Hatha Yoga (45 Min Class) Pure love!

– Welcome to Fightmaster Yoga, where it’s not about the pose and you don’t have to be perfect. Today’s class hatha yoga. Begin sitting nice and tall,
with your shins crossed, and just rest your hands on your knees. Close your eyes. Begin deepening your breath. Coming into your ujjayi pranayama, slightly constricting
the back of the throat as you breathe in and
out through your nose. Creating our intention,
bring your hands together in front of your heart. May your practice bring
you to the present moment, cultivating mindfulness
through the connection of your breath and your movements. Please add any personal
intention that you wish. And then release the hands and let your eyes softly blink open and we’ll make our way onto our backs. Carefully roll onto your
back with your knees bent and then hug your knees,
exhale, into the chest. Now put one hand, your right hand, on your right shin,
left hand on left shin, and then inhale, bring the legs forward. Exhale, draw them in (exhales). And again, inhale away (inhales). Exhale, bring ’em in (exhales). Once more, inhale (inhales) and exhale (exhales). Keep your right leg
hugging into the chest. Extend the left leg out. Point your left toes up to the ceiling and reach up through the right leg and hold on anywhere along the leg. If you have a yoga strap, you can also loop it on the
ball of your foot and use that. Draw your right hip
forward so hips are level. (inhales) (exhales) Take long, smooth breaths. Relax your shoulders and remember, it never matters how deep
you get into a stretch just as long as you feel your
hamstrings stretching out a little bit maybe in the calf. As long as you feel a
little bit of a stretch you’re doing great work. Take two more breaths here. And now take your left
hand onto your left leg, right about where the hip is. As you exhale, open the right
leg to the right any amount. You can also bend the knee
if that feels better for you. Again, if you’re using a strap, you’ll just hold the
strap in your right hand, but make sure that this left hip doesn’t lift up off the floor. Keep it grounded down. And then look over the left shoulder. Again, relaxing shoulders,
relaxing the jaw. Take two more long breaths here. (inhales) (exhales) And one more. And then as you inhale,
bring your leg to center. I can hear the cats in the background. As you exhale, take the
leg over to the left. Again, you can bend the knee if you wish. If you have your strap, you’ll
hold it in the left hand and then turn, look
over the right shoulder. Now the hip can come up. It’s fine. Just take a couple breaths here as you turn your belly
up toward the ceiling. And then as you inhale,
take the leg back to center. Hold on with both hands
or holding the strap as you exhale, just lift, draw the leg in, pull the belly in for three. Relax the shoulders. Use your belly muscles to hold you. Two. And one. Release it. Then extend the right
leg next to the left. I can hear my belly
starting to talk to us too. Draw the left leg in toward the chest. It’s a good sign. It means my body’s relaxing. (cat meowing) Hi, Elmer. Extend the left leg up toward the ceiling. Again, hold anywhere along the leg. Use the strap if you wish. Draw that left hip
forward so hips are level. Breathe here. (inhales) (exhales)
(cat meowing) The kitty cats are fighting
a little bit (chuckles). Take a few deep breaths. As you exhale, allow
yourself to maybe go in a little bit deeper if
that makes sense to you. But remember, it’s not about the pose and how deep you get in. Just feel a stretch. Make sure that right leg is still active with the toes pointing up. One more breath here. And then holding with your
left hand on the left leg or if you have your strap, take your right hand
on top of the right hip as you open the leg to the left. Now your right hip’s gonna want to go too, but ground it down. That means you might not go quite as far up to this side and that’s perfect. Breathing here and look
over your right shoulder as long as your neck is good with that. Hi, Emma Kitty. Miss Emma’s gonna hide
behind the curtains. Take one more breath here and then inhale, bring the leg to center and then with your right hand, guide the leg over to the right and then turn to look
over your left shoulder and turn your belly up toward the ceiling as you breathe here. It’s a little twist. These twists are really
good for digestion. They’re also, this whole series of poses is very good if you have any sciatic pain. So just a little tidbit (chuckles). Take two more breaths. Then we’ll inhale leg to center. As you exhale, we’ll lift
