– [Mom] Kayla. Kayla. Tyler. – [Dad] It’s like we’re not even here. – [Mom] Uh, Tyler? What the heck is going on? – [Dad] Are they mad at us or something? – [Tyler] That’s weird. (rock music) – Hey guys, it’s Kayla. – And Tyler. – From We Are The Davises
and today we are going to ignore our parents for 24 hours. We thought this would
be really fun because we saw some other channels doing it and it looked pretty fun so we’re just gonna see what they do and just pretend like we don’t
know what’s going on. – Yeah. – Just pretend like they’re not there, so let’s see what happens. – Yeah. – Hey guys! It’s Shawn and Connie
from We Are The Davises. – Hello. What’s up everybody? – It’s really sunny out. It just finished raining. – For like a month straight. – Oh gosh. – It’s been raining forever. – What do you think? Should we go out and do something? – I’m like afraid. What if the sun hurts us I
haven’t seen it in so long, I’ll have no idea what to do. – We’re so pale. We need some sunshine. I think it would be fun
if we got the kids and asked them what they would wanna do today. – Sure. They always have some
pretty good ideas, right? – Yeah, totally. – Let’s go check it out. – Let’s go. – Hey guys. It’s sunny outside, did you guys see? It’s not raining anymore. Kayla! It’s not raining. Hey Ty, it’s not raining anymore. Did you see outside? – Such a good boy. – [Mom] It’s totally sunny. – Such a good boy. We can go do something. What are you playing? – Instead of singing in the rain, we could go play football
outside or something. Or frisbee or we could
play with the dogs, fetch? – [Mom] Yeah, that sounds like fun. – [Dad] There’s lots of things. – [Mom] The dogs are so happy. – [Dad] Yeah, ’cause he’s got food. – [Mom] Hershey, he’s still learning. He’s got his diaper on. Tyler! – [Dad] Alright, well. – [Mom] Tyler! Tyler! Why are you eating chips? It’s not even lunch time yet. It’s still early. Tyler! – [Dad] It’s like we’re not even here. – Uh, Tyler. What the heck is going on? – Are they mad at us or something? – I don’t know. – I know I didn’t do anything. – Well the room cleared
so I can only come to one other conclusion. – I didn’t do it. – Hmm. – [Mom] Hershey, do you see us? – [Dad] He’s got the, oh yeah. – [Mom] Look! We’re not
invisible, the dogs see us! Hello! – [Dad] Say hi to all the fans out there. – [Mom] Look it! They’re not ignoring. Hey Kayla, did you want to
go out to lunch or something? I think that would be fun. I’m hungry. Kayla? Kayla! What are you watching? That looks like, is that Instagram? Is that YouTube? What is she doing? Kayla? Kayla! Kayla! – [Dad] Hey Kayla! Wanna go learn how drive a Ferrari? You want to go buy a Jeep? – [Mom] What? – [Dad] Do you want to? – [Mom] Dang! She’s not even crackin. – [Dad] Do you want to
go get another puppy? – [Mom] Oh my gosh! There is definitely something
wrong with these kids. Tyler! Tyler! – [Dad] Hey, you want some V-Bucks? – [Mom] Do you wanna go to lunch? Tyler! Tyler, do you like food? What is going on? Tyler! – [Dad] Tyler, you really
shouldn’t walk away from your mom like that. – [Mom] What are we gonna do? I think this is discipling time. What do you think? He’s too calm. – I love discipline! – Maybe if I turn the
camera sideways, there. Are kids are ignoring us. – Yeah, discipline. I’m down for the discipline. – I know we’re not invisible
and we are the parents. I mean, seriously, we gotta do something. You know what. – What kind of discipline
do we have in mind? – They’re using their phones. What if we took their phones away? Then they have to talk to us. – That’s just cruel and unusual, man. – They have to talk to us. They would totally freak
out if we took their phones. – Okay. Give me that! Hmm. – [Mom] Tyler! – [Dad] He’s in the middle of a battle. – [Mom] What? You just took his phone! – [Dad] Yeah, I know. Now I’m playing his game. Alright, yeah, we’re gonna blow that up. Oh! I just won! Look! Sweet! – [Mom] Nice! Tyler! Dad just played your game. Tyler! Tyler, where are you going? Tyler! Ty! Tyler! Maybe he’s going to check the mailbox? What’s going on? Tyler! Do we need to go follow him? – [Dad] Hey, at least
take the dogs with you. – [Mom] He didn’t even
get mail or anything. What are you doing? You’re acting so weird. – [Dad] What did he just do? – [Mom] Nothing! – Maybe our kids were replaced
by robots or something. – They’re like possessed. – Possessed! – I don’t know what’s going on. – Alright, I’m calling
an exorcist right now. – Oh my goodness. – Alright, well let’s try
and what Kayla’s phone has any affect. – Whatcha got there? Kayla! – [Kayla] Hey Charlie! – [Dad] Well, we know they talk. – [Mom] They would’ve totally
