How To Stop Pushing Him Away [From YOU] ๐ŸŒ‚ Don’t Push Him Away  Are You Scaring Him Away

How To Stop Pushing Him Away [From YOU] ๐ŸŒ‚ Don’t Push Him Away Are You Scaring Him Away

Stop pushing him away from you. You are scaring him away. Don’t push him away anymore. If you’ve ever experienced the pain of an
emotionally dead relationship. If you’ve ever had a man suddenly pull away
and shut you out completely. What you’re about to find out will change
the way men treat you and even how YOU experience relationships. Because at the end of the day, men secretly
want just one thing. And once you understand this one crucial craving
that men have it will be much, much easier for you. Well then, stop pushing him away from you. Don’t scare him away. Don’t pushi him away from you anymore. STOP pushing him away. Don’t push him away from you, the man who
potentially can make you happy. If you’ve ever felt a man pull away, lose
interest or suddenly stop chasing or seducing you and didn’t know why or what to do, then
here are some answers. If you feel like you never get what YOU need
from any guy you are dating, then you must continue watching this eye-opening video. Stop pushing him away from you. Why are you scaring him away? To get a man to be focused on you and only
you (so he can’t even THINK about other women) and so he craves and desires you always, all
you have do is to understand a few little things. You might be a little upset when you first
these stories. I know a lot of women can relate to it, but
it’s going to change your life forever. The incredible thing is that the trick works
without a guy having any idea you’re using it. Or why he’s suddenly so desperate to give
YOU the pleasure, attention, and CONNECTION you always crave. If you want your man to be 100% focused on
you, fantasizing about you during the day, counting down the minutes until he gets to
see you again, you don’t have to go to couples therapy. You don’t have to resort to starving yourself,
hoping to get your tummy sexy for him. You don’t have to buy a bunch of pink lingerie
– though there’s nothing wrong with doing that if you want. You don’t have to push him away from you. Yes, STOP pushing him away from you. Nope, if you want your guy to become sexually
and emotionally addicted to you, all you have to do is learn to TALK in a specific way and
make love to his mind. A man’s number one erogenous zone isn’t in
his pants, it’s in his head. Guys live in a state of perpetual sexual fantasy. And they all dream of meeting a woman who
really understands their buttons and knows how to push them compellingly. Just whisper some magic words. He’ll forget all about the yoga pant sports
bra hussy, and he’ll slay a dragon, crawl across broken glass and do ANYTHING to be
with you (and only you) forever! Please, like this video by pushing the thumbs
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to receive periodic emails about new uploads and essential changes. Thank you for your attention! Well, what does it mean when he closes his
eyes during your intimate moments? You are together, passionately at the moment,
feeling so intimately connected. And then. He is closing the eyes to get to the “finish
line.” What exactly does that mean? If you are like a lot of women, you might
wonder if he’s retreating into a vivid fantasy world. Wondering, does he think about another woman? Closing his eyes has nothing to do with escaping
from the moment with you and everything to do with actually enjoying the intense sensations
happening. For most guys, they put a certain amount of
mental effort toward holding BACK on climaxing during their moments with you. They want to last longer, to please you more,
and not race to the finish. So when they do shift gears into allowing
their orgasm to happen, the physical sensations are powerful. Closing his eyes allows him to fully tune
in to what is happening pleasure-wise in his body. It was explained to me in this way: When you
take away one of the five senses, it makes the other senses and sensations stronger and
more vivid. In the “The Language of Desire” program (and
the secondary product, “The Sensual Tsunami”) about what male orgasm feels like, you’ll
find it straight. One man said: “It’s like a slow-building rollercoaster
that takes a very sharp incline almost straight up before you rocket straight back down. And you get this amazing feeling in your stomach
right before you climax and then for the next 10-15 seconds the floor drops out, and you
are drifting in bliss. Then you come back to reality.” With that kind of intensity, he isn’t even
keeping track of what his eyes are doing! You can also think about it like kissing. We close our eyes when we kiss not because
we want to disconnect from the moment but because it draws our awareness closer to what
is taking place physically. Except when it comes to orgasm, it’s about
a million times more real fireworks. Could he be thinking about another woman when
he closes his eyes? Sure, he may be mentally fantasizing about
making love to a Victoria’s Secret model while he’s in bed with you. Just like sometimes you might close your eyes
and think about Brad Pitt or Denzel Washington or whoever floats the little man in your boat. Fantasizing, in that manner, isn’t a bad thing. It’s normal, and most people (both men and
women) do it on occasion. And it doesn’t damage your relationship when
it’s something that happens once in a while. And mainly when the fantasy includes a celebrity
or someone you are not ever actually going even to meet, let alone get naked with. If you’d like more information about what
goes through your man’s brain when it comes to sex as well as in-depth information about
how to use sexual fantasies to spice up your intimate connection, make sure to check out
‘The Language of Desire.’