the head and shoulders, draw in a little bit deeper. Pull your belly in,
use your belly muscles, lift your pelvic floor. One more breath here and release. Then hug the knees in at the chest and open into happy baby. You can hold onto your
ankles, your calves, or little toe sides of the feet. Draw the knees toward the armpits as you lengthen your sitting
bones toward the floor. Just take a couple breaths here as we stretch open the inner thighs and the outer hips a little. And now keep your right leg just as it is. Take an inhale. Exhale, extend the left leg
forward for half happy baby. It’ll go in a little bit deeper. Breathe here. If possible, keep this left
leg active, toes pointing up. If it’s too intense, you can always bend the left knee instead. Try and keep your inhales and
your exhales equal in length. Now we’ll inhale to bend the left knee. Exhale, take your right
ankle just above it. Flex your right ankle and then you can stay here or hold on behind the thigh or you can hold onto the shin, but draw the right hip forward as you bring the legs
in toward your torso. Then if you want to go a little deeper into your hip stretch, here’s an option, just an option. You don’t have to. Crossing right over left and then reaching for
the ankles or the feet, kinda hold ’em like handlebars and draw the knees in. It’s like gomukhasana or cow faced legs upside down. Three breaths either in this one or in your figure four. Good and then release. Back to happy baby. Now we’ll keep the left leg in happy baby as you extend the right leg forward, pointing the toes up toward the ceiling, keeping that leg nice and active, or you can also keep the knee bent. So just check in with your body and relax through your
shoulders, your jaw. At the same time, stay
active through your leg, through your arm. So each pose we want to have equal amounts of strength and steadiness coupled with ease and comfort. Take one more big breath here And then, as you inhale
bend your right knee taking left ankle just
passed the right knee and then draw it in. You can hold, actually
you could stay right here or hold behind the thigh or holding the shin and then draw this left hip forward so that it’s not hiking up. Make sure to flex this left ankle. (inhales) (exhales) And then just like before, you
can stay right with this pose or, if you want to go
in a little bit deeper, you’ll cross left knee over right, reaching down for the feet, and drawing it in. Or not drawing it in. Whatever works. So whichever pose you’re in, we’ll stay for three long breaths. (inhales) (exhales) One more. And release. Draw your knees into your chest. Rock a little side to side. Now take your feet to the floor, roll onto your right side, use your left hand onto the floor, and press yourself up so
your head comes up last. Then we’ll come forward
onto the hands and knees with starting wrists under shoulders and knees under hips. Spread out your fingers. As you inhale, drop your
belly, lift your chin, tailbone up, shoulder
blades toward the waist. As you exhale, start to
round, tuck in the tailbone, pull the belly in, draw the front ribs in, press away from the
floor, chin toward chest. And again, inhale,
bring your heart forward through the gates of your arms, draw your shoulder
blades toward the waist. Exhale, rounding the
back, stretching it out, draw the belly in and up. One more inhale, stretching out the front of the chest and belly, and exhale, stretching the
lower, mid, upper back. Now come to a neutral spine. Walk your hands about
a hand print forward. Spread your fingers, turn
your inner elbows a little bit toward the front of the mat so your outer upper arms turn back gently, then press extra into the thumb, first finger side of the hand and tuck your toes and
stretch into down dog. Just start to bend one knee and the other as you bicycle the legs
in your first down dog. Then from here we’ll walk
the feet as wide as the mat and walk your hands as
wide as the mat also. You can even grab into
the sides of the mat and then stretch back. Now, instead of letting your back arch and your tailbone lift, lengthen your tailbone toward the heels and your sitting bone toward the heels and pull your front ribs in and up as you draw your belly in. So nothing’s sticking out. Just a couple breaths here. (inhales) (exhales) And then we’ll walk the
feet back to hips width and the arms back to shoulders distance. Take an inhale. (inhales) Exhale it out, bend your knees, and walk your feet to your hands, and then inhale, bring hands to shins. Lengthen up the spine. (inhales) Exhale, fold forward, and bend your knees as much as you like. Then press down through the feet and inhale, come up with
