting one’s penance
isn’t worthy of mercy. No, my lord! No! “Praise be to Shiva.” “Praise be to Shiva.” “Praise be to Shiva.” “Praise be to Shiva.” Salutations, Lord! O lord, you’re omniscient. You’re all-knowing. But we committed this mistake only
to get you married to Parvati.. ..and to liberate the world
from Tarakasura’s tyranny. Forgive him, lord. “Praise be to Narayana!” Lord, only the son you beget.. ..with Parvati
will slay Tarakasura. Hence we all wish
to see you married. What do you wish? “Praise be to Narayana!” My lord,
only to fulfill this wish.. ..has the divine mother performed
austerities for thousands of years. “Praise be to Narayana!” Then assume that this
wedding is complete. “Praise be to Lord Shiva!” “Praise be to Mother Parvati!” “Praise be to Narayana!” Seeing the eternally-celibate
Lord Shiva.. ..enjoy marital bliss
is very pleasing. That’s fine.
But when will his son be born? When will we be rid of Tarakasura. May that auspicious
hour arrive soon! Salutations, Divine Mother. May you live long! O Nandi, I’m going to bathe. Don’t let anybody enter
the palace without my permission. Be assured, Divine Mother. Without your permission, I’ll not
allow anybody to enter the palace. Greetings, my lord.
-May you live long! My lord,
the condition you saw me in.. ..has made me feel ashamed. Nandi is responsible for this. He ignored my command.. ..and allowed you
to enter the palace. I’m your husband. That’s why Nandi didn’t stop me. But what about my orders? Nandi is your servant. That’s why he didn’t find
it important to obey my commands. You’re getting angry needlessly. Had it been someone else,
instead of me.. ..then Nandi would’ve
never allowed him to enter. I know what you’re thinking about. You’re stubborn and you’ll not
rest till you get what you want. O Mother Parvati, suddenly
Lord Shiva appeared before you. We were sad to hear about it. If your servant was guarding
the gates instead of Lord Shiva’s.. ..then he’d have obeyed
your command alone. Yes. Then such an embarrassing
situation wouldn’t have arisen. Oh.. yes. Wow, what a beautiful boy! Divine Mother,
breathe life into him. Wow! This is a very nice idea! This will solve all
the problems. -How? The boy born by breathing
life into this.. ..will always be
available at your service. And he’ll listen
only to your orders. So you’ll never have
to get embarrassed again. “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” Mother! -Son! My dear boy! Mother! “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” I created you for
the need of an attendant. But seeing you, waves of
motherly love lash at my heart. I name you Ganesha. You’re my son, not attendant. All the three worlds
will consider you my son. And I’ll obey all
your orders, mother. “Praise be to Ganesha!” “Praise be to Ganesha!” “Praise be to Ganesha!” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” Son Ganesha, I’m going inside. You sit by the door. Don’t let anybody enter
the palace without my permission. Do you understand, son? Nobody. Here. As you wish, mother. You can’t go inside. -Why? Mother Parvati has not
permitted anybody to go inside. Son, I don’t need her
permission to enter this palace. I’m her husband. Whoever you are,
mother hasn’t given permission. Stubborn boy! You’re unaware of
Lord Shiva and his fury. You too are unaware
of me and my fury. Stupid boy!
You need to be taught a lesson. Ignorant boy! If you don’t wish to die young.. ..then move aside. Is it? Your servants couldn’t
defeat me in battle. So the monk is trying
to scare me with threats? Alright,
you too can test your powers. Boy.. you’re bent on
getting yourself killed. Take this! Mother! Ganesha! What happened, Ganesha?! Ganesha! Who killed my son? I’ll reduce him to ashes. Why are you quiet? Tell me, who killed him? You killed my mind-born child? Mother.. the child couldn’t
recognise the lord. He stopped him from entering.. ..and the lord became furious. Will he kill a small
boy out of anger? Parvati,
I made a mistake in my anger. This is no ordinary mistake. You have taken my
dear son away from me. You consider an unknown
boy your dear son? Ganesha was my mind-born son. He was my attendant. But I had taken him to be my son. You had taken your
attendant as your son? Relationships are based on belief. If you believe, it’s a flower..
else mud and dust. Your anger has destroyed my son. Now my anger will
destroy the universe. I’ll wreak havoc
in all the three worlds. Everything will
be reduced to ashes. Have mercy, mother! Mercy! Mother Parvati,
we understand your grief. The problem that has risen..
cannot be solved with destruction. Hence, please stop
the destructive storms. All the animals and
plants of the universe.. ..will be destroyed. O lord! Grant new life to that boy. Certainly. To revive the boy,
I’ll need a head. Ganesha’s head is there,
then why do you need another? Ganesha’s birth is
only by your powers. Now, I too will have a
contribution towards his birth. Therefore, I too wish to have
the good fortune of fathering him. Go towards the North. Bring back the head of the first
living being you find on the way. As you wish, my lord! Nandi, this is a big problem. The first living
being is not human.. ..but an elephant calf. What do we do now? It’s difficult to make a decision. Let’s move ahead,
look for a human being. No! Remember the lord’s order. He had asked for
a living being’s head. Even an elephant
calf is a living being. So we should take his head. Else the lord will be angry. As you deem right. My lord, the first being
we encountered in the North.. ..was an elephant calf. We’ve brought his head back. Mother! -Ganesha! O lord..
