Home – Day 16 – Savor  |  30 Days of Yoga With Adriene

Home – Day 16 – Savor | 30 Days of Yoga With Adriene

– Hello, everyone. Welcome to Home,
your 30-day yoga journey. It’s Day 16, and today we learn to savor. Let’s get started. (gentle upbeat music) Okey doke, my friends. Hello! Welcome to your Sweet 16. Let’s begin seated. Thank you so
much for being here. Sit up nice and tall. Take a second to settle in. Hmmm. Savor, what does it
mean to savor something? Drop your gaze
here or close your eyes, relax your shoulders,
start to tune into your breath. Take a second to scan the body. Always, always utilizing the tools
of our yoga practice to simply notice. Notice how you feel. And when we allow
ourself the time and the opportunity
to simply notice, inevitably we start
to soften our grip on the doing. This kind of desire, this innate need
to get ‘er done, right? To do well,
to check the box, to succeed. So just a little reminder today to allow one present moment, best you can,
to bleed into the next to maybe drop any expectation. Keep an open mind. Inhale in deeply. Long exhale. Inhale. We often talk about
enjoying the exhale, can you savor that exhalation? We’re really good at
enjoying the inhalation, most of us, so see if you can
start to really relish in that long, beautiful exhale. Let’s do one more here
together to kick things off. Big inhale. And long exhale. Awesome. Open your eyes,
we’re gonna take the knee, excuse me, the
hands of the knees. And if you’re really
zipped up here, half Lotus, Lotus, go ahead and
give yourself a little space, you have a nice wide base. And with the hands on
the knees, we’re gonna inhale, sit up tall, tag a little weighr
down in the elbows and the shoulders and then we’re gonna
start to move in a circle here so you can go to
any side you like. You’re gonna inhale,
smooth your heart forward. And then exhale, just like
in Cat Pose round through chin to chest. Feel that stretch
in the back body. Lean back, way back. And then continue the journey. Smoothing the heart forward as you breathe in
and then exhale, rounding through the spine. And then we’ll continue
in this circular motion here. Think Cat-Cow, right? As you come forward,
that’s the Cow Pose. And as you go back,
that’s the Cat Pose. So we’re maintaining this spinal
flexion as we move through a circle, through
the circular motion. And you can really use your
hands as much as you like on your knees to kind
of exaggerate and savor, really get into the body.
(clears throat) Excuse me. And if you are
moving quite fast here, see if you can slow it down. I like that we get a
little glute massage here, too. (snaps) And then reversing the
circle whenever you’re ready. Again, establishing the exhale
as you come back and around through this, like I was
called as Mr. Burns posture, and then smoothing
the heart forward. Breathing in. Should feel
really yummy in the hips. And the more you use
your palms on the knees, you can get into the shoulders,
even the neck. Great, one more time
to each side, reverse it. This time I’d like to
bring your awareness, I’d like to invite you to bring
your awareness to your navel. And I often use this image that I guess now some some age groups might be like, “What are you
talking about, girlfriend?” But this image of the
old fashioned coffee grinder. So if you can allow this
movement really come from the middle as you move
around like one of those old fashioned coffee grinder. Stimulating those digestive organs
and really massaging from the inside out.
Reverse your circle. Moving with the breath. And then on this side, slowly begin to make this
circular motion smaller. And smaller spiraling
in on itself ’til eventually you are getting smaller, smaller,
smaller and you’re stacked head over heart,
heart over pelvis. But don’t rush this moment. Itty bitty circles. Itty bitty living space. And then we find
stillness once again. Head over heart,
heart over pelvis. Excellent, left hand
comes to the earth. Inhale, reach the
right fingertips up high. Exhale, big side stretch. Today, opportunity to maybe
come on to the left forearm. Maybe, and if you’re like,
“Nuh-uh, not yet,” that’s okay. Inhale. Exhale, listen carefully. Chin to chest, right fingertips
gonna come down through. We’re gonna swoop
the fingertips forward and take it to the other side. Big inhale. Exhale, maybe
right forearm down. Excellent, come
all the way back up. Deep breath in. Relax the shoulders
as you breathe out. Right hand to the earth. Inhale, reach the
left fingertips up high. Exhale, side body stretch. Maybe right
forearm to the earth. Chin to chest, left
fingertips sweep through. Should feel an awesome
stretch opening through the left side body here.
Coming all the way through. And now to the right side body.
Here we go. Right fingertips reach. Maybe left forearm
to the earth, maybe not. Hips are heavy here. Beautiful.
