Hello kiddos and welcome back to my channel I think that’s gonna be a new thing and I’m sorry if it’s annoying I have another try on haul for you because For some reason really like them and you keep requesting them and I am here to deliver. You’re welcome But before we start make sure you’re like why does my hair look so big Please make sure you give this video a thumbs up follow my social media down below Because I do things on there and click that subscribe button below because it’s free and you get a cookie So my first bikini haul was done With romwe and Shion and my dearest friends at South Pole probably saw that video got jealous and sent me Some bikinis for me to try and I’ll never try soft well before and honestly, I was gonna do it. Anyway again, thank you So much. It’s awful for sending me these pieces. I actually wrote you can’t see it can’t see it I wrote down some things that I liked and didn’t like but yeah, we’re just gonna go through them Alright, okay I got all of these in a large I think except for one or two But I’m going to tell you which ones are extra-large, but just assume that everything else is large Okay, cuz everyone always asked me and I put in the description box and is still people just aren’t reading it They come in this cute little bag. It says thoughtful I saved the best for first because it’s my favorite and I’m gonna wear it a lot and I’ve actually looked to the beach this Friday just for the day and I’m gonna wear them look bited So it’s a bandeau top and not much too is just read plain red It has padding in the boobie area. Duh where else you want padding on the back No, and it’s also a good length band oh because there are other ones in here that are way too short and my movies popping out and I don’t even have boobs like That so someone who has big boobs on to try Bend. Oh, I would suggest This one the ones that look thick than the rest at the bottom So you guys know I love my high rise high-waisted type things, but it has to be high cut like a high leg There’s so many ways to say it. It just covers all the areas that I want covered and my booty cheeks look nice What more could you ask for? I don’t know. It’s just great I’m excited to meet Ann and Liz, you know next and now I have so many bikinis Hold off fuck means that many bikinis, but clearly not me. I definitely have over 20. I have never owned More than like three pairs of bikinis in my life, and I literally Bri wear them all the time This is a step up for me. We have a frilly frilly. Frilly I don’t really know what this fabric is, but it’s been really popular lately, especially Did I even say that right? It’s been very popular lately. There we go Especially the like the banjo and I actually saw this up for over 21, obviously not the bikini But just the bando top and I would just wear this oz on top like I don’t even have to wear it as a bikini Because it has really good coverage all around And it’s just really cute pretty purple Yes, the bottoms are really like however a lot of these I’m going to be wearing backwards Protip from Miss Breen if you haven’t seen her videos, I’m sure you have because she’s poppin but she wears them backwards How did I not think of this before? I don’t know but genius. Yes It’s just more coverage in the cushy area. This one pees Nice, I keep trying these one pieces. They just don’t work for my body. Not that they don’t look good It’s just thoughtful runs quite small and even though I got a large even though I’ve got a large in these I could probably fit an extra large as Well, so I would definitely recommend sizing up. This is really cute. I still tried it on it fits it’s just very tight and Also, we get a slight diaper booty in the back, which you guys know, I don’t enjoy and it’s really cute That’s what I’m most upset about. It feels like a medium. So I’m just gonna say if it’s like a medium It’s supposed to be a large the back also has a hole So it’s not just in the front that’s in the hole and then there’s a clasp right here and then you know The little tied knot right there. It is. Very cute. It’s like this great like light gray with white. It’s cute, man But that’s good. If you want to keep a little more conservative, they have the full. It’s like the full size bottom So if you don’t like to show too much cheek Definitely get those next now. We have one piece that actually did fit and I was quite Quite happy. It’s a teal one piece Look at how beautiful this color I just oh Are you kidding me? This is beautiful it has the two holes right here Hey, what a look? Oh my gosh. It’s kind of like an optical illusion because it’s almost as if you’re just wearing high-waisted bottom but it’s a one-piece so Joke’s on you and they are kind of like a high leg. So they do kind of hold my booty a little better So I don’t feel like I’m wearing a diaper and they fit me perfectly another bandeau type Bikini again. I wouldn’t change anything about this one. It’s got the perfect I’m pulling on it has got the perfect bottoms again. I wore these backwards because I told you already the only thing that I’m a little About is the bando On me if it’s fine. It’s just a little too skinny So I feel like I don’t have enough coverage in the boobie area It’s like I can only use it to tan, which is fine I’ll probably do that but obviously can’t swim in this like no my booze No, they’ll be saying hello to the world if that’s the case, but again very comfortable. I love this material like this It’s just very stretchy and nice and it fits perfect. I love it Oh, this is another real real fun one one that I actually thought was not going to turn out very well did And I’m quite happy only reason Wi-Fi wouldn’t look good. It’s because of this top I don’t know what it was when I saw it. I was like No, because triangle Custer’s don’t look good on me, but I tried this on and it’s more like a sports bra type one So I really really like it and I have has the Chevron is the Chevron It’s like a topi like a Toby Brown Or the white and black and then the bottoms are real cute Is it got the little lace up right there? And it’s cute now? this is supposed to be in the front, but I wear it in the back because again I don’t want a vagina popeater. It still looks cute. Either what I really like the color It just feels it’s it’s very neutral I really like neutral colors like tropical leafy Green ones because they have been really popular a year ago or something and I never really got to wear one good stuff Bringing it back y’all anyway It’s again a high-waisted but these are different because I don’t know if you can tell but they’re stitching it’s like