that nice, long spine. Reaching up. Keep the ribs pulling in, lengthen sitting bones toward heels, and then exhale, bring
the hands to the heart. Samasthiti. So at the top of the mat, feet
either hips distance apart or big toes touching and
heels slightly apart, outer edges of feet parallel, press evenly down through the feet. Release your hands. Firm your legs and your belly and inhale, sweep the arms up. As you exhale, hinge from your hip creases so you’ll stick your
buns back as you fold. Knees can be straight or bent. If they’re straight, make
sure hips are over heels. Inhale, lengthen halfway. Exhale, bend the knees, plant the palms, step your left foot back and
keep your right foot forward. Take the left knee down. If you need padding under the knee you could fold your mat over or if you have a blanket, use that. Then inhale, reach up,
pull the right hip back. Lift your hipbones up and sink forward stretching up through the
arms for three breaths. (inhales) And two. (inhales) And bring the hands down
on either side of the foot. As you inhale, straighten out that leg, pull the right hip back. If it’s hard to reach the floor, you can put your hands on blocks. Exhale, folding in. (inhales) Three. (exhales) And two breaths. (exhales) One more. (inhales) And then inhale to bend that knee. Exhale, step to plank, top of a pushup. Then take the knees to the floor. Shift our shoulders about an inch forward. Pull your belly in a lot so as you exhale and slowly lower, everything
touches down at once. Make sure your hands are by your low ribs. Press all 10 toenails down. Lift your belly. Lengthen butt to heels. Peel the chest up for cobra and then exhale to lower. Tuck your toes under,
keep your knees down. Take a breath in. Try to press all in
one piece as you exhale and then back to downward facing dog. Now as you inhale here, we’ll lift the right leg but instead of letting the hip open, keep your hips level. Point the toes to the floor, look up at the right hand,
step it all the way through, and left knee down. Pad out that knee if it needs any padding and then we’ll inhale and come on up and pull that right hip back. Sinking forward. One more breath. And take the hands down and inhale, straighten it out, pulling
right hip back again, hands on blocks as you need, and fold. (exhales) Good. And then we’ll re-bend that knee and now as you inhale, step your left foot all the way to the front. Make a nice, long spine and as you exhale, fold. Inhale to reach all the way up and exhale bring the hands to the heart. Now if you’re still with me, you may have noticed we
did the right leg twice. At first it wasn’t on purpose, but now I’m just going with it. I think it works. So here we go. Now we’ll do the left. Inhale, reach up. As you exhale, hinge from
your hip creases and fold. On your inhale, come halfway up. As you exhale, bend your
knees, plant your palms, now we’ll step the right foot back so the left foot is in front and come into our low lunge. Pad up your right knee as needed, pulling left hip back, and inhale, come on up. Zip in through the belly and sink forward. Reach up through arrow straight arms. Even if your arms are out wide, do that instead of
having your elbows bent. Take another breath here and release the hands down. As you inhale, we’ll
straighten out that left leg. Come onto the heel. Pull the hip back. Put hands on blocks as needed and then fold. (inhales) (exhales) (inhales) One more breath. (inhales) (exhales) And now we’ll re-bend that knee and make your way into plank pose. Now you can keep your
knees up or down this time. Shift forward, try to have
everything touch at once, whether the knees are up or down. Exhaling down. Hands by low ribs,
inhale for little cobra. Lengthen sitting bones toward heels. Pull belly in. Maybe a higher cobra. Roll the shoulders back
if it’s okay on your back. Then lower down. Tuck your toes under, lift
your knees or keep ’em down. Take a big breath in. (inhales) Engage the belly and the pelvic floor. Exhale up (exhales). We’ll lift into down dog. From here, we’ll inhale the left leg up. Lift it from the inner thigh
so your hips are level. We don’t want to always open the hip. Every once in a while, but not every time. As you exhale, step it all
the way by the left hand and take the right knee down again. Pulling left hip back, reach up, inhale. As you exhale, lift your hip points toward the lower ribs and sink. Again, any amount. These back toes can be tucked under or you can be on the top of the foot. Whatever you prefer. I like to tuck them under. It feels a little more stable to me but I do both. One more breath. (inhales) And release. Bring your hands on either side. Inhale to strengthen the leg, lengthen the spine, and