seeing my son in this form.. person in this
world will respect him. People will laugh at him. They’ll mock at him. Please change his form, O lord. It’ll never happen so, Parvati. I grant you a boon.. ..that this boy will be worshipped
in all the three worlds. Before any prayer,
worship or ceremony.. ..Ganesha’s worship
will be mandatory. Or else, one will not be able
to obtain any benefits from it. He’ll be renowned as the
removed of obstacles in the world. He’ll remove the obstacles for
all his devotees in the universe. And make their life pleasant. This boy will always
liberate humans.. ..and demi-gods from
the tyranny of the demons. When he grows up, I’ll make
him the commander of my army. I grant a boon that.. ..this boy will be
renowned for his wisdom. All the three worlds
will worship Ganesha.. ..for wisdom and guidance. His big forehead will symbolise
his superior thoughts. He has a small mouth and big ears.. ..which will ensure
that this boy listens more.. ..and speaks less. And whatever he speaks
will only be pure wisdom. His trunk will symbolise
that one should always shun evil.. ..and walk the path
of righteousness. His beg belly will
teach the three worlds.. to consume
both the good and bad.. ..fruits of their actions. This boy will protect
the three worlds from evil. The problems of humans,
demi-gods and demons.. ..their difficulties
and obstacles will be removed. He’ll always protect the universe. The lord of the demons! “Praise be to Narayana!” You’re relishing your meal here. Are you aware that Mother
Parvati has given birth to a son? Shiva and Parvati’s son! Who is he? Ganesha, the son of Parvati. He has taken birth. And the gods have blessed
him with immense powers.. ..and made him very powerful. “Praise be to Narayana!” He has certainly
arrived as your death. “Praise be to Narayana!” Thank you very much, learned one.. ..for informing me about
the birth of Shiva’s child.. ..and warning me. Salutations, O lord! Tarakasura..
tell me, what brings you here? Lord.. your grace
has always been upon me. Only by the powers granted by you.. ..have I become invincible
in all the three worlds. But now, these powers and
your boon have all become useless. What is the reason
behind this opinion? The reason is that
my death has taken birth. Meaning?
-Meaning, that as destined.. ..the cause of my death, Shiva
and Parvati’s son, has taken birth. This isn’t true. Sage Narada cannot lie. He gave me this news. The news is true. But it’s not true that.. ..the boy will be
the cause of your death. Ganesha is Parvati’s mind-born son. No son has been born yet
out of Shiva and Parvati’s wedding. Therefore, you need not worry now. Then my lord,
when will that son be born? I don’t see the possibility of
it in the near-future, Tarakasura. That’s why you don’t have
to fear your death so soon. Forget Parvati’s son Ganesha. Goddess Parvati has granted Ganesha
the boon to destroy his enemies. Yet, he’ll not be your slayer. The lord has blessed
all beings with intelligence. But only a few can use it rightly. Those beings who use their
intelligence in the right manner.. ..their life is blissful. They attain heavenly bliss. Those who don’t use it right.. ..are compelled to undergo hell. Ganesha.. go inside and
bring some fruits for me. As you wish, master. What’s this? He has bitten
into the fruits even today. O lord, I’ll have to stay
hungry because of him even today Because of whom, master? That mouse. A mouse entered
here some days back. He has wreaked havoc
in the hermitage. He nibbles at all
the fruits and flowers. He has even destroyed
some of my clothes and my bed. He has made my life difficult. Grant me permission, master. I’ll nab that naughty
mouse and bring him to you. Then you can punish
him as you wish. Go on, son. Find him. That rogue must be
hiding in this hole. Why have you come here? Do you intend to trouble my master? No, my lord.. not at all. But a mouse has entered this place. It is troubling the sage. I’m looking for him. Where is he? My lord, he’s a very
attractive and pretty mouse. He must surely be very delicious. I’ve attacked him many times.. ..but he’s a very cunning mouse. He slips away every time. Where is he now? My lord..
he doesn’t stay at one place. He’s very naughty. Sometimes he sits
on the sage’s clothes. ..and sometimes hides in the bed. And sometimes,
he sleeps under the deer skin. Let me see how long
he hides from me! My lord.. find him soon
and hand him over to me. I’m eager to eat
that delicious mouse. The thought of him
makes my mouth water. Naughty mouse!
You’ve finally been caught. You’ve troubled the teacher a lot. Now you’ll satisfy
the serpent’s hunger. Give me, my lord. Quickly! My hunger has increased
at the sight of it. Forgive me, my lord.
I’m not a mouse. Seeing your death upfront,
you forgot everything? Now tell me,
if not a mouse, are you a lion? Tiger? Elephant? No, my lord..
