How To File Fold Pants

(cheery music) – Hi! I’m Joni.
– And I’m Kitt. And we’re the co-founders
of Practically Perfect. – Today, we are going to do a
tutorial about folding pants. And we’re gonna begin with jeans, and then we’re going to
move into yoga pants, which are my personal
favorite thing to wear. We live in yoga pants as organizers. – Yes. – And we’re excited to
show you how to fold! Who gets so excited about folding? – You do.
– I do. – And I will say, Joni is
a really good pant-folder, despite the fact that she
generally hangs all of her pants. – Ooh, I’ve been outed.
I do hang my pants! I hang my jeans. Actually, the only pants I
don’t hang are yoga pants. – What about your underpants?
– I would very much like to hang my underpants! (laughs) Should my closet allow it. – That’s weird, but intriguing. I wanna see that. – I wanna design that with you! – (laughs) – All right, cut to the
chase! Let’s fold these jeans. – (sing-song) Let’s fold the pants! (cheery music) – What we like to do is
start with your pants laid out flat like this,
and then we’re gonna fold them in half– – Wait! – What?
(laughing) – You have to zip the zipper! – What?
– You don’t zip the zipper up before you fold your pants? – That’s like… That’s like, extra work. So wait, you button and zip
your pants before you fold them? – I do.
– Interesting. – We learn something new
about each other every day! (both giggling) – Cool. Um, so anyway,
let’s start over again. Fold the pants in half lengthwise. Make sure everything is
lined up, smooth it out, and then we’re gonna fold
the pants into thirds. And, if you’re gonna stack
it on a shelf, you’re done. If you like file-folding, and you wanna put it into a drawer where
you can see everything, We’re gonna fold it in half again, and the great thing, actually, also, about folding the button
and the zipper in, is that it leaves your
pocket on the outside, which I think is how a
lot of people identify which pants they’re grabbing. And so, that’s the part that’s gonna
be sticking up in the drawer. – Can I try?
– I think you should! – Okay, I’m gonna grab a pair of pants. So here we have another
pair of pants– oh, look! – Look, you buttoned and zipped. – They’re already done on this pair that I just happened to grab out
of the basket back there. (both laughing) – Okay! So. We fold in half
with the pocket facing outward. We can tuck the inseam if we want to. I don’t think this pant
really requires it, these stretchy skinny jeans. We’re gonna fold into thirds, and then, if we’re going
on a shelf, we’re done. And if we’re file-folding… Ready, Kitt? – Yes.
– On the count of three. Oh, look at you. Okay.
– Oh, sorry. – [Both] One, two, three… (musically) Ta-da! – Into the drawer. Practically perfect. – Okay. Should we start
with the yoga pants now? – I can’t wait. Let’s do it.
– Great. – So, Kitt, correct me if I’m wrong, but, the strategy is the same.
– Exactly. – The only difference is, we
don’t have to have a debate about the button and the zipper. – Correct.
– Okay. So, we’re gonna fold in half, okay? We can tuck in the
inseam if we want a nice, clean line here. We’re gonna fold into thirds. That is good to go for
placing onto a shelf, and if we’re file-folding,
we might cut it in half again here, depending on
the depth of the drawer. – Yes.
– Okay, great! – Great. I’m gonna try one. – Or do you wanna try a whole basketful? – There’s nothing more fun.
– Okay. Let’s make a mess. – Woo! (giggling) (cheery music) – And, voilà! The practically
perfect yoga pants drawer. – Isn’t this so satisfying? – It is. I love having it all lined up. – This is why I love what we do. I love seeing the tangible results. Hopefully, this inspired
you to go make your drawers look this practical. So please, if you wanna see more tutorials, subscribe to this channel. You
can click the button below. – And also, check us out on Instagram. We’ve got a lot of fun
content over there, too. – We’ll be back with
the next tutorial soon! – And remember, if it’s
practical for you– – It’s perfect for you! (cheery chimes) – Am I right?
– Yes! – I’m right!
– You are right. – Never happens. (both laughing)