fold on your exhale. (inhales) This is half hanumanasana or half split. Take a couple breaths here. Again, keep your inhales and
your exhales equal in length. (inhales) And then we’ll bend the
knee, inhale, (inhales), as you exhale step your right
foot to the front, (exhales). Inhale, lengthen (inhales). Exhale and fold and (exhales). Hips over heels if you
can straighten the legs. Otherwise, don’t worry. (inhales) And inhale, press down to rise up and exhale to samasthiti. Take a quarter turn and face
the long side of the mat. Step your feet out nice and wide. Turn your right leg all the way out. Back toes in a little. Make sure to line up heel to arch. As you inhale, take your
arms at shoulder height. As you exhale, Warrior II. Drop this front hip down and under you. Make sure your knee is right in line with your middle toes. Press the back thigh back but lift up through the back
inner thigh and breathe. (inhales) So see as you’re breathing here (exhales), can you find equal amounts
of strength and steadiness, coupled with some ease and comfort. Relax your shoulders (inhales), your jaw (exhales), your gaze (inhales) (exhales). Draw in and up through your belly, in and up through the pelvic floor. Now we’ll drop this left arm and reverse and then bend into the front knee. Stretch the side body. Just a couple breaths. Relax the shoulders. Now press firmly into the front heel. Come back to Warrior II and then inhale, straighten the leg, relax your arms a moment,
bring your feet to parallel and we’ll do the other leg. Left leg all the way out. Back toes in, lining heel to arch. Inhale, arms at shoulder height, and then exhale, bend
the knee over the angle. Front hip will drop down. Your knee is in line with the middle toes. Back thigh presses back. Inner thigh lifts. (inhales) (exhales) Now, if you feel like
you’re getting some tension in your shoulders, turn
your palms up for a moment. Let them relax. Keep that and then face
the palms back down. (inhales) (exhales) Make sure your shoulders
are above your hips. We don’t want warrior on the go. We want to be right in the present moment. So press down through the
outer edge of the back foot. Press the front heel down. Equal, steady breaths. Just a few more. (inhales) (exhales) If you can, maybe sink
down a little bit deeper, but there’s no pressure. Do what’s best for your body always. Another breath here and then, dropping the
right arm, we’ll reverse. Exhale. Bend into that front knee a
little bit deeper if you can. Relax shoulders and press into the front heel. Inhale, come on up. (inhales) One more breath. (exhales) And then straighten the leg, bring your feet to parallel and then we’ll turn
the right leg out again and the back toes in a little, lining heel to arch for
triangle, trikonasana pose. Take the arms at shoulder height, hinge from your hip crease, then lean forward. Reach out as far as you can. When you can’t reach anymore, just drop that hand down and stretch up through the left arm. This hand can go shin,
block, foot, wherever. Again, it doesn’t matter
how deep you go in. Now, see if you can lengthen
from this right hip crease through the right armpit as you bring your bottom ribs forward and spin your top ribs back. Stretch up through the top fingertips so the lines of energy in
the pose are so important. As you’re pressing down through your right hand, you’re reaching through your left. As you’re reaching the
crown of the head forward, you’re reaching your hips back. (inhales) You’re lengthening through the torso. You’re opening up through the chest. Take another breath here. (inhales) And then looking down at the foot, we’ll inhale and come on up. We’re gonna do triangle pose again. This time we’re adding half moon pose. If you like a block for half moon pose, get it and put it behind your front ankle. I’m gonna move this way a little so I don’t run out of space. Still heel to arch. Inhale the arms, hinge
from the hip crease, reach, reach, reach as far as you can, and then just let that hand
come down wherever it lands, stretching up through the left fingertips. Press down into the big
toe mound of the left foot, drawing the left hip under you. Imagine your left hip is touching a wall and your right shoulder
is touching the wall too. Now take this left hand to hip, bend the knee, pick up the
block if you’re using it, take it in front of you on the
pinky toe side of the foot, and make sure that your
wrist and shoulder line up on your right hand. Once you’re steady, add the left arm. Reach through the heel. Lengthen your left sitting