I’m a Gandharva (celestial being). My name is Krosh. Then why are you living
in this hermitage as a mouse? And why are you troubling
my master Vamadeva? I’m deliberately living here,
my lord. Why? -Because I wish
to attain liberation. Come to me, I’ll liberate you. How can you attain
liberation by nibbling.. my master’s clothes
and fruits? First tell me, how did
you assume the form of a mouse? My lord, one day, out of anger,
I kicked Sage Vamadeva. Guru Vamadeva! Out of anger, the sage
cursed me to turn into a mouse. And since then, I’ve been
roaming around in this form. I thought that only the sage
can liberate me from this curse. That’s why I came
here and deliberately. ..nibble his clothes and food. So that I grab his attention.. ..and he breaks his curse. But my lord..
since I’ve found you now.. I’ll surely find liberation. What do you want? My lord, ask me what I want. You keep quiet.
You’re always salivating! O lord, keep me with you. What will you do with me? Keep him with me, in my pit. I’ll do all your work, my lord. You don’t have any vehicles now. You can make me your vehicle. I can be a good vehicle for you,
my lord. But you’ll have to
stop harassing people.. ..and biting their clothes, etc. Certainly, my lord. I have quit that habit from today,
from this very moment. Just accept me as your vehicle. So you don’t want
liberation anymore? You want to remain a servant? My lord, not just liberation.. ..even if I get to
reign over the universe.. ..I’ll still not opt for it. You’re very clever. Of course, I’m a mouse after all! Come, lord. Get on my back. I’ll take you on
a tour of the jungle. The lord left with my meal! “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “Praise be to Bholenath Shiva!” “Praise be to Shiva Shankar!” Ravana, the king of Lanka! He has been meditating
upon Lord Shiva for many years. If he manages to
please Lord Shiva.. ..and obtain a terrible
weapon from the innocent lord.. ..then after Tarakasura.. ..Ravana will become a cause
of worry for the demi-gods. “Praise be to Narayana!” “Praise be to Narayana!” Working carefully for the safety
of the demi-gods is very important. “Praise be to Narayana!” “Praise be to Narayana!” “Praise be to Narayana!” Welcome, learned one. Tell me, what brings you here? My Lord,
I have come with a suggestion. What suggestion? Please stop granting
boons to the demons. Why? -Due to the
power of your boons.. ..the demons cross their limit.. ..and challenge the demi-gods. The demon-king Tarakasura
is trouble enough.. ..I fear that Ravana
might become the next one. “Praise be to Narayana!” Whatever the devotee
seeks in return for penance..’s mandatory that I grant it. This custom cannot be changed. Whether it is Tarakasura
or Ravana.. ..however powerful
they might become.. ..they can be slain by
Parvati’s son, Ganesha, alone. But destiny does not permit this. When time arrives, as per destiny.. ..every problem will be solved. My lord.. Parvati’s son
is the remover of obstacles. Sage, you’re right. Demons become arrogant and egoistic
after acquiring power and wealth. Not Ravana.. ..but Ravana’s son Kubera
is falling prey to his ego. We have to squash his ego. Lord, you can do this in a moment. Not me, but Parvati’s
son will be doing it soon. Salutations, my lord. Salutations, divine mother. Salutations, Lord Ganesha. What brings you here, Kubera? Lord, I wish that
you visit my new palace. I have built it with gold. Studded it with pearls. It’s grandeur is unmatched. Even Indra’s palace
wouldn’t be so grand. So this arrogant man is being
pompous about his wealth and ego. Lord, I request that
you and Mother Parvati.. ..visit my palace for a meal. I have arranged
for various delicacies.. be prepared in your honour. You know.. ..that me and Parvati
never leave Mount Kailash. Yes, when Ganesha gets the
opportunity to be someone’s guest.. ..then he is very pleased. And if it’s an
invitation for a meal.. ..then he can’t resist himself. He always wait for it. You can take him along. As you wish, my lord. Wow, lord! A palace of gold! And such a grand reception! It seems Kubera is the
wealthiest man in the world. Lord, I’ll eat to
my heart’s content now. They must have laid
out a grand spread. I can smell the aroma of
the delicacies from here itself! My mouth is already watering. You’re very clever. Yes. But I’m not a glutton. Greetings! Welcome, my lord! See this, my palace of gold. They’re studded with
diamonds and pearls. Every gem studded here.. worth the price
of entire capital cities. The demi-gods wish to stud
their crowns with these gems.. beautify them. Is it? You may call them gems.. ..but they’re just rocks. Even the celestial architect.. ..Vishwakarma, couldn’t have
built such a beautiful palace. If you wish to build such
a beautiful palace in Kailash.. ..then grant me permission. Why not? Come, my lord. Please come to eat. My lord, I’ve arranged
for very delicious dishes. It is flavoured with saffron. And then cardamom,
anise and other spices. That’s very obvious by the aroma. Wow! -There are
five hundred dishes. Even if you take
one bite of each dish.. ..both your stomach
and mind will be content. Then serve it immediately. Don’t delay. I’m very hungry. Yes, start serving. Not like this. I can’t wait
for the next dish to be served. Serve all the dishes together. Certainly. Wow! Today, I’m going
to relish heavenly food! What are you waiting for, my lord? Please begin. I’ll eat first. My lord, how will I stop myself? My mouth is already watering. Quiet, mouse! Kubera.. -Yes, my lord. As soon as I finish a dish.. ..more should be
added to the vessel. I can’t stop when eating. You just keep eating. Mister Kubera,
the food is delicious. But very little in portion. My hands are forced to stop.