Inhale in. Exhale, come back to center. Awesome. Take a second
to inhale, squeeze the shoulders up
to the ear lobe. Squeeze, squeeze,
squeeze, squeeze, squeeze and lift. And then exhale, just
drop ’em back and down. Twice more like that.
Inhale, squeeze and lift. Lift, lift, lift,
squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. And exhale, back and down. One more, here we go.
Don’t be shy. Inhale, squeeze and lift. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.
Lift, lift, lift. A little more,
a little more, a little more. And then take
them back and down. (huffs) Excellent. Any soft, easy movement
that you like in the neck, take it here. Find what feels good. You never have to wait
for me to cue any of these movements. Begin to cultivate and listen really to what
your body needs, right? Listen and respond.
Listen and respond. That’s how we
find that yumminess. And then when we start
to work this way on the mat, then this starts to become more
of a natural way of living off the mat in which we are
really present with what is. We don’t miss
the birds flying by. We can really learn
to savor the moment, really be present with all of
the gifts that come our way. Big and small. Okay, let’s come
forward on to all fours. Knees wide as the mat. Oh, Benji’s so cute
today and every day. Knees as wide as your yoga mat. Big toes come in
towards each other. We’re gonna walk the
hands a little bit forward. So not underneath the
shoulders today but in front so you have a nice slope here. Yes. Then we’re gonna inhale,
drop the belly. Let your tail go
up towards the sky. You can wag your tail a little
bit here, wiggle the hips. Inhale in, shift
your heart forward. Exhale, come
around to the right side. Sink through that
Extended Child’s Pose and then claw the fingertips
to keep it going, big circle. Inhale.
(back cracks) Ooh, yes, opening up already. Come forward. Exhale, rounding through. Big inhale takes you forward. (back cracks) Ooh. And exhale around the bend. So a little grace note here,
whoa, got excited, keep your connection
in the fingertips. Keep your connection
in the tops of the feet. So always, always that
which is touching the earth, your foundation, starting there and
then moving from there. Even here. If you have not already start to
sync with the breath, darling. Inhaling as you come forward. Exhaling as you come back. I used to teach at high school
level and we added yoga as a gym hour while I was at the
school and the kids loved this. We call it drunk Cat-Cow. Drunk on love of course. Of course, of course, truly. Reverse your circle. Inhaling to come forward. Exhaling to come back. If this is too
much on the knees, you can always double
up on the mat like so. Peek at me if you need to and use this as
a little extra padding. And now as you move
through your circle, if you find anything, a catch or
and a little area where you want to work through, you can
start to kind of freestyle. And if you find that, oh man,
I’m just tired or my heart feels heavy today and you just feel
awesome in this Child’s Pose, then learn to
listen and respond. Go there. That’s where we’ll meet. Extended Child’s Pose. Take your time getting there. Then when you get there,
reach the arms forward, active arms, inhale in. Exhale, go ahead
and lift the heart, come back up.
Keep the knees where they are. You’re gonna bring the left hand
in towards center and inhale, reach the right
fingertips up high. Big breath as you
reach up high, high, high. And then exhale,
thread the needle. Right fingertips come in and underneath the bridge
of the left arm. Use your left hand to really
press into the earth here. Feel that stretch
through the upper back body. Soften your gaze,
your jaw, breathe deep. Amazing. Press into your foundation,
come back up to center. Right hand’s gonna come
to the center of the mat. Inhale, reach the
left fingertips up high. And exhale, thread the needle. Right elbow up towards the sky. Use your right palm to
really press into the earth, breathe deep. Should feel
yummy for most of us. Anyone with a computer,
a smartphone, small child. Instrument, vehicle. Side sleepers. Like Benji. Inhale. Exhale, come all the way up. Walk the palms forward, walk
the knees underneath the hips, curl the toes under,
Downward Facing Dog. Here we go. Enjoy this transition. Can we savor
that lift of the hips? Can we give thanks for
this hand to earth connection? Enjoy. Enjoy. Take a deep breath in. And a long breath out. Two more like that,
deep breath in. And a long breath out. One more,
make it awesome, big inhale. And exhale, let it go. Beautiful. Slow descend in
the knees back down. Swing the legs
to one side, any side, and come through to a seat.
