Gentle Yoga Poses : Yoga Happy Baby Pose

In Happy Baby you release the inner thighs,
open up the hips, lengthen ham string, buttocks and thighs. Just lift those feet up towards
the ceiling. You can bring those knees in towards you and take as the point your hand
upon your big toe. Lift those heels up. You want to feel the lengthening between your
heel all the way down to your low back. Release your shoulders. Now breathe in deep through
your nose. And on the exhale just separate the feet right out so the heels are going
up, the toes are going in towards you. You want to continue to feel the back of the leg
being stretched. Take another deep breathe in, exhale. Now level one of Happy Baby, you’ll
be right here and just push up with those heels. Or you increase the intensity by bringing
those heels right out and the heels towards the ceiling, toes towards you. Relax those
shoulders breathing deep through your nose. And exhale and another deep breath in. And
exhale, feel those heels go a little bit higher. Another deep breath in and exhale and bring
those heels back in together and bring those knees right back in and then shake it right