Serve more. I’ll order for more right away. My lord, it seems
you’re bent upon eating.. ..all the food in the universe. I’ll remain hungry this way. Why do you lose heart, mouse? There are storehouses of rice,
spices and wealth. They can never run empty.
Isn’t it, king? Yes.. yes. I’ll surely have to starve today. The lord ate up everything. Kubera, the food is delicious. Eat as much as I want,
but my heart is still not content. Bring some more. What happened? Bring more food. I can’t resist it. Actually, the matter is..
-What is the matter? All the food is over. And there’s nothing left
in the kitchen to prepare more. Not a single grain. Nothing left? There’s not a grain of rice
in the wealthy Kubera’s home! This palace of gold is
filled with gems and pearls. And a guest here isn’t
being served enough food? My lord, what do I say? Say whatever you might,
but don’t talk big. The farmer is better
compared to you. He stays hungry.. satiate the hunger of others. Lord, don’t embarrass
me any further. I’ve understood my mistake. And I accept that..’s futile to
take pride in wealth. Always remember.. ..a grain of rice that satiates
someone’s hunger on time.. worth much more than
millions of gems and pearls. Very true, my lord! You’ve opened my eyes. I’ll never take
pride in wealth again. But I’ll always regret.. ..that I couldn’t
feed you one full meal. And me too! But the noble Kubera
isn’t to be blamed for it. Then why didn’t you let me eat? A few bites would’ve
been enough for me. That’s why.. even if a single
guest’s hunger had been satiated.. ..then Kubera wouldn’t
have felt guilty. His pride wouldn’t have shattered. He would’ve been glad.. ..that atleast one
person ate to his fill. You’re great, lord! Forgive my mistake. Forgiven! When the mouse has forgotten you.. ..then you shouldn’t regret.. ..that you sent us back hungry. So arrange for Modak
(Indian sweet dish). Just one Modak is enough.. make me feel content. Go.. get some Modaks somehow. Wow! I’m pleased! Both my stomach
and heart are content. But I’m still hungry. You eat all these Modaks. All the Modaks?! King Kubera,
you’ve pleased me very much. I’ve never before eaten
such tasty.. and so much food. Today, I’ll give
you all that you seek. By your grace, I have everything. There’s only one problem. What problem? I’ll get rid of that as well. You’re omniscient. You know everything. My step-brother Ravana
is troubling me. Oh! The demon-king Ravana? Yes, my lord. Despite
being the king of the demons.. ..his greed hasn’t subsided. He has built his
city of Lanka in gold. Even the mightiest of
kings are under his rule. Yet he wishes to become
even more powerful. He is bent upon acquiring
powers from Lord Shiva. If Lord Shiva grants
such a boon to him.. ..then Ravana will go
mad with arrogance and power. Hence my lord, please stop
him from becoming more powerful. I promise you. I’ll stop Ravana
when the time comes.. ..and help you. Thank you, lord. “Praise be to the innocent Shiva!” “Praise be to the mighty Shiva!” My devotee is meditating upon me. “Praise be to the innocent Shiva!” “Praise be to the mighty Shiva!” Why are you meditating
upon me, son? Salutations, lord! I’m blessed to be
in your presence, lord. I’m pleased with your devotion. Seek whatever boon you wish. Lord, I’ve built a grand
Lanka with a lot of effort. My entire country is made of gold. People’s eyes glitter
at the sight of it! But a few enemies can’t
bear to see this glory. I wish to protect my Lanka
from the threat of these enemies. I have given you powerful weapons
for the protection of Lanka. I gave you the ‘Chandrahasa’ sword. Its strike never fails! I also gave you the
‘Nagapasha’ arrow.. ..that transforms into a gigantic
serpent and strangles the life.. ..out of many foes at once. You also have the most
powerful ‘Brahmastra’. My lord,
greater than all these weapons.. ..grant me such a boon.. ..which will ensure that
even the mightiest of enemies.. ..cannot breach into Lanka. Lanka too should become
invincible like me. Devotee..