thrown a fit for that. – Do you need to go potty? – I thought for sure she
would’ve been all “Hey! What’s going on?” – Took Tyler’s phone and… – She would’ve been all “That’s not fair! Give that back!” Anything! She did nothing. Tyler did nothing. – [Kayla] Good boy Hershey. – How did he get his phone back? – He must’ve just taken it from my hand. – [Mom] Tyler, you aren’t
allowed to have your phone. You can’t have your phone. They’re not getting their phones
back until they talk to us. That’s it! Tyler just walked in to
the house with wet feet. Wet socks. – It has been raining. The sun is out now but the
yard is completely wet. The grass is wet and there’s
puddles in the backyard. – [Kayla] You wanna treat? – Tyler just totally walked outside. Look, he’s got socks on, leaving
wet footprints everywhere. – I’m gonna hide their
phones in the cupboard. – [Kayla] Oh my gosh,
you wanna another treat? – They don’t get their phones until they start talking to us. – [Kayla] Your face is so cute! – I don’t know what to do. – [Kayla] You’re so cute! – Hmm. What about money? Do you think they’d like money? – Who doesn’t like money? How much money you got? – Should we bribe them? They’re kind of being bad. I don’t know. Would you bribe? I think that’s not a good idea. – Well we can see if it
works and then if it works, we’ll just take it, – Then we’ll ground them. – Yeah, we’ll just take it back. – [Mom] So we got resources. – Got some hundies’ here. Let’s see if that’ll help. What does Kayla really want right now? I think she was looking
at a pair of shoes at the mall the other day, right? – [Mom] She’s lookin’ at
clothes all the time too. – I’m sure there’s probably… – [Mom] Something. (doorbell rings) (dog barks) – [Mom] I wonder what that is. Hey you guys! What are you doing? – [Tyler] What is it? – [Kayla] It’s heavy. – [Mom] Well thanks for getting
the package for us you guys. Wait a second, that’s probably not yours. Wait a second, that’s not yours. You don’t open our mail. What if that’s private? Kayla! That’s not yours! – [Kayla] Ty we don’t need the key! Ohh! – [Mom] What is it? – [Kayla] Ohh! A weighted blanket. – [Tyler] Ohh! This is mine! – [Kayla] Look at that! – [Tyler] My blanket came! – [Kayla] Wait, can I feel it though? – [Tyler] No. – [Mom] Wow! Are you excited Tyler? Tyler! – [Kayla] Please. – [Tyler] I can’t
believe I got my blanket. – [Mom] Tyler! – [Kayla] Please. – We ordered it a day ago. – Let’s read the manual. – [Mom] You guys! – [Tyler] Wow, this is heavy! – [Mom] Is it heavy? – [Kayla] Wow! – [Mom] Do you like it? Tyler! Does it work good? – [Kayla] Let me feel. – [Dad] What is it? – [Mom] It’s a weighted blanket that I.. – [Kayla] Oh! That’s nice. – [Mom] Helped Tyler get
but he’s not telling me anything about it. – [Kayla] That’s nice. Tyler, can I try it? – [Tyler] No. – [Dad] The dogs are like
“That’s awesome! I want it!” – [Kayla] Tyler! Just for a second. I just wanna see. – [Mom] Hey, you guys. – [Kayla] Ah, sorry Harley. That is nice. Hi babies. – Hey, you guys! This is not working but
we did get the $100, we just got interrupted
there with the mail. – [Dad] Hey Kayla, I know
there’s some pretty awesome clothes you’ve been
looking at at the mall. Do you want $100? – [Kayla] Hershey’s jealous. – [Dad] You can have
$100 if you talk to me. – [Kayla] Hershey’s so jealous. – [Dad] Alright, Kayla. I’ll give you $100 if
you just acknowledge me. – [Mom] Yeah! She took the money! – [Dad] Yeah! Kayla, how are you doing? – [Mom] Kayla! – [Kayla] Hi Hershey. Do you wanna go at the same time? – [Mom] Tyler, you’re not even
jealous that Kayla got money? Tyler! – [Tyler] If we rip the bill
in half then it’s two 50s. – [Mom] Tyler! Tyler! Tyler, if you talk to
me I’ll give you $100. Tyler, if you talk to
me I’ll give you $100. Tyler! Tyler! You’re supposed to talk
to me, that was the deal! Tyler! Ty! You can’t take the money. This isn’t working. – What did we just pay for? We just spent $200 for nothing. – We just got robbed. – What can we do now? – [Kayla] We should go shopping. Let’s go Tyler. – [Tyler] Let’s take the car. – [Mom] You can’t go shopping. You don’t even have a car. – [Dad] He stole the keys to my car. – [Kayla] Where should we go? – [Mom] What? – [Tyler] I’ll drive. – [Tyler] I’ll buy V-Bucks real quick. – I’ll go online shopping. – This is not fun. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. We’re the parents. – I left my manual at home. What does it say in the parent guide? – We took their phone. There is not parent guide. – Oh. No wonder I don’t know what to do. – We tried bribing and that was a mistake. That didn’t do anything. – He didn’t seem to care. – Well that, we bought
