How to Practice Yoga : Hero’s Pose in Yoga Practice

In this clip were going to talk about Hero’s
Pose or Virasana. How we usually strongly recommend you use a block. Amy is going to
come onto her knees. She is going to separate her feet and we’re going to place the block
between her ankles. She’s going to press evenly through her tops of her feet. Even weight
between the baby toe and the big toe. She is going to squeeze the outer edges of the
block together and then she’s going to draw the inner edges of her knees. Once she has
that contained. She’s going to now sit down onto the block. When she’s here what I recommend
is reaching underneath one knee and then sliding the skin up and away. Just to soften the right
side then do the same for the left. And from here it looks like she’s not doing anything,
but she’s squeezing the inner edges of the knees together. She’s pressing firmly through
her shins.