How to fix Anterior Pelvic Tilt (APT) | Yoga & exercises for Lower Back Pain at home | Hindi

Hello friends, me (Atul Kumar Verma) welcomes you again on my youtube channel fitness rockers In posture correction series we did a video for fix posture of shoulders in this video will talk about how to fix lower back and anterior pelvic tilt or APT For which Mr. Kumar Deobrat will help us Let me introduce Kumar Deobrat He is a star cricketer from Jharkhand. He was wise captain in under 19 world cup and in Ranji we did captaincy for Jharkhand as well These days I am working on his back and knee strengthening so that his game can be improved Lets understand the issue of anterior pelvic tilt (APT) If you look at this portion carefully you will be able to see an exaggerated arch or curve in lower back This is actually anterior pelvic tilt and in long run it will give your pain in lower back This problem is not only with cricketers but it generally arise due to wrong exercise and bad life style Anterior pelvic tilt is very common with the people who do bodybuilding as they dont do proper stretching after heavy weight workouts. Other than these pregnant ladies are also very prone to anterior pelvic tilt as they carry baby and due to lack of workout lower back take all the load of baby. Now lets understand the main issues due to which anterior pelvic tilt arises. If a person have issue of anterior pelvic tilt it means there is issue in life style or strength of some muscles groups is less. It means lower back muscles muscles are dense and contracted which need to be stretched Core muscle is week and need to be strengthened Like wise hip flexors and hamstrings are also tight and need to be stretched So to fix anterior pelvic tilt we have to work on these 4 areas In this video we will work on core and back and in next video we will work on hip flexors and hamstring stretching… Lets first start with core muscles we all know that to give strengthening to the core the best exercise is plank now we will see how to do plank with right technique so that we can fix the issue of anterior pelvic tilt easily Here you can see the arch or curve in lower back this is the tendency with the people with anterior pelvic tilt we need to fix it to fix this stretch the heel downward then engage the core by rotating the hip downward and release the chest a bit now you can see the lower back is straight and there is no arch or curve there now this plank will strengthen the core without hurting the lower back and will help in fixing the anterior pelvic tilt second core strengthening yoga exercise is uttanpasana variation 1 fir this lie down straight in supine position shoulders should be relaxed on floor just to start with this bend your knees and roll the buttocks downwards so that lower back rest on the floor now straight your legs and stretch your toes toward you now lift your legs upto 1 feet only and then raise your head up and also stretch your hands like this your toes and head should be in one line this exercise or asana will give strength to the core while giving rest to your lower back Third core strength yoga workout is Uttanpadasana variation 2. Like the variation 1 here also roll your buttocks downward to bring your lower back on ground then raise your legs up straight the way your lower back should rest on the floor we need to use only core strength not our back for this then stretch the toes towards you contract your quads muscle and bring the leg to 70 degree angle and hold shoulder should be rested on the floor now stretch the toes outside Keep this in mind that dont hold your breath. Breath should always be normal after holding this posture for 15 – 20 mins bring your feet back on floor with control Lets talk about back stretching to fix anterior pelvic tilt be in supine position for the it and bring our feet together now activate your both the legs by pulling the toes toward your now bring one leg toward your chest and hold it from middle of the shin and pull it toward you the way your buttock should not lift from the ground much dont use the shoulders to pull the leg rather let them rest on the floor and use your elbows and arms to pull and breath must be normal now release it slowly Now do the same with another leg then bring both the leg together and pull them toward you with both the hands and lift your chin and chest up toward the knees while breathing normal Next back stretch is Shashankasana or child pose for that sit in vajrasana like this now with straight back bend forward while stretching your spine and try to touch your buttocks on your heels and stretch your hands forward so that your spine can stretched Next stretching will start from this position only which is cat and cow pose come on your knees without moving your hands now lift your chest up, look up and roll your back inside while inhaling then exhale and roll your back upward while contracting core muscles in now do it 15 – 20 times like this So friends in this video we talked about core strengthening and back stretching to fix anterior pelvic tilt issue do all the mentioned yoga stretching exercises for atleast 15 – 20 seconds in beginning and repeat it twice or thrice after some time increase the duration of hold upto 1 – 2 mins and keep the repetition to 1 – 2 if you do regular practice of these yoga stretches exercises then you will see positive result in fixing anterior pelvic tilt in 6 – 8 weeks In next video we will work on hip flexor and hamstring muscles stretch so stay tuned with us. 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