– [Connie] So this is what it looks like, and I’ll show you guys on the screen. – Oh my goodness! – [Connie] Three, two, one! (underwater bubbling) (whales singing softly) (Connie laughing) – This is so hard! – [Connie] You’re gonna try again? – Yes. (whales singing softly) (upbeat rock music) (happy tropical music) – Hey, everyone! It is Connie and Shawn
from We are the Davises. – What’s up everybody?! – The kids are still getting dressed. It’s early in the morning
here at Aulani Resort. It’s our first morning here in Hawaii. I can’t wait to show you the resort. It is awesome. I think we get a tour in a little bit. But, we’re getting ready to go to a character breakfast right now. We’re gonna see Mickey! – I get to kick it with
my boy, Mickey, man! Can’t wait to see you dude! It’s been a while, since we were on the cruise last time so. – I think I see some characters
down there somewhere. – [Shawn] That’s Mickey! – Yeah, Mickey’s down there!
– Mickey! What’s up dude?! – [Connie] Mickey! So, he’s busy doing his photo op. We’ve got a koi pond and a lazy river. Some kind of a jungle gym over there. – [Shawn] That’s an active
volcano right there. Right in the middle of the resort. – [Connie] Oh, that right here? – [Shawn] It erupts like nine
times a day or somethin’. – [Connie] And of course
we’ve got the beautiful ocean. The Pacific Ocean. – Hello.
– Hello! – Kayla’s gettin’ on her
Hawaiian outfit here. That’s cute. I would show you our room but it’s totally disgusting right now. – Yeah it’s pretty nasty.
(Connie laughing) – [Shawn] Well, we’ve gotta
do a room tour at some point. – Maybe after the maids come! – [Shawn] Yeah, they’ll
come and clean up the room and then we’ll do the room tour. – Then we’ll show ’em! – [Kayla] Did you show them the koi fish? – [Shawn] We named that one right there. That’s Jeff. You see ’em? – [Connie] There’s Jeff! – [Shawn] Hi Jeff! – [Connie] And George. And Joshua. Jeremy. John. – All the J names.
– Jacob. (laughing) You ready to go to breakfast? – Yes! – [Shawn] I’m starving! – [Connie] I think I’ve
gotta touch up Kayla’s hair, so that we get some cute pictures. – Yes!
– Tyler! How’s it goin? Are you dressed?
– He’s rockin’ the Jedi look. – [Connie] He is done. – Aw, good job, Tyler! I like that shirt! – That shirt rocks! I was just sayin’ that earlier. We need to stretch it out so it fits me or I need to lose some weight so I fit it. One or the other.
– That’s impossible! – That’s impossible? – [Connie] Mommy dresses Tyler well. – I can wear this shirt
until I’m in college. (laughing) – [Shawn] That’s gonna fit
Kayla for the rest of her life. (upbeat techno music) – [Connie] Goofy’s over there. He’s coming, he’s coming! – I know. – [Connie] Are you excited? Are you excited for that doughnut? – Yes! Tyler ate his first. I’m being good and eating
all the other stuff first. – Why does it matter?! You’re gonna eat it all anyways! – [Connie] Hi, Pluto! – [Shawn] I got a high paw. – You are so happy today! (laughing) You are so goofy! You’re so popular too! (happy tropical music) We’re here to pick up some goodies. – Yes! I got two real cute stuffies! They’re so adorable and
they smell good too! – And Mom’s got some shirts. So, I’m excited. I get to wear these while we’re here. For the most part, the weather
is absolutely gorgeous so. I cannot complain. – They’re so cute! I’m in love. They’re adorable. (laughing) (happy tropical music) – [Connie] So we are across the street from the Aulani Resort. And we are gettin’ ready
to do some shopping! – And eat some tacos! – [Connie] Yes, we’re havin’ lunch first. So everybody’s gotta order some tacos. And where we at? We’re at Just Tacos. So we’re just gonna have tacos. – No burritos.
– But these are chips! – [Connie] Oh no! – [Shawn] We’ve already ruined it. – [Connie] Yep, broken the rules. – Oh well.
– Sorry, mom. – So as soon as we’re done with lunch we’re gonna take you guys shopping! Kayla, what did you do?! – Um. No comment. (laughing) – [Connie] Covered in ice water. – She was trying to feed
the birdies over here and there was like one
that was getting bullied by all the other ones so she got up to like try and feed that one, and she spilled water all over herself. (laughing) – Yes. – Thank you.
