How to Work Out during First Trimester | Pregnancy Workout

Your first trimester working out may be a
little bit more difficult just because you’re gonna feel tired, nauseous, maybe winded,
and possibly a little bit overheated; you wanna go really slow on those kinds of days
or maybe change the time of day that you’re working out. If you have morning sickness before 10 am,
just work out in the afternoon. If you notice you’re starting to get dizzy
or nauseous in the evenings, switch to workouts to the morning. You can do anything that you’d done before
getting pregnant; it’s fine, you’re not gonna hurt you’re baby. The only thing you may want to avoid is doing
compressive twisting, anything where your belly is being pressed against your thigh,
anything with leverage or force, rotating deeply into the abdominals; you may not enjoy
that, you may not be comfortable but if you are doing that because you didn’t realize
that you were pregnant right away, don’t worry; you’re safe, nothing bad is gonna happen. It’s just something to be mindful if you already
know you are pregnant.