GIRL PULLED OFF BED BY GHOST! – Anna Haunting  #13


Alright, so, I’m reviewing some clues Of stuff that I’ve found So I’ve found Antonina’s shredded obituary Which is really strange, I don’t know why it’s shredded but something’s definitely trying to send some message to me I don’t really know but, I also found… this strange substance it looks like salt but it does not smell like salt it’s stinks so badly! I don’t really know what it is, but… I’m not sure. Hey, Mom! Mom! (mom, off-camera) Yeah! Come here really fast (mom, off-camera) Hang on! I’m reviewing the clues that we found together. (mom) Yeah. So, we found the shredded obituary (mom) Yeah. Antonina’s… Yeah, and this strange..substance…and… (mom) Well, you know what? I know someone who might be able to tell us what that is. (mom) We should take it in, yeah. She’s a chemist. Yeah, I’m just trying to figure out what something’s trying to tell me Wait, do you hear that? (mom) What? The music? (mom) I do, actually. Isn’t that Nina? I think so. (mom) OK, it’s Antonina, trying to tell you something. I’m sure of it! I know, Mom. I know. Give me the camera Hey, are you going somewhere? (mom) Yeah, I’m going to the grocery store. Is anyone home? (mom) Uh…no. Everybody’s at soccer. OK. So I’m home alone. (laughs) (mom, off-camera) I’ll be back in about a half hour. Alright, bye, Mom. (mom, off-camera) OK, bye. I’m still trying to figure out what this means And gosh, that song! It’s just, I always hear it. I don’t really know…(scary music suddenly pops up and Anna SCREAMS!!