Gymnast vs Giant! Who is Stronger, Payton or the bodybuilder?

What’s up, awesome ninjas. Today is gonna be the ultimate shrink challenge. Payton the gymnast Well, you guys already know pain she’s a level seven gymnast and a red black belt in martial arts But will it be enough to defeat money? It won’t guys well Few things about him. He lives in New York. He’s an actor a model and obviously a bodybuilder That’s right guys, and thank you Brian. I’m excited to be here on injured kids TV In fact, I don’t know if you knew this, but I trained under your dad in, Taekwondo Yeah, I’m a black belt and I want gold medal in the Junior Olympics Look well. Here’s the thing. That’s gonna be actually my weapon. I’m gonna make you laugh the entire time so that I’m not win. Yeah For the first challenge we are doing push-ups Ashton is gonna demonstrate Okay, so first off you have to go all the way down and touch this little pad right here just to your chest and make Sure, you keep a straight body and if you don’t touch the pad or keep a straight body Then it doesn’t count and you have one minute. Are you guys ready? I was born Ready push-ups as you can in one minute you can Freddie shit Yeah Come on you got this you got this don’t give up Hey I Feel good that I just beat a little girl probably not good job high five Well on to the next challenge, let’s go guys You may have won push-ups muscles, but I’m gonna win the rope Oh, we’ll see about that Goldilocks Stop moving things. I wish I could but they got another one For the rope challenge first one to the top wins, and this is a 20-foot rope whoa It’s huge First off no legs you have to keep your legs All you have to do Baby yeah, okay pains can start from the chair so their hands are about the same spot and Need some work. They’re ready 16 seconds and 41 Millicent and that was that one Afterwards Good job They both did awesome on the rope But the giant was a little bit faster at the score right now is 2 to 0 How do you feel about that? You got lucky muscles? Ah, I called Ewoks. I was born lucky guys anyways for breakfast No, not really, my teeth would be all screwed up. No, I don’t eat wait. Yeah your mama’s Blood painting. I think you have a good chance on this next challenge because we are doing doctor dog leg leaves Okay, let me demonstrate. Can I go giant? You can’t he keeps calling me giant because I’m actually 10 feet tall you are okay, so Here are the rules you have to you can’t drop your feet from below a 90 degree angle and you have to go all the way up and Back to a 90 degree angle and up again. These are really hard. I can only do a few and Whoever does the most wins ready says, yep. Okay, you’re going. All right, let’s do it All right, you better count these right, okay, just cause she’s your sister no ring It’s tough, all right little lady your turn I just got warned you if I got three there’s no way you can do more of them Oh, ho I think that’s a challenge Oh And she warned at 2012-13 Whatever all right. All right, I’ll give it to you good job, but guess what? I’m a beach on the next one Okay, learn a little smack talk bring you have to go WWE here, huh? All right okay, guys, the score is two to one and for the next challenge not only is it strength but also Balance we are doing a handstand walking Contest whoever can travel the furthest on their hands wins you guys ready? Princes hey, guys, you got this whole Let’s do this, no cheating This is some kind of superhuman right here need to be on the Discovery Channel, right? And just so you guys know I had butter before I came with my popcorn. So that’s why my hands are greasy Yeah, that’s my loss. So yes next time we’re gonna feel what’s up. Okay, guys, it was all tied up two two two Are you guys ready for the tiebreaker is going to be? Okay, I’ll demonstrate And you have to go all the way down tap your head and all the way back up Yeah, I think it’s gonna win comment below yeah whoever does the most obviously wins You owe me ice cream What do you guys think comment below? she owes me ice cream that was in the old to me strength challenge where you guys surprised by the results and We want to thank Ronnie for being so professional and so awesome. It was so amazing to have him here Thank you very much. You need two kids. It was an awesome challenge and I think this little girl owes me some ice cream So I’m happy with the results. Anyway, guys, I just made a brand new YouTube channel to Auntie Pizarro. Go ahead. Check it out I’m gonna have a bunch of awesome stuff on it. So go ahead and subscribe. Yeah, and it’ll be on the screen now Oh Smack talk after she wins. Alright making often guys