How To Teach Yoga & Meditation For Children : How To Teach Kids A Recline Twist In Yoga

Hi welcome back! Brooke is here and she just
released from bridge pose and now we’re going to take just a simple relaxing reclining twist.
So on an inhalation Brooke is going to pull her knees up toward her chest lifting her
feet from the floor, taking her hands and holding at the knees and just gently kind
of rocking from side to side to release tension from the low back, massaging the spine. Then
she’ll take her arms out to the sides straight out from the shoulders with the palms facing
up for the twist. Which she’s going to drop her knees and her feet over to the right keeping
the shoulders down, turning her gaze to look in the direction of the left hand. So twists
are wonderful things to do after you’ve been folding forward and some back bending positions
in which we’ve been in during the previous filming, so a twist is just a good way to
neutralize and relax the spine. And then with an inhale Brooke will bring her knees back
to center along with the head and then she’ll drop her feet and legs over to the left, turning
her head in the direction of the right shoulder. So we’ve just went to both sides and as always
she’s breathing deeply. After she’s taken a few breaths, we’ll inhale to come back to
the center with the knees and the feet and to bring the arms closer into the sides and
relax the feet down to the floor. That was a simple reclining twist.