How To Teach Yoga & Meditation For Children : How To Teach A Kid Yogic Sleeping

Hi, welcome back I’m Sharon with Barefoot
Works Yoga and I’m here with Brooke. We’ve just finished doing a reclining twist to both
the right and the left side. We’re going to prepare for just kind of a final relaxation
period, you could call it yogic sleeping. So just from being here in this position on
the back Brooke is just going to stretch her legs forward. So reaching the legs forward
resting on the floor. She’ll open her legs up and spread them maybe close to mat distance
wise just kind of opening the legs and letting them feel relaxed. She’ll take her arms and
hands maybe 6 to 8 inches out from her hips with the palms facing up. She’ll close her
eyes, relax her face and take just a few minutes to breathe deeply and if you wanted to this
is another opportunity that you could just kind of use the power of touch to reconnect
or to connect with your child. While they’re relaxing you could support their leg, lifting
around calve and supporting the back of the leg and just gently kind of shaking it letting
her know that she doesn’t need to use any muscular effort here, staying relaxed and
then just placing it back down on the floor. Of course you would do this with both legs
and you could also do the same thing with the arms just lifting them, moving them around
a little bit, releasing them back down. While your child is here if you wanted to do any
sort of scanning through the body and inviting them to relax throughout the body. Starting
with the crown of the head, then just slowly working through the body to the tips of the
toes, moving through body parts and just consciously relaxing. So our children are so busy these
days, they have busier lives than sometimes adults moving from activity to activity, a
lot of stimulation. So it’s really important for them to take some time and just to relax
and this is a perfect opportunity and right after doing some of the other poses it’s just
a good chance for that. This is yogic sleeping.