How to Do Front-to-Back Chest Slides | Belly Dancing

Now we’re going to isolate the chest and we’re
going to slide forward to back. Assume the basic belly dance posture position,
the knees are bent, the chest is lifted, the tailbone tucked down. From here we’re going to press the knees together
and press the feet into the floor to keep our balance. And now you’re going to want to slide the
chest all the way front, staying horizontal to the floor and then contract back into the
neutral position. And again, sliding all the way forward and
coming back and if in the beginning you really feel like you can’t find that, press your
hands into your hips and assist it that way and come back to neutral position. Sliding all the way front and back. Let’s try that with music. As you’re sliding, make sure that there is
no strain showing in your neck, so try to relax, take deep breaths. When you’re comfortable, let go of your hips
and bring your hands out. Double time. And that’s how you isolate the chest forward
to back.