Her Yoga Secrets Review / Yoga Burn Review / Yoga For Weight Loss

Yoga Burn is a super easy to follow, progressive,
twelve week follow along video series that you can do from the comfort of your own home,
so that you can experience everything the very best yoga has to offer and a lot, lot
more. Here’s a glimpse at how it works. Yoga Burn is strategically built in three unique
phases. Phases one is called the Foundational Flow
because that is exactly what you’ll be building and perfecting, a super solid yoga foundation
that allows both beginners and advanced students to immediately experience the most powerful
benefits yoga has to offer by using this strategic, enjoyable, yet somewhat uncommon set of sequences.
You’ll also be introduced to new, unique poses, specifically designed to ignite your metabolism,
and begin tightening your problem areas. You’ll be handheld through every sequence, so that
you execute every move safely, correctly, and in a specific way that promotes a sense
of well being, and develops a strong mind-body connection that will help ensure your success
in phases two and three. Phase two is called the Transitional Flow,
and is dedicated to maximizing all of the feel good benefits traditional yoga can offer,
while introducing revolutionary body shaping strategies taught exclusively in Yoga Burn.
You’ll combine certain moves you learned in phase one into specific sequences that flood
your body with mood enhancing, feel good energy. Then you’ll transition into poses designed
to tighten and tone female problem areas, resulting in a body that not only feels better,
but looks better too. Learning how to link poses together like this is the secret to
reaping the lightening fast rewards only dynamic sequencing can deliver. Now, phase three, the Mastery Flow. This is
where the magic really seems to happen with Yoga Burn. It’s time to combine all that you’ve
learned from the past two phases into sequences that fully fire up your metabolism, tighten
and tone your booty, and transform your body in ways you probably have never imagined possible
with yoga. Every movement in this phase is custom designed to deliver maximum visual
results in the shortest amount of time, so that you’re looking and feeling your sexiest,
no matter what you’re wearing: yoga pants, jeans, or even a skirt or dress. The best
part is, you’re experiencing all of this while destressing your life, improving your mental
focus, easing chronic pain and muscle soreness, skyrocketing your happiness, and reinvigorating
your life.