install this Shiva Linga in Lanka. Your wish will be fulfilled. But remember,
don’t keep it on the ground.. ..before reaching Lanka. Else you’ll not be able
to lift it back up from there. Thank you, lord. Now, nobody can
defeat me or my Lanka. I’m invincible! I’m invincible in all three worlds! Salutations, lord. What is the matter? How come
all three of you are together? Lord, a great calamity
is going to befall upon us. What calamity? I had told you earlier.. ..about my step-brother Ravana,
the king of Lanka. The evil in his heart.. ..cannot hide,
despite his best efforts. He had already acquired
enough divine powers.. ..that he became
invincible on Earth. And now, Lord Shiva has
given him the Shiva Linga. His powers will be limitless now. On the basis of these powers.. ..he wants to become the ruler
of heaven and the underworld too. He’s dreaming of becoming
the master of all three worlds! He can become one.. ..if he’s not stopped from taking
the Shiva Linga to Lanka.. ..and installing it there. The tyrant Ravana has to go
a long way before he reaches Lanka. Be rest assured. I won’t let him install
the Shiva Linga in Lanka. We expected this from you, O lord. Thank you. First we eat,
only then we do anything else. If the lord keeps
eating like this.. ..then Ravana would’ve
already reached Lanka.. ..and installed the Shiva Linga. You’re becoming a glutton. The more you eat.. ..the hungrier you become. Mother Parvati,
you didn’t serve Modak to the lord. Oh yes! “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” Now his stomach will become full.. ..and his heart
too will be content. If the stomach is empty.. ..then no work is done well. Even the best of efforts fail. Be rest assured. Me and the mouse are
going to meet Ravana. Grant us leave, mother. May you be successful! “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” O lord, you’ve eaten so much.. …that your weight has doubled. You’ve eaten but
I’m unable to walk. My dear mouse, you’ve become weak. You start taking a herbal
potion from tomorrow. As you say, lord. Mouse, go faster. We’ve to cross the jungle and reach
Lanka’a borders before Ravana. As you say, lord. O lord! Hey moon,
why are you laughing at me? I’m not laughing deliberately. Seeing you,
I’m unable to control it. Are you mocking at me? Nothing about you is straight. Every part of your body is crooked. You’re a very weird creature. I can’t resist laughing
at the sight of you. Such a big, large belly! Even a gluttony demon
can’t compare to it. A long trunk to top it. And these long,
demonic teeth on both its sides. From where did
you obtain this form? Partly human and partly demonic. So you’re very proud about
your beautiful appearance? Why not? I am an ocean of beauty. There’s not a spot of
black on my beautiful face. Yes, but the black serpent of pride
that raises its hood within you.. much more terrible
than your beauty. I’ll have to crush the
hood of this venomous snake. Are you burning with envy? Alright. Then bear the
punishment for your grave sin. What can you do to me,
weird creature? You’re too proud
of your beauty, eh! I curse you..’ll turn black. All your life,
you’ll be as dark as the night. Oh lord! This darkness is very weird. It seems the end is coming. Only the lord can save us now. Mercy, my lord! Mercy! I’ve made a grave mistake. I’m a big fool.. have disrespected you. You’ve been punished
rightly for your pride. You won’t dare to
mock at anybody again. My lord, this form of mine,
which I considered mine alone.., reality, it’s not just mine.. ..the earthlings have
more of a right on it. Think about it. I’m the culprit. Why punish those innocent beings? With my brilliance.. ..the plants and
animals of the world.. ..will perish. But you must surely be punished. Lord, I’m willing to
bear any other punishment. I pray to you. Please take back your curse. I cannot take back my curse.. ..but I can reduce its effects. You’ll wane gradually
over a fortnight. So that mankind does
not have to suffer because.. ..of your punishment,
I transfer its effects on water. All the oceans of the
world will be in your control. Because of this
condition of yours.. ..they will undergo
a change in tide. O lord, I was blinded by my
pride and ended up harming myself. Yes, but your atonement saved you. Pride takes a person
towards his end. Your black face will
remind the world.. ..not to be egoistic. C’mon, mouse.
We’ve to cross the jungle quickly. Lord.. how much further is Lanka? I’m out of breath
carrying your burden. You’ve become my vehicle by choice. Why are you crying now? Enough, lord. Please stop. Else you’ll find me dead. Alright, we’ll stop. I won’t be able to forget
this journey for years, lord. I don’t know how
much further is Lanka. Whether near or far,
I can’t walk anymore. This is the way to Lanka. Then Ravana will
surely come this way. We must wait for him here. Ok. I’ll stop him here itself. Lord, I’m very
scared of that demon. What if he eats me! Are you afraid? Then climb the tree and
enjoy the comic play that unfolds. Wow, a comic play! It’ll be great fun! Lord.. lord.. What happened?
Is the world coming to an end? Lord, look there.
Ravana is approaching. “Praise be to Narayana!” Oh.. why is my
stomach feeling full? What do I do? How do I do? I can’t even keep the
Shiva Linga on the ground. There’s nobody here
to lift the Shiva Linga.. ..and allow me to relieve myself. Is anybody around? Any human? Any demon? Wow, lord!
If only you were really so small.. ..then my burden would’ve
been so much more lighter. It seems I’m going
to soil my clothes! Somebody come here, or else.. What happened, noble one?
