How to Apply Siser EasyWeed Stretch on Performance Wear

Performance wear has met its match, and here it is. EasyWeed Stretch by Siser. Stretch delivers all the same benefits as the rest of the EasyWeed family, such as: the ability to apply multiple layers, low heat application, hot or cold peel, pressure sensitive backing, durability wash after wash, and so on…. But here we combine it with super stretch ability making it one unique heat transfer vinyl. It is also the thinnest of the EasyWeed family, which makes it very light and soft to the touch on whatever garment you decide to put it on. It also has a great variety of popular colors. Hi, I’m Joe with Siser North America, and I want you to join me while I put this Stretch to the test. Using your computerized vinyl cutter, perform a test cut to make sure you are not cutting too deeply into the material…but once that’s set, cut your design in reverse, and trim it to a manageable size. Now on to the next step. The next step in our heat printing process is called Weeding. Weeding is where we remove the excess material around our design and the cavities within it. You start by cutting down your pieces to manageable sizes, and piercing the corner of your cut piece. You want to pull away the excess material and you’re going to get a little bit of resistance – this is normal….but your know what, I’m going to make it a little bit easier. And by doing so, what I’m going to do is heat the lower platen on my press for 2 seconds and apply the cut piece directly on to the low platen. What this is doing is loosening the adhesive on the pressure sensitive backing Just peel away the rest of it and make sure you get your cavities Now on to my second layer if any piece falls off, or picks up while you’re weeding, the pressure sensitive backing makes it easy for it to be applied back down Now that we are done with the weeding portion, and all that we have left is our design, we are on to the best part, the application portion. Now with EasyWeed Stretch, you can use any kind of performance wear that has spandex or lycra. We are going to go and preheat our garment for 2 to 3 seconds, our setting is going to be at 305 degrees. This is just taking out the moisture and wrinkles. Since we have a two color, we are going to apply our base first. While applying our base, we are only going to hit it for 2 to 3 seconds. Eyeball the center. Use your cover sheet. You want to have a medium to firm pressure on your press when using EasyWeed Stretch. You can peel hot or cold, here we want to peel hot Now we are going to apply the foreground. With this design, we are going to create a three color illusion, by applying the foreground just offset, giving it a drop shadow look Now here we are going to apply it for the full 10 seconds and go ahead and peel this hot. So there you have it! An easy and simple process to make an alluring design, using EasyWeed Stretch by Siser. Now it’s time to stretch your creativity. So be sure to visit your authorized Siser distributor or visit us online at for more information on this, and our entire heat transfer vinyl lineup and our print & cut materials. Thank you for joining us!