Send your legs out. We’re coming into Dundasana
so sit up nice and tall. Activate the feet by flexing
your toes towards your face. Thigh bones,
femurs plug in and down. So let them get really heavy, almost as if you had
like a sandbag here. Great. Then we’re gonna inhale, draw
their shoulder blades together. Exhale, draw them
down the back body. Alright, lift the
knees just a bit. Bring the hands to
the tops of the thighs. Feel the warmth of your hands,
the power of touch, as you slide your hands all
the way down past your knees, past the shins,
wherever you end up, is great. Just see where you end up today
and really enjoy this connection of the hands on the legs. Wherever you end up,
take a deep breath in and use an exhale to fold inward. If the hands come all
the way to the ankles, great. Outer edges the feet, great. If not, also wonderful. Super great. If you need more, you want the
bind to take the index finger and the middle finger and thumb
grab onto the big toe and work to straighten
the legs from here. All together now let’s inhale,
look forward. Just find a little extension. Think most will
benefit from this moment and then exhale fold
inward in again. Seated Forward Fold. You’re gonna want to come out.
You’re gonna want to give up. You’re going to want to start
to think about your next meal. How blessed we are to
even have a next meal? Can you bring your awareness
back to the breath here? Relish it, big inhale. Enjoy the exhale. Keep listening. Feel the skin of the back
stretch as you breathe in. The rise of the inhale and
then the fall of the exhale, softening as you breathe out. Way to stay with it,
take one more breath. And slowly on the
exhale you can release. We’ ll start to tuck
the chin and roll up slowly, very slowly. Great, bring your right
knee all the way up and in. Give it a hug. Left elbow
around the right knee. Activate through the left foot.
Here we go, inhale. Listen carefully, you’re gonna
take your left palm just in front of your chin–
That’s your right hand. Take your right hand
just in front of your chin. And then smoothing that surface, you’re gonna pull
the right elbow back. Great, then bring
the fingertips down. Breathe into your belly. Exhale, enjoy the twist. Inhale, lift and lengthen. Exhale, twist. One more time, inhale,
lift and lengthen. And exhale. Good, come back to center. Send that right leg out.
Left knee comes up and in. Give it a hug. Hooking
right elbow to left knee. Sit up nice and tall.
Activate that right foot. Left hand’s gonna
come in front of the chin. So we’re using this to keep
the left armpit chest lifted. Keep everything lifted on
this same plane as you inhale. And then exhale.
Here we go, pull it back. Stay lifted, lifted, lifted. Not collapsing here. Lifting. And then from there lightly
bring the left fingertips down. Inhale to lift and lengthen,
create space. Soft and easy, exhale, twist. Inhale, lift and lengthen. And exhale, twist. One more inhale. Sit up nice and tall. Light on that left hand. And exhale, twist. Slow release back to center. Send both legs out. You’re gonna shift your weight
so your heels are close to the front edge of your mat. Send the fingertips forward. Palms come together,
interlace the fingertips. We call that steeple grip or this is like
that Charlie’s Angels. Then point the toes,
scoop the tailbone under, we’re gonna try to go
one vertebra at a time. Nice and slow see if
you can savor this moment. I just realized it might
be helpful for you to zip the legs up tight. If not, stay nice
and hip width apart. Ankles in line with the knees,
in line with the hips and we’re gonna
move nice and slow. What are you afraid of? Your legs flying up
in embarrassing yourself? No, take your time. Stay in the moment.
Nice and slow. Imagine those
sandbags on your thighs. You got this. Taking stock, checking in. Nice and slow.
Nice and slow. Eventually we’ll join
Benji here on the ground. Head is the last thing to land. Inhale in deeply. Exhale completely,
let everything go. Gently rock the head a
little side to side, ear to ear. Getting a little massage
in the back of the head. The atlas. Nice passive stretch here. Side of the neck. Soften through
the skin of the face. Close your eyes. Bring your head
back to center stillness. Relax through the fingers,
the toes, the wrist, the ankles. Inhale in deeply. Then, here we go, letting the
weight of your body release completely and
fully into the earth. Enjoy. Imagine you’re just
kind of sinking into a big cloud and it’s holding you here in all your beautiful glory. Inhale lots of love in. Exhale lots of love out. Inhale lots of love in. Exhale lots of love out. And do one more on your own. I’m not going to cue it,
enjoy it, savor it, listen. Life is good. Bring the palms together. Thumbs to third eye. Thank you for sharing your
valuable time and energy with me and all of the beautiful people and pets practicing
all over the world. Take one final deep breath in. And we exhale to
close a practice. Namaste. (upbeat gentle music)