Why are you shouting? Boy, I have to relieve myself. What can I do about it? You have to do
whatever is to be done. Hold this burden
of mine and I’ll do it. Oh! Why should I carry your burden? Neither are we related or friends? It’s just a matter
of a little while. I’ll be back in a jiffy. No, I’m in a hurry. Look.. listen.. It’s not right to harass
a helpless being like this. I’m not harassing you. I didn’t ask you
to lift any weight. Moreover,
one has to carry his own burden. You’re not understanding
my problem! What’s the problem in it? You have to urinate, isn’t it? Yes. -Then keep it on the ground.. ..and do it. I’m in a hurry. No.. this is no ordinary burden. It’s Lord Shiva’s boon. He has given it personally..
a Shiva Linga. It’ll make me the mightiest of all. The mightiest of all? You’re not even able to
bear the burden of your urine. Are you teasing me, boy! Don’t you know that
I’m the king of Lanka? Whoever you are,
how does it matter to me? I’m in a hurry. Goodbye! Listen.. listen.. forgive me. Help me. Hold this for a little while. Alright, I’ll make you the
king of a few islands of Lanka. That’s more like it. Give it. Here. Just don’t keep
it on the ground. Ok? I’m in a hurry. Don’t take too much time. It’ll be done in
the bat of an eyelid. Look, noble one,
I don’t have much time. I’ll call out to you thrice. If you still don’t return.. ..then I’ll leave this
Shiva Linga here and walk off. I won’t be late. I’ll be back in a jiffy. “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” Noble one, what are you doing?
Hurry up! I’m doing it. You’ve been doing it for long. Come back, else I’m leaving. I’m coming! I’m coming! Don’t leave! Noble one, have you slept off? Why so much time to
finish such a small job? What can I do? I don’t know how come all the water
of the ocean entered my stomach! The more I release,
the more keeps coming! Then it’s going
to get flooded here. I’m leaving. No! Wait, boy! I have to leave. I’m saying it for the second time,
come immediately. I’m coming! Why are you getting restless? “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” I can’t wait till the flood. “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” I can’t wait any longer, noble one. I’m calling you for the third time. My work is done. Come quickly, else I’m leaving. It’s done! I’m coming! I’m leaving, noble one. I’ve kept your
burden on the ground. Wow! Lord Ganesha’s
miracles are great! All the three worlds will remember
the lord’s miracle for eternity. Though the lord has
stopped Ravana.. ..from becoming a problem
for the time being. If Ravana does
something in future.. ..then the Trinity will
find a way to subdue him. Only Tarakasura’s tyranny
has to be ended now. He has turned heaven into hell.. committing atrocities
on the demi-gods. Sons! -Yes, father! By enslaving these demi-gods.. ..we’ve made them
servants to the demons. Yes, father. Many years have passed.. ..and they’ve continued to
quietly serve the demons. But I’m bored of their service. Hence, suggest something that.. ..will belittle the
demi-gods even more. And we too will be
entertained in the process. Certainly, father. Hey demi-gods! All of you line
up inside the palace. Oh yes! You, come forward! Dance like that fairy. And the rest of the
demi-gods will accompany him. Beautiful! Very beautiful! O King Indra, it’s been
many years since we fled heaven. How long will we live
as refugees on Mount Kailash? The condition of our other
companions is even more worse. The demon Tarakasura
keeps insulting them. And he makes them do lowly things. Whenever and wherever he wants.. ..he does as he pleases. And we’re unable
to do anything about it. On Lord Brahma’s advice,
we got Mother Parvati.. ..and Lord Shiva married. But there’s no sign.. ..of the birth of their child. If you wish, shall I check
in the Himalayan palace.. ..when Lord Shiva’s
son will be born? Alright, find out soon. Mercy, lord! How dare you break into my palace? Forgive me, lord. Tarakasura is tormenting
the demi-gods. According to Brahma’s prophecy,
we’ll be rescued from Tarakasura.. the son born from
you and Mother Parvati. I had come to hear this good news. Pearls are created only when a
drop of rain falls into the oyster. The time is about to arrive. You may go. Welcome, Agnideva. Tell me,
did you hear the good news? My life was about
to become bad news. What do you mean? He nabbed me. I was fortunate that
the lord was immersed in love. Hence he was happy. When he caught me.. ..then I told him the truth. And sought pardon. He pardoned me. You escaped! But we didn’t get the good news. We’ll get it now. Mother Parvati
is going to be a mother soon. Motherly love makes her
face radiant like the moon. The time for our
liberation isn’t far. Tarakasura’s death has taken birth. Here.. Mother Parvati
had promised us.. ..that she’ll give us,
the Karthikas (celestial fairies).. ..the opportunity to nurse her son. Definitely.
Therefore, I name him, Karthikeya. Give him to me. I’ll play with my little brother. Careful. Come, mouse. You see him too. How did this calamity
make its way to Kailash? Only the vanquishes of woes,
Ganesha can deal with this. I’ve to inform him immediately. What happened? Why are you running? That.. that storm..
-A storm’s approaching? A storm on Kailash? Impossible! Protect me, lord! Protect me! Hey elephant-faced boy,
who are you? And what are you doing here? I should ask you this question. I’m the doorkeeper
of Kailash palace. Who are you? Don’t you know me? Heaven and earth tremble
at the mention of my name! I’m Parashurama! Nobody is going to tremble
on hearing your name here. This is Lord Shiva
and Mother Parvati’s abode. I have come to congratulate
them on the birth of their son. Make way! Let him go and meet Lord Shiva. No, respected sire.