– Thank you so much. (happy tropical music) – We’re gonna go head down to the pool. The kids want to start swimming and I think Shawn’s gonna
go in there with them and do a little GoPro action. – We’re gonna do yoga! – Yeah! Then we’re gonna do a yoga challenge so we’re gonna do a little
Hawaiian yoga challenge in the pool at the Aulani Resort. So, lets go downstairs. – Let’s do it! – I’m totally gonna win. (happy tropical music) – Okay, Kayla and Tyler are
going to do several yoga poses. And, because we’re in Hawaii,
I’ve picked pictures that show them doing yoga poses in Hawaii. – How do you know they’re in Hawaii? – ‘Cause that’s what it said when I did the search on the internet! So, it says Hawaiian yoga poses, so this is gonna be the
Hawaiian Yoga Pose Challenge. Underwater! I don’t even know the
name of all these poses but I’m gonna do my best. I’ll show you guys what it is. And you guys can comment
below if I didn’t get it. But the first one I think is called Lotus. – In the room, I can do
that one on the floor, but I can’t do it underwater. – [Shawn] This water’s cold, man! – [Kayla] I know! – [Connie] Hey guys, look
how cool this pool is! It just dumps off the end! So we’re gonna do the Lotus pose! Three, two, one, go! (underwater bubbling) – I did it! (laughing) I was floating! – Yeah, Kayla, I saw
you and you were like. – The first time I just went– – [Connie] Okay, I don’t know
what this pose is called, so you guys are gonna have to
come over here and look at it. – Easy! – Okay! – [Connie] Okay, Kayla says it’s easy! Three, two, one! (happy tropical music) – I did it!
– Did you do it? – Yep! (happy tropical music) – Alright!
– Cool! – [Connie] The next one
is called Downward Dog. – Oh, the Downward Dog! – No! – [Connie] Okay, go! (underwater bubbling) Do you need to try again? – Yes, that’s so difficult! – [Connie] K! – Three, two, one. (underwater bubbling) – Oh my gosh! That’s so hard! – [Connie] You guys did it. – [Shawn] You can
totally here whale songs. – Yeah, you can hear whales underwater! – When you do underwater.
(laughing) – [Connie] K, next! – [Shawn] You heard it? Crazy, huh? – All of a sudden they went err! (laughing) – They’re listening to
whales under the water and I can’t do that
because I’m deaf in one ear and the other ear I have to protect so, I have to put a plug in
if I go under the water. K, the next one is gonna be a Plank. So this is what it looks like and I’ll show you guys on the screen. – Oh my goodness! – [Connie] Three, two, one! Plank! (underwater bubbling) (whales singing) (laughing) – That is so hard! – [Connie] You gonna try again? – Yes. (whales singing) – My secret! – [Connie] Kinda looks like
a Downward Dog from here! (laughing) – My foot is like floating! – [Connie] So the Plank is
not very easy underwater but it’s way easier above water. – Yes! – [Connie] I don’t know
what this ones called. It’s like a tree pose, but I’m not sure. – Easy! – Oh I can’t do that! – It’s easy!
– I can’t do that! – Easy! – Three, two, one. – Doing it. (underwater bubbling) (laughing) – [Connie] Did you get it, Ty? (underwater bubbling) – Did it! – Good job, guys! You guys comment below,
who do you think won the Hawaiian Yoga Underwater Challenge? And we’re gonna go play and
the kids are gonna go swimming. And we’re gonna have some fun so. We’re still gonna take you with us, so keep watching! – [Shawn] It’s time to play! (upbeat electronic music) – The Aulani Resort has
the best water slide! The kids are on one right now and we’re waiting for them
to shoot out the bottom! (upbeat electronic music) – Have you been on that slide? – [Shawn] I have not. – It is so fun! – [Shawn] I should probably try it. – It’s got drops on it
and I still like it. (laughing) – [Shawn] Cool! – It’s got three drops! – [Connie] Are you ready
to do roller coasters now? – No! – Okay, Kayla let’s go! Kayla, come on! (relaxing Hawaiian music) – I think the kids wanna go off and play and do some sliding and swimming and we’re gonna go get
some snacks and hang out and watch the sun set over the ocean so. – And then eat dinner. And then go to sleep and then wake up and do it all over again! It’s gonna be awesome! Alright, so if you ever
come to Oahu in Hawaii, you’ve gotta check out
the Aulani Disney Resort. It is so much fun.
– Yes! – And the people here are so nice. The food is good.
– Yes! – And there’s so much fun
stuff to do, it’s awesome. You’ll have a good time, I promise. – Thank you Disney, for
having us come out here! We really appreciate it. It’s been a blast. – Disney rocks, man. – And you guys just wait! Tomorrow there’s gonna be more! There’s gonna be a ton
of action and so much fun and I can’t wait to show you so. Any questions? – Have you ever been to Hawaii? – Yes! – Comment down below if
you’ve ever been to Hawaii or do you live in Hawaii
and we’ll see y’all later! – [All] Bye! (upbeat tempo music)