Hungry Flamingo – Maximo | GoNoodle

(Spanish music) (Spanish music)
– Greetings, my friends. It is I, Maximo. (stomach growls)
It is also my stomach, el stomacho. I am hungry! So, shall we begin? Yes, yes we shall. Stand with your feet almost together, and your hands in front of your heart. Find a nice spot to
stare at in front of you, because we are going to balance. Got a spot? Good. Let your arms hang down at your sides. Shift your weight to one foot, and bend the other knee to
lift that foot behind you. Look, you are a flamingo! Yes, technically the flamingo’s
knee bends the other way, but this is Gonodor my
friends, anything goes! See if you can grasp
the cuff of your pants or even the top of your foot
with your same-sided hand. If not, no worries, just keep the foot up or put it down if you need to. It’s all good. Now, let’s breathe in, reach
high with your opposite arm. It is your beak. Breathe slowly. (inhales) Beautiful. Do you want a challenge? Yes, yes you do. Try bending at your hips so
your arm beak can nab some food. Stare at a spot on the floor to balance. Your hand, it points forward and your body folds with a flat back, as you reach to eat some
shrimp or blue-green algae. Oh how I wish flamingos ate bananas. Bend a little, or bend a little more. Yes. Stay for tres, dos, uno, and… slowly unfold to reach up, then release your fabulous flamingo foot and bring down your arm
slash beak at the same time. Breathe, my hungry flamingos. And now, let us do the opposite side. Stare at a spot. Good. Shift your weight. Great. Lift your other leg, and bend your knee. Try to hold your pant cuff or foot. Why hello, flamingo. You look, how you say, marvelous. Breathe in to reach up with your arm beak. Nice. So tall, so pink. Shift your focus to a spot on the floor. Breathe out, bend forward. You hungry flamingo, you. (stomach growls) Oh, this flamingo is very, very hungry. You can bend a little,
or bend a little more, or even a little more. It is up to you, my flamingo friend. Stay there for tres, dos, uno and… lift your arm slash beak and
come out of the water slowly. Then, unbend your flamingo knee and float your hand down by your side. Magnifico. I had a most excelente time
with you hungry flamingos today. (stomach growls) Now, this hungry monkey is
off to eat a tasty banana. Until next time my friends, bon appetit!