bone toward the heel. Maybe look up. If you’re a little shaky, no worries. Happens. Now, from here we’re gonna come right back into triangle pose, so take this left hand back to the hip, look down to the floor. If you have a block, you’ll pick it up and bring it with you. Bend your front knee a little bit. Slide that right hand back to
where it was for triangle pose and then straighten the leg and
reach the left arm up again. Now looking down at the
foot, inhale all the way up. Good work. Other side. Feet to parallel. Left leg out, back toes in. Lining up heel to arch. Take the arms to shoulder height. Hinge from your hip crease. Reach, reach, reach as far
as you can comfortably. We want a lot of length on
the bottom side of the torso and then just let that
hand fall wherever it does and then stretch up through the right arm. The left hand can be on the leg. If it is on the leg, just make sure it’s not
pressing real hard there. Keep it light. Or you can have it on a
block or on the floor. Then press into the big
toe mound of the left food to draw the left sitting bone under you like you’re leaning the back
body up against the wall. Your left hip, your left shoulder, but the right hip will
come a little bit forward and that’s great. Breathing here and see if you can lengthen from the left hip through the left armpit, bringing bottom ribs forward, spinning top ribs back. Lengthen the crown of the head forward and then maybe turn it up. One more breath here. And now looking down,
we’ll inhale back up. Okay, we’ll add our half moon. I’m gonna move this way a little so I don’t run out of space. If you want your block for half moon, put it behind your left ankle. Take the arms up, hinge from the hip crease, reach, reach, reach as far as you can, take the hand down anywhere it goes, stretch up through the right arm. So we’re gonna keep
basically the same shape as your triangle pose
when you get to half moon. To transition, right hand to hip. Look down to the floor. Bend the knee. Pick up the block if you’re using it. Take it about 12 inches
or so in front of you. Float your back leg up. Make sure your left wrist
and shoulder line up. Once you’re feeling generally steady, reach back up through the right arm. Many times this lifted
leg wants to go back so bring it a little bit forward. So if you’re steady enough you could just see your toes out of the corner of
your eye if you looked. Maybe look up. Keep that length through the torso. Then we’ll transition
back first hand to hip, look down, pick up your
block if you’re using it, bend your left knee, slide that
block back or the hand back where you have it for triangle pose and straighten that front leg and reach back up. And now to come out,
look down to the foot, inhale all the way back up, and bring yourself to parallel feet. Toes point in a little bit. The outer edges of your feet are parallel. Firm the legs. Bring your hands to your hips. Open the chest, inhale look up, (inhales). Hinge from your hip creases,
exhale forward (exhales). Now inhale (inhales), lengthen
out through your spine. Lengthen from the crown of the head all the way to your navel. Keep that length and then exhale, fold. Any amount. Now check where the
weight is in your feet. For most of us the weight wants to go back to the heels, so shift it towards the balls of the feet. Your hips are in line with your ankles. Then pull in through the belly, lift through the pelvic floor, and breathe. Keep the legs firm. You’re hugging your
muscles into the bones. Relax the shoulders and the jaw. And then inhale halfway up. Exhale, hands to hip. Come up with your nice
long spine on your inhale. Take your arms out to shoulder height. Take a breath in (inhales). Either step or hop your feet together and exhale (exhales). Then turn back to the front of the mat. (exhales) Take just a couple breaths here. (inhales) As you notice the changes that you feel in your body as you’re
moving the energy all around. Now bring your hands to
your hips for a moment. Take your feet hips width apart. Keep your right foot in front. Turn your left toes out a little bit. Step it back. So make sure that your feet
are heel to heel or wider so that the hips and the shoulders will line up with the front of the mat. Inhale your arms up, roll the
shoulders a little bit forward to press either fists or palms together, and then roll ’em back again. Press into the big toe
mound of the right foot. Open the chest, inhaling. Exhale, hinge from the hips
and come forward (inhales). As you come forward,
pull your right hip back. Keep that weight in the big
toe mound of the right foot and roll the shoulder
