Headspace | Meditation | The Noting technique

Sometimes when we’re meditating and we realize the mind has wandered off we might not know how to react. Noting gives us some very clear direction. Perhaps a greater sense of clarity and confidence. In that moment, we pause and identify the nature of distraction. Oh yeah, thinking, or, oh, feeling. Having noted, there’s a sense of having dealt with it. This makes it easier to let go of the distraction and gently return to the object of focus. And when it happens again, which it will, we simply apply the same approach, gently noting the nature of the distraction. Now when we begin noting, the temptation is to try and catch every single thought and feeling. But that quickly becomes tiring. We only need note the distraction when we realize that we’ve been lost in thought. And even then it’s a very gentle acknowledgement. Imagine it a little less like whack-a-mole and a little more like a feather softly being placed on a fine crystal glass. So noting is when we recognize the mind has wandered. Acknowledge it, gently note the nature of distraction, let it go, and then effortlessly, return to the object at focus.