How to do Yoga Flow Poses for beginners at home? Easy home yoga practice. Start Yoga challenge

And the show must go on. When you are practicing hatha yoga and you need to pick the yoga poses for you it can be a little bit tricky and sometimes we get lazy and think: “Today I have the soft and fragile method and go with the flow” We kind of start picking out the easiest poses. They are great. They are to be enjoyed, but when we need to get in shape FAST it is good to have the flow yoga or prostration yoga. What is flow yoga or prostration yoga? A lot of people know sun salutation (surya namaskar) or moon saulation (chandra namaskar) – this is the short version of the flow yoga Today I will offer the longer complex of exercises very good before the 30 day challenge if you want to be fit in the new year or whenever you need to get back in shape. You can repeat it once today or one turn at a time but whenever you feel stronger I advise you grow the times of the practice. Lower in the description section of the video you will find many variations Get ready for the prostration yoga with me Yogini Rasa and we will practice it a very harmonious, very slowly and with time of course you can speed it up if you feel like doing so. Grab a mat get yourself ready and let’s do it. There we go take a deep breath in. We’ll go quiet fast, no worries. You will learn very fast with a few times. Your body will tell you what to do next. Let’s take one more deep breath in and with the stretch upwards and slightly backwards if you feel like doing so it’s not then just up and now go full bend forward Let’s bring the left foot back. Stretch. And the right foot. Plank pose. Hold it. Lower the knees. Sit back on your knees. Bring the hands to the head. Straighten the legs. Half shoulder stand. Very good pose. Lower down , bend the knees and and get ready to slide half way forward. Slide. Keep pelvis up. Move pelvis to left and right and now complete this slide forward. Bend the knees. Take a look to the left side and right. Very well. Straighten the knees, sit back, downward facing dog and let’s bring bent knees to the palms. Left and right. Sit back. try to lower the back to the floor if you can. It’s not that’s fine. Now go up again try to put forehead on the floor Find the most comfortable position and place palms at the knees. Straighten the knees. Bring feet to palms. Rock and roll backwards. Very nice movement. You rock! Move legs to left and right. And roll forward. GOOD! Knees bent. Opposite foot and palm touch. Switch. And now straighten the knees and again opposite palm-foot touch Go down and stand upright. We have finished the first turn with left leg. Let’s do it with the right leg. Notice your breathing Don’t adjust. It will adjust itself Take deep breath in stretch either only up or also slightly backwards. Get ready to go down forward. Now it’s the right foot going back. Stretch and the left one joining. Plank. Hold. Lower the knees. Lower the head. Embrace your head. Straighten the knees. Knees bent again, sit back. Get ready to slide half way forward Slide and stop. Pelvis goes right and left. Slide completely forward and now you can bend the knees. Look to right and move knees and left. Straighten up – downward facing dog. Bring your bent legs (right and left) to the palms – get ready for resting hero Lean backwards. As much as your legs and body allow you. Love yourself. Doesn’t matter how low or high. It’s PERFECT where you are! Just enjoy Try to put forehead on the floor. Put palms at the knees and straighten the legs. Bring feet to the palms. Let’s rock and roll backward. Move the legs to right and left. then you’re like going forward they can Roll forward again to get on feet. Knees are bent. Opposite foot-palm touch. Switch Straighten the knees. Again opposite foot-palm touch. Going completely down and moving up. Perfect! Both legs have worked. Once again repeat starting with the left leg We have made it to half-way. Inhale the smile. Inhale the sun. stretch up and backwards (breath) Go forward. Wherever you go forward you also go backward. whenever you go forward, you go backward, too (for balance) If you go to the right, you also need to go the the left. Left foot back. Right foot back nice plank. Hold it. Lower the knees whe you feel like and go back. Straighten the knees for half-headstand. Very well. Lower the knees. Sit back Get ready to slide half way. Slide. Stop. Move pelvis left and right and complete the slide. Bend the knees. Take a look to the left and right. Straighten up. Downwardfacing dog. Bring your bent legs to palms. Very good. Sit back. Resting hero coming. You need to learn to rest in between the poses and your head goes forward Palms to the front. Straighten up. Bring feet to palms. Rock ‘n roll backward. Be very gentle!!! Find the most comfortable position. Move legs to sides. Roll forward Stand up with slightly bent knees and opposite palm-foot touch. Switch Straighten the knees, hands behind the back. Straight opposite arm-foot touch. Left, right Down and up. One more turn complete. It is not that difficult, right? One more time with right foot! for harmonious complete round2. Inhale, stretch up, slight backward bend. or simply up and forward bend. Remove any heavy burden. Right foot back. Stretch. And left foot back for plank. Give me a nice smile (: Lower the knees, get the head on the floor. Embrace it with hands. Straighten the knees. Half-head stand. It’s getting you ready for royal pose. Lower the knees. Sit back. Let’s slide forward half way Pelvis to right and left and complete the slide. Bend the knees, look to the right and left. Straighten up, downward facing dog. Bring bent knees to palms – right and left You are a hero! Let’s try to rest in this pose bring your back to the floor If not, it’s fine. You are perfect Move up, forehead on the floor. Palms to knees. Downward facing dog Move feet to palms. Rock and roll backward Up knees bent. Opposite palm-foot touch. Straighten the knees. and again. Turn with opposite palm and foot touch. Straighten up. Great job this is one turn. If you’re ready for the next rewind and start this video If you think it’s enough for today. Then that’s enough and I see you tomorrow.