How To Choose The Right Yoga Strap | Clever Yoga

When it comes to using a yoga strap, there so many on the market to choose from. And choosing the right yoga strap for you, really comes down to experimentation. I’m hoping that with this video, I can narrow down the choices a little bit more. As a yoga instructor and somebody who practices yoga personally.. daily.. Quality yoga material is something that, I’ve really really have to have. It is so important to me because I want something that’s going to last and I want something that I’m not gonna have to fiddle with or worry about it just gonna provide me with the benefits that I need in using it. Clever yoga provides probably one of the best straps on market.. my opinion. Its a hundred percent organic cotton first of all so I’m not dealing with chemicals I know that this strap is clean. When I took it out at the package, I could tell right away, this was a durable, quality yoga strap. They did not compromised anything for the quality of this strap and I like it so much I had to contact the owner myself and tell her thank you let me make some videos for you, coz I love it. The clever yoga strap is 8 foot long, and they come with the dual metal buckles which I personally like. Metal is gonna last longer and 8 foot long allows me to wrap the strap in different ways that I would not be able to do with surely yoga straps. I get tons of straps from different companies and this by far is my favorite one So make sure you check on that, as you doing research for your own yoga strap at.. or click on the link below.. You really can’t go wrong and I hope that this has help you in your quest for finding the perfect yoga strap for you. Thank you so much for watching and I see you next time.