a band right here and then Ditching right here. And then the rest of the underwear. I’m not sure what that’s for I don’t know if it’s supposed to be like a tummy control type thing. It still fits really nicely It’s on the thinner side this material the top again on a C it doesn’t really fit that Creek the white part on the inside kind of comes out like it just rolls out and It’s just not sturdy. It’s it’ll be cute for pictures, but that’s really it ha I know it’s not very functional the top isn’t it? But this is and that’s also not functional because this can literally be see I tie it up real tight, but you can untie this and you Boobies laughing so yeah, this will probably be just cute for pictures then Kind of roll up set about this one because I knew it wasn’t gonna fit me The way that I wanted to but I got it anyway because I said, all right. I’m always wearing high-waisted things Let’s switch it up. Let’s see how Like the lower rise things look So I got it mainly because of the color the color is absolutely gorgeous Yeah it’s a bando but it also has the support right here with the straps and it kind of just goes over your neck and then These bottoms I just go like if you want to make a high leg make it real high like, you know what I mean? Oh, I still love the color. I mean maybe I’ll wear the bottoms when I tan because they’re clearly super cheeky and tiny, so That’s perfect for tanning. It’s it’s tiny tip on where I’m uncomfortable Like I feel like I’m not wearing anything and I feel like I should be wearing pants I don’t I don’t think that’s gonna work out but the color is beautiful and You know if you’re on the skinnier side, I would This next one is a fun one but a Slight fail. It’s another one piece. So it’s actually brown. I don’t know what it is about brown It looks pretty good on bikinis I don’t know why and it’s kind of a boring color anyway, and then in the back, it has like the little lace up Right there and you can adjust it however, you want you want it really tight or loose and I loosened it up as much as I could and It’s just tight everywhere again. It has, you know boobie padding, which is great. It just fits like a medium There’s no telling which one’s going to fit the way that you wanted to but I guess for what? Pieces you should size up next we have another tropical like banana leaf, really? High-waisted full coverage. I just wanted to try to see what I would look like in it and for sure I look like I’m wearing a diaper but I love the print and It’s got a real cute detailing right here on the side again with the lace-up However, if you’re on the thicker side, I’m not sure if that’s a because things break Things untie this one was the ones that I got an extra large. I don’t know why I got this one That looks too large, but I think it’s because I wanted bigger bottoms because with cook full coverage Usually they tend to be tighter up here and then on the side and the top actually fits quite nice I just need to tighten up the straps, but it does have a disabled strap It doesn’t have a little buckle or clasp right here So you kind of just throw it on and it’s the triangle type fit but It has like a lining right here at the bottom and that Kind of just helps to me at least with support and it’s not a spin when things are too thin on my bag It’s just uncomfortable so yeah, so I’m having about the top still really really cute, but it’s just not my choice of Bikini, I just wanted to try to see how it would look. I was really excited about this lemon print I think it’s really popular at the moment and it just reminds me of lemonade. Why wouldn’t you want to wear this? So we got a band. Oh, I just think you’d sleep like the country now What I like about this top is that the cups on here are very big so they cover my entire boob Instead of like the half as like simple ones which are all far to where they move around too much These just cup your boobs entirely. They also have the like the flexible. I don’t know if it’s a wire. I don’t really know What’s in your plastic? I don’t know. How’s that so it’s very structured this very nice coverage in here Bottom is the same as that orange one. So same thing award these backwards with the back to the front and It’s extra cheeky. I’ll probably wear tanning, but that’s about it It’s like a ball an actual ball still really like the print I think it’s interesting I don’t really have anything with a print on it. So this row cute, it would not be a full-on hobby Try on haul if I didn’t have anything yellow in it. I love these bottoms. They’re just a little the tighter side It’s that weird fabric. It’s it doesn’t feel like bikini fabric. It’s kind of ribbed the band right here It’s just kind of tough. So I’ve been trying to try to like stretch them a little but the elastic here is quite tough I told you guys this is why I don’t get like spaghetti strap things because they just feel wrong comfortable and I Just feels awkward. Honestly, I don’t really know why I don’t like it. That’s why I don’t like wearing bras It’s the same feeling. I need something thicker. I just like thicker Fans they just feel better. Yeah, I got this and it has like cool detailing too It’s and I love the way that it looks together But it’s just not for me so I could probably just make them match when you are ordering from Sowell either Size up or just try to get the styles that you know Your body would look good in because otherwise it’s you know a little bit of a waste of money even though they are very affordable again they range from There are some that are three bucks because they’re on sale So they have really really good prices and you’re definitely getting a really good deal for what you’re actually paying So yeah, it’s hard to tell what size you’re gonna be but again I only got one extra-large and I showed you which ones they were The Reds were all large and that’s typically the size that I am especially in the bottoms and because you can’t choose Different bottoms and different tops. It’s kind of hard to decide Anyway, thank you so much for watching. And thank you zaw full for sponsoring this video. It’s been a lot of fun I am so excited for summer. I’m ready. Like I don’t know. I don’t even need to shop anymore. Honestly. I’m good to go I hope you guys enjoyed this video I really enjoyed making it please don’t forget to give this video and thumbs up if you liked it and if you didn’t I Don’t know what I could do about that I’m gonna link all my social media down below so you can follow me And I hope you’re having a wonderful day or one of the night open if you’re watching this and I’ll see – what?