How Do I Get My Partner to Do Yoga with Me? Yoga Upload Q & A Vlog

Hello everyone, welcome to Yoga Upload,
I’m Maris Aylward. It’s another episode of yoga Q&A and today’s question is: How
do I get my significant other, partner, loved one to practice yoga with me?
Answer: You don’t. Really, you don’t! And I understand where this question is coming
from. You love yoga. Yoga has changed your life; and it’s natural for us to want our
loved ones to experience the same benefits that we’ve experienced. However,
it is not our job to force our opinion on other people. It’s not our job to
make them see things the way that we see things. Just because you see the value of
yoga in your life doesn’t mean they see it that way. So we can’t demand that from
other people. You can’t make them do what they don’t want to do. What we can do is
to INSPIRE them to do something. How do we do that? Focus on your own yoga practice. Focus on your own life. When you practice yoga consistently, over a long
period of time, it’s not just your yoga practice on the mat that gets better
but – it’s also your daily life “off the mat” that gets better. So once people see
this, that is a great way to inspire them. So maybe you’re taking better care of
yourself, you’re in a better mood, your relationships are healthier, maybe you’re better at your work also, just happier and healthier overall. And that is what will inspire other people to practice – seeing you, seeing the results, being
around you and feeling that you’ve changed, and that you’re just more balanced. So that is a great way to potentially inspire someone, or at least
get them curious about yoga. Now once someone is more open and willing and curious, then that’s when you can be of help. You can encourage them; you can give
them recommendations, teachers to try, yoga studios
to go to, you know, how do you start, what do you need for yoga, maybe
tell them about your experience and how it has affected you in a positive way.
Now…let’s say they go to yoga class with you, you finally got what you wanted!
Your partner, your significant other is in yoga class with you. I have a few
suggestions on what NOT to do when this happens because I see this a lot in my
classes that I teach at studios. So, someone comes in with their husband or their wife and they’re like “oh I finally got them to come to yoga with me” and
they’re so excited and they’re so happy! And once we start class, they’re not
focusing on their own practice, they are looking at the yoga mat beside them,
where their husband or their wife is and correcting them and micromanaging
everything that they do! That is not the way. Let them have their own experience.
You’re responsible for your own experience. You are not responsible for
their actions, their behavior, their reactions, you’re not responsible for
that. You enjoy yoga because it lets you do
what feels right for you so you have to allow your loved one to have their own
experience as well and to do what’s right for them. Now whether they like it
or not, whether they come back to yoga or not – that is not on you. That is not your
decision. So again it all comes down to focusing on your own practice and being
responsible for your own actions – and no one else’s. A lot of people ask me “hey
does your husband practice yoga too?” and the answer is YES. People here in Kansas
City see him in yoga class a lot and they’re like “oh my god, that’s so
fabulous that your husband is practicing yoga! How’d you get him to do that?” Well… I didn’t get him to do that! He did that of his own volition. When we first met, he
had already tried yoga before and he liked it enough. He enjoyed it but he was
never as serious about it as as I was. Now, he is, lately practicing
more and more – just going to yoga class at the studio where I teach. He’s going 2
to 3 times a week, going to other teachers classes, not mine,
and he’s really feeling the benefits of it. So I’m really happy about that but
again, I was not responsible for that. I had nothing to do with that.
That was his own decision. So I just focus on my own practice and my own
teaching, and Dave has his own, and sometimes that overlaps and we’re able
to practice together. That’s rare now with the baby but we also enjoy doing that. So I want to hear from you – write in the comments below if your significant other
or your loved one, if they practice yoga with you, why or why not – I’d really like to
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