ahead of time and it just happened to come in the
mail while this is going on. – Are they mad at us? Did we do something? Are they just playing a game? – I think this is a game. – Really? – I’m gonna beat ’em at this game. – By ignoring them back
so you can ignore each other the longest. – This doesn’t sound like fun. – No, it sounds actually really boring. – I really actually wanna go out. Let’s go see what they’re
doing and maybe we can figure something else. – Well, if we take away
whatever it is that’s distracting them, they’ll
have to talk to us. – Maybe we’ll have to
kidnap the dogs because that’s what they keep going to. Hmm. – Guys, this is actually working so well. – It’s working out perfect. – I think we could do it all day. – Yeah, this is kind of easy. – Yeah, we both made $100 dollars! – We made $200 ignoring our parents. – This is making profit. If we just do this every
day we’ll be millionaires in three years. – Alright, let’s do this. – Just kidding. – [Mom] Hershey! Hi Hershey! You guys wanna play with us huh? You love us. You love us. – [Dad] Kayla, whatcha doin’ girl? – [Mom] What’s she doing? – [Dad] She’s looking on Instagram? – [Mom] No, she’s not even shopping. – Hershey! Harley! Wanna learn how to play keyboard? (bangs on keyboard) – [Dad] Maybe we should
get her some piano lessons. – [Mom] Wow, you’re
really good at that Kayla. Kayla! (bangs on keyboard) – [Mom] I love that song! That’s a great song. I love that song. What is that called? What is it? Nothing? Kayla! Kayla! She doesn’t like it when I flick her hair. – [Dad] You haven’t made it that far. – [Mom] She’s not paying attention. Kayla! – Harley come here! Harley come! Harley come! – [Mom] Hmm. What is he playing? – I don’t know. – [Mom] He’s totally on Fortnite. – I got my $100 back though. – [Mom] Oh, you got your money back! Tyler, we took the money! Tyler, we took your money! – That’s weird. – [Dad] He just went to the other screen. – [Tyler] (mumbles) – [Dad] Not anymore he’s not. – Uh, Tyler! No more Fortnite. He didn’t even get angry. I thought for sure he
was gonna be like “What?” – Normally he’s like “What? Uh!” – “What? What are you doing?” – “I was in a battle! Uh!” – I just wanna go out. – Maybe we should go without them. It’s gonna be like a family
day so what are we gonna do? – I think everything else has failed. I’m gonna try one last ditch effort to, I’m gonna give Tyler a
big hug and see if he’ll respond to that. – Okay, well hold on. We’ve bribed them with money,
we’ve taken away their phones, took away their computers. Now you’re going to
smother them with love? – Yeah. – See if that works. That’s different approaches. I think that’s probably pretty smart. We’ll see which one works best. – I’m rooting for love. I’m rooting for love. Hey Ty! Hey Tyler! Tyler! Tyler! Tyler! – Oh mom, I love you! Yeah! – You’re listening to me! Tyler! – Where’s Dad? – Oh my gosh! – Where’s Dad? – Dad’s right here? – Where? I don’t see him. – Hey buddy! Thank you for coming back around. I missed my boy. – Do I get paid more? – You wanna get paid more? What’s the going rate
for a son these days? $100 an hour? $50 an hour? – [Mom] Well we’re still missing a kid. Do you think it’ll work Tyler? – [Tyler] No. – It worked on Tyler, let’s see. – Kayla! Kayla! I love you! – Ah! My nails fell off. – She’s listening! Kayla lost a nail! I’m sorry! She’s talking! Kayla! Hi! – [Tyler] Kayla, do you see Dad? – Love works! Love is the best! – Yeah! – Do you want to try it? – Yeah, I wanna try it. – Okay. There’s Dad. Ow, my back! – I broke her back but I earned her love. Resuscitate! Resuscitate! – [Mom] Yeah! – Yeah. – [Mom] You guys wanna
go out and do something? – [Dad] We have our kids. – I don’t. – Ty, we have 100 bucks now so let’s go. – [Dad] They’re gonna spend their $100. – [Mom] Oh man! – I think the bribe
money needs to come back. What do you think? – We’ll use it to go have some fun. – [Dad] There we go. – How long did you guys
really think you could last? – All day. – 29,000 hours. – All day. – They didn’t get moved by
having their phones taken away, they didn’t budge when we
took their computer away, bribing didn’t even work. – But love did! Yeah! Loves! – I think love is the winner of everything – Yeah. – We hope you guys enjoyed this video. Comment down below. – Where is my phone? – Where did they hide the phone? Which one of you took it? Don’t forget to subscribe chat
to our other family channels and (mumbles). – Bye.