How to do Marjhari Asana II मर्झरी आसन II By Yoga Guru Abhay Kumar Choudhary II

Namaskar, Come we will tell you about Marjhari Asana. It is also called Cat Stretch. Male & Female both can do this, But for female specially it is one of the finest exercise. How to do this, let me tell you about this, initially you sit in Vajra Asana. Your Shoulders and hip joints, come in the center of your shoulders and stand on your knees on your hands on the 90 degree angle Must maintain at lest 6 inches of gap in your both of the legs Your 8 fingers will be on the same gap like the gap of your shouldes At the time of breathing, stretch your spinal cord by bending it upwards and raising your neck this way You must do 10 times of inhale and exhale. When you will do this for 10 times remember when you are doing this then your elbow will move, So, moment we inhale the breathing, and in this we stretch our spinal cord by taking our elbow inwards so with this our shoulder plate and pushes our Therosis area do stretch in our internal body which works for our most important organs like Liver,Stomach, Pancreas & heart So, by doing this blood get oxygenation. Then comes our Lumber area from where our intestine So, this is one of the most finest exercise for the ladies, as their monthly periods get imbalance so they must do 3 sets of which contain 10 times in 1 set & after that sitting in Vajrasana if they do meditation Then what all problem they are facing in the periods they will get normalize. ans systematic. Apart from that women face lots of problem like PCOD, Cancer or disease for internal organs so in today’s life there are lot of problems, but doing Marjhari Asana they can get rid of all these problems. Those who have spondylitis problem they get relief. Those who have frozen shoulders for them it is very fine Now if someone is having Pite problem in Lumber area or slip disk happen like problem in L4 or L5. Prior doing this assana you won’t get the appropriate move i will show you how you can do it scientifically. as in for yourself there is no big doctor except you Suppose if you have problem in lumber area, So this i way done breathing inhale and normal breathing is going on the stretch then exhale so these are the steps where we got slip sometime. Due to our inappropriate position , back bone, sciatica pain so do breathing inhale & move further and stretch your body an then come back ward and exhale then inhale-exhale….inhale-exhale….. so this can be done , it is also very fine exercises for male. sit in the Vajrasana and breathing and do medication To 3 sets of by doing this 10-10 times and then relax.Give Gap of 30 sec for 1 set then again give gap for 1 minute, then believe this way you will complete 3 sets so this way within 1 minute you do the most finest exercise to systematize your organs, your spinal cord Thank you … This was Marjhari Asana. Cat Stretch Asana.