The lord is resting. You can’t meet him. Don’t mess with this
terrible storm, lord! Let him go in. He can’t go in. If you mess with me,
you’ll regret it. Quietly step out of my way. What are you doing, my lord? He’s not a coward like me. What happened, son? Son? -Parashurama! This is surely
the work of your axe! Mighty lord.. Divine Mother.. Forgive me. I didn’t know that this
elephant-faced boy is your son. Even he didn’t know who I was. He stopped me.. ..and I did this in anger. O Parashurama, Parvati’s
son is the embodiment of Om. I was not aware of it. O Ganesha.. O Divine Mother.. Forgive my sin. You’re elder to me. Don’t embarrass me
by seeking forgiveness. I bless you that.. ..your broken tusk will
add to your popularity. Henceforth, you’ll also be known
as ‘Ekadanta’ (one-toothed one). Your courage and valour
will be so great.. ..that even the mightiest
of enemy will fall before you. Please wait for a moment. I’ll be right back. Lord.. your son will
be a great warrior. In childhood itself,
he’ll liberate heaven and earth.. ..from the tyranny of the demons. Certainly.
But let Karthikeya grow up first. “One tusk long and
the other short..” “..and a long trunk.” “The apple of Parvati’s eyes,
has the face of an elephant.” “One tusk long and
the other short..” “..and a long trunk.” “The apple of Parvati’s eyes,
has the face of an elephant.” “Dance and rejoice!” “We adore him!” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “One tusk long and
the other short..” “..and a long trunk.” “The apple of Parvati’s eyes,
has the face of an elephant.” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “With the mud pack of Gauri..” “..she created
a doll like herself.” “The desire for a son arose in
her heart. She felt mother love.” “On his mother’s orders, he stood
guard and fought against Shiva.” “His head was severed..” “..then he received
the head of an elephant.” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” A big belly and floppy ears.” “He appears unusual to all.” “An innocent boy born to the lord.” “Dear to all of us.” “Naughty as he was,
he chose a naughty vehicle.” “He’s worshipped first,
offered Modaks.” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “His feet dance to
the beat of the drum.” “He sways and swirls merrily.” “He was immersed
in brotherly love.” “Praise be to you, Ganesha!
Praise be to Karthikeya!” “He removes obstacles in minutes..” “..subdues those
who cause trouble.” “Chanting his name
rids one of all sins.” “He’s known as the lord of lords!” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” Karthikeya, ride with me. “One tusk long and the other short,
and a long trunk.” “The apple of Parvati’s eyes,
has the face of an elephant.” “Dance and rejoice!” “We adore him!” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” Salutations, Your Majesty. What news have you brought,
commander? It’s serious news, Your Majesty. Shiva and Parvati’s
son has taken birth. What did you say? Is that true? Hundred percent, Your Highness. One of my men visited Mount
Kailash. He has brought this news. Then we’ve to attack
Mount Kailash soon.. ..and slay that baby. Prepare to attack. As you wish, demon-lord! Mercy, my lord! Mercy! Mercy, Lord Shiva! Mercy! Protect us, lord! Protect us! Ganesha..
Karthikeya.. blessed are you both. You’ve completed your
martial training today. “Praise be to Narayana!” O Lord, after a long wait.. ..the moment has arrived.. ..when Parvati’s son
Karthikeya has taken birth. And the tyrant Tarakasura
has to be slain by him. “Praise be to Narayana!” I declare Karthikeya as
the commander of the divine army. “Praise be to
Commander Karthikeya!” “Praise be to
Commander Karthikeya!” “Praise be to
Commander Karthikeya!” “Praise be to
Commander Karthikeya!” “Praise be to Ganesha,
the primal one!” Commander Karthikeya. Yes, lord. First and foremost.. ..war isn’t won with weapons alone. One needs courage to win war. However mighty the enemy might be.. ..but he always has
a weakness or fault. One must take advantage of that. I will do so, lord. Fear and anger are
the biggest weapons. The enemy loses his
mind under their influence. And the enemy ends
up making the wrong moves.. ..which becomes the
cause for his defeat in war. By controlling this anger.. can make it your strength. Understood? -Yes. But how do I infuse
fear in Tarakasura? Tell me that as well. It’s very simple. Every person loves
his children the most. And when you.. ..lose a loved one,
you get emotional. Tarakasura’s children will be
in front of you in the battlefield. Slay them first. Tarakasura will be
upset and angry too. He’ll also become
afraid of your powers. Praise be to you, my lord! Praise be to you! “Praise be to Narayana!” Praise be to Shiva! Praise be to the gullible lord! Lord, I’ll carry
out all your orders. And by slaying Tarakasura.. ..I’ll liberate Earth, Heaven and
the underworld from his tyranny. Certainly! Son Karthikeya.. Subdue the enemy. But don’t get wounded. Your blessings will
protect us like shields. Son Ganesha. -Yes, mother. You’re the primal one. You’ve been born for
the good of all three worlds. To liberate the universe
from Tarakasura’s tyranny..’ll have to support
and protect.. ..your little brother, Karthikeya. It’s my duty. And upholding your
command is my duty. Demi-gods, you’ll work together
to destroy the enemy’s army. As you wish, my lord! Tarakasura is heading towards
the battlefield with a large army. Our army will reach the
battlefield before Tarakasura. This little boy is the
commander of the demi-gods! You’ll spell my doom? Impossible! I was needlessly getting scared. Karthikeya, will you be my death? This isn’t destiny.. ..but the misconception
of the demi-gods. Hey arrogant Tarakasura!
