Hot Yoga Weight Loss Results

What do you think of the hot yoga weight loss
results we’ve heard about? Most of that weight loss is due to all the
sweating they do in the sauna. Hot yoga drives up your heart rate and increases
your metabolism. Why not just do yoga out on the sidewalk in
July? It’s cheaper than hot yoga and you get the same metabolic stresses. You could fall over from heat stroke. The same is true of a hot yoga session. Actually,
it might be worse because you expect to be enlightened or mentally phased during yoga
whereas passing out outside means people will worry something is wrong. They’ve found that people who do yoga lose
more weight than those who don’t. If you’re doing yoga, you are theoretically
getting in tune with your body. Part of those results might be people regaining proper sensitivity
to their appetite levels instead of eating until literally stuffed. Then hot yoga does help you lose weight. It isn’t as good as starting up a workout
regimen. Hot yoga does workout your body. It drives
up your heart rate. You get the same effect doing yoga in a parka
in the spring. But that would look weird. If you want to lose weight, go for a jog,
or even a walk. In a parka, in the summer, would still look
weird. Weight loss is a matter of burning more calories
than you take in. Whether you ramp up your workout to burn more calories, eat fewer calories
or both is up to you. Yoga does burn calories. Yoga burns maybe three calories a minute. That’s pretty good. You burn that many calories getting up to
manually change the channels on the television. You’ll burn five to ten times that many
with a kettlebell. Can I save money by swinging my tea kettle
or a sauce pan? Start cleaning your house and mopping your
floors and you’ll burn 200 calories an hour, more than hot yoga. But no one wants to hear how I lost weight
cleaning the bathroom.