heads away from the mat. Imagine you’re holding a little ball or a yoga block between the inner thighs and then press through the
outer edge of your back foot. (inhales) Gazing gently either at
your shin or your big toe. You can be up higher. Doesn’t matter. So either you’ll stay
here and keep breathing or option to take your hands
down to the floor or to blocks. If you’re doing that,
lengthen, inhale (inhales), exhale fold, and if you
have the flexibility, option to turn your fingers toward the back of the mat and draw your chest toward your thigh. But try not to round your upper back. Widen across your collar bones. Keep pressing through the
outer edge of the back foot. Pin your outer hips in so you’re firming those glute muscles. Take another breath here. And then, looking forward,
if you’re still with fists or palms together, bring
your hands to the floor, bend your front knee, and start to lift the left leg any amount, but instead of letting the hip open, point your toes to the floor. You can stay here or with hands on blocks or you can grab onto your
right leg with the right hand, drawing yourself down as you lift. One more breath. And then step your feet together. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale, hands to hips. All the way back up. Keep your left foot in the front. We’ll do the other side. The right toes turn out
just a little and step back. Square up your hips and your shoulders to the front of the mat,
so heel to heel or wider. Then inhale your arms up, roll shoulders a little bit forward, press fists or palms together, and then roll ’em back
and lift your chest. Take an inhale, lengthen, gently look up, exhale, hinging forward
from the hip creases. As you come forward, keep
pulling your left hip back ’cause it’s going to want
to move the other way. We want to try to keep the hips level. You can even check and
see if they’re level. Keep rolling your shoulder
heads away from the mat, pressing into the big toe
mound of the left foot, outer edge of the back foot. And then holding an imaginary block between the inner thighs as you breathe. So those outer hips and inner thighs are drawing in towards center. You can stay right with this or option to take your hands
to blocks or the floor. (inhales) If you’re doing that,
lengthen one more time. Bring the chest forward,
inhaling (inhales). As you exhale, fold over that leg. Keep the hands by the foot or turn the fingertips back, maybe use a little arm strength to help get you in deeper. But again, it’s not about the pose. Doesn’t matter how deep you go. Go as deep as you feel
is good for your body. Always want to just feel a stretch. We don’t want to ever hurt anything. That’s practicing ahimsa,
so no harm to your body and no harm to your mind. Make sure your leg muscles are firm. As you stretch it’s important
to keep those muscles engaged. Take another breath here. Now if you still have your
hands behind your back, bring them to the floor or to blocks, bend the left knee a little bit, walk your hands forward slightly,
lifting your right leg up, but keep the hips level. Stay right here or hold onto the left leg with your left hand as you
lift up a little bit more, drawing your chest toward the thigh, but you’re really gonna
want to open that hip so try, roll your outer right
hip down toward the floor. And then step your feet together. Inhale, lengthen (inhales). Exhale, fold (exhales). Inhale, halfway up (inhales). Exhale, step yourself
into downward facing dog. Take a big step back into down dog. Stretch here a moment. (inhales) (exhales) and then from here, just
gonna walk your feet and come to seated. So if you walk a little bit, cross your shins, and sit down or any way that works for you to get onto your butt and then we’ll roll
carefully onto the back then walk your heels under the knees. Make sure the outer edges
of your feet are parallel so the toes will point in just a little bit toward each other. Now before you come up into bridge, first pull your belly in,
lift the pelvic floor, tilt your pelvis up toward the ceiling so your hip points lift
up toward the lower ribs then press down into the heels and inhale. Come up any amount. You can stay with your palms flat. You can grab the sides of the mat, kinda drawing your shoulder
blades in toward each other as you pull the mat and widen your chest or you could interlace. (inhales) Now spiral the thighs in toward each other so inner thighs spin down as you continue to
lengthen your sitting bones toward the backs of the knees. (inhales) Keep your chest lifting up toward the chin but keep your neck long so the chin is lengthening