I vow that.. ..this head of yours that
houses the arrogant mind.. ..I’ll severe it.. ..and offer it at
the feet of Lord Shiva. Impossible! I’ll crush your tender
skull like a lotus stalk! No, evil Tarakasura! With me around, you can’t
even touch my little brother. I have promised mother to protect
Karthikeya in the battlefield. Foolish Ganesha! You wish to battle against
the conqueror of the universe.. ..the bravest of all, Tarakasura! Have you lost your mind? You have lost your mind. You foolish demon. In the battle of good versus evil,
it’s always good that prevails. You’re defeat in the battle
for righteousness is inevitable. Your end will
re-establish goodness. Are you under the illusion.. ..that your spiritual
powers can subdue me? The truth is that.. will die at my hands. You’re ignorant! The truth is immortal. And it’s impossible to
kill that which is immortal. I’ll prove it possible to you. Attack! Tarakasura’s commander! Be prepared to embrace death today! Are you Tarakasura’s eldest son? You should have stopped
your father from committing sins. By not fulfilling your
duty as the eldest son.. ..both father and
son will die today. Use your weapons
on the battlefield.. ..not your tongue, Ganesha. Alright, then take this. Hey Ganesha,
you’ve killed my eldest son! You’ll have to pay for it. Son, rain arrows on
the large belly of Ganesha.. ..and avenge the death
of your elder brother. As you wish, father. Ganesha! You killed both my sons! I won’t spare you now! Ganesha, you and your
little brother, Karthikeya.. ..can see each other
for the final time. No, Tarakasura. You prepare to meet
your sons in hell. Is it? Then take this! Karthikeya! If you’re a brave warrior,
then fight me with a machete. This foolish demon
thinks you’re a child.. ..hence he can defeat
you in a machete fight. Tarakasura’s time has arrived. Praise be to Shiva! Elder brother! “I bow to the supreme Shiva!” Praise be to Ganesha!
-Praise be to Ganesha! Praise be to Karthikeya! Praise be to Ganesha! Praise be to Karthikeya! Praise be to Ganesha! “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “One tusk long and
the other short..” “..and a long trunk.” “The apple of Parvati’s eyes,
has the face of an elephant.” “Dance and rejoice!” “We adore him!” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” O Lord, because of
you and Mother Parvati.. ..the demi-gods have
received their heaven back. We’re all grateful to you. In the battle of good versus evil,
good has always prevailed. And it will continue to do so. “The apple of Parvati’s eyes,
has the face of an elephant.” The one who dreamt of
ruling over the three worlds.. ..Tarakasura has been slain. But Tarakasura isn’t
dead for me yet. “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” He’s turned into a hellish
fire and is burning my stomach. Demons are very fiery. You shouldn’t have swallowed him. But when will this fire cool down? It surely will, son. Don’t worry. “With the mud pack of Gauri..
..she created a doll like herself.” “The desire for a son arose in
her heart. She felt mother love.” “On his mother’s orders, he stood
guard and fought against Shiva.” “His head was severed.. ..then he
received the head of an elephant.” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” A big belly and floppy ears.” “He appears unusual to all.” “An innocent boy born to the lord.” “Dear to all of us.” “Naughty as he was,
he chose a naughty vehicle.” “He’s worshipped first..” I’m hungry. “..offered Modaks.” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Praise be to Ganesha!” “Praise be to Ganesha!” “Praise be to Ganesha!” “One tusk long and
the other short..” “..and a long trunk.” “The apple of Parvati’s eyes,
has the face of an elephant.” “One tusk long and
the other short..” “..and a long trunk.” “The apple of Parvati’s eyes,
has the face of an elephant.” “Dance and rejoice!” “We adore him!” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “A big belly and floppy ears.” “He appears unusual to all.” “An innocent boy born to the lord.” “Dear to all of us.” “Naughty as he was,
he chose a naughty vehicle.” “He’s worshipped first,
offered Modaks.” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “His feet dance to
the beat of the drum.” “He sways and swirls merrily.” “He was immersed
in brotherly love.” “Praise be to you, Ganesha!
Praise be to Karthikeya!” “He removes obstacles in minutes..” “..subdues those
who cause trouble.” “Chanting his name
rids one of all sins.” “He’s known as the lord of lords!” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. oh Ganesha..” “Ganesha.. hey Ganesha..”