away from the chest. Breathe. (inhales) (exhales) And release if your hands are clasped. Lower down one vertebra at a time. Take the soles of your feet together, let your knees drop apart. Put a hand on your belly,
hand on your heart center. If this is too uncomfortable, you could instead drop your
knees in toward one another. Either way. As you’re here, think of three things that you’re grateful for today. (inhales) Say them clearly out loud or in your mind. Now if your knees are apart, bring your hands to the outer thighs and bring ’em back up. Walk your feet to hips width. If you dropped your knees in, just point ’em straight up again. So want the heels underneath the knees. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your fingertips will touch the heels. Press into the heels, tilt the pelvis up, pull the belly, and lift the pelvic floor. Inhale. Bridge pose. So palms down, pull the sides of the mat, or if you interlaced, roll
the shoulders under first and take the other pinky on
the bottom of your interlace. And then once again lengthen, lengthen the front of the body. Keep the neck long. Lengthen sitting bones to backs of knees. Spin the inner thighs down. Keep pressing down
through the heels firmly. Lifting up a little bit more
if it’s possible for you for just a couple more breaths. See if you can get this
backbend into your upper back, your thoracic spine. And then release, roll
down vertebra by vertebra, and then hug your knees in. (inhales) Rock a little side to side. Now keep your right knee hugging in, extend the left leg out. Inhale (inhales). Exhale, guide the knee over to the left and look over your right
shoulder and twist. Take this left shoulder and scoot it off to the
left a little bit if you can and turn your belly up toward the ceiling. You’re extended leg can also bend if that’s more comfortable. Big breaths in your twist. Relax the shoulders and the jaw. Then bring your head to center, inhale, come back through center. Hips to center, draw your
left knee into your chest. Extend your right leg
out, take a breath in. Guide your left knee over to the right. Now scoot this right shoulder over to the right a little if you can, looking over the left shoulder, turning your belly up toward the ceiling and breathing here. Make sure to take full, complete, inhales, and exhales. Relax your shoulders and your jaw. Inhale, bring your head to center, bring your knees and
your hips back to center, draw the knees in one more time, lengthening sitting
bones toward the floor, and then we’ll make our way
into our final resting pose. So make sure that you have a
lot of length in your torso and your lower back, extending the legs. Also, draw your shoulder
blades away from the ears. Take your arms away from
the sides of the body, palms up, and let your feet flop open. If for any reason you have
discomfort in your lower back, bend the knees, feet onto the floor, or roll up a blanket and put it under your knees. Close your eyes. Quiet mind (exhales). Quiet body. Shavasana. Our quote today is from Thich Nhat Hanh. “Mindfulness helps you
go home to the present. “And every time you go there “and recognize a condition of happiness “that you have, happiness comes.” All right, where you are take
a slightly deeper breath in. (inhales) Let it go and start making
movements in your fingers, in your toes (exhales), hands and feet. Reach out through the arms and the legs, nice, long stretch (exhales). And bend your knees (inhales). Roll yourself off to your right. Pause a moment here. Take a moment honoring yourself for showing up today, taking your practice, and taking good care of you. Use your left hand to press yourself up with your head coming last. Cross at your shins. Sit up nice and tall. Hands at heart center. Hands to your forehead reminding you to have clear and loving thoughts. Hands to heart reminding you to have clear and loving intentions. Hands to the mouth reminding you to have clear and loving communication. Sending this positive energy we created to all beings everywhere. Namaste. In yoga the most important
part of your practice, other than the breath, of course, is using your core muscles. Your core muscles are the heart and soul of your practice. When you learn to engage
and strengthen them it will take you to a whole new level. I’ve created a special class just for you. Click the link below and I’ll send it or it’s pinned at the top of the comments. Now this January our 30 day program will be a sequel to Hatha Yoga Happiness. People love Hatha Yoga Happiness. If you haven’t done it yet, or even if you have, it’s a great time to do it again. Click right here. Get started now.