Introduction to Tantric Sex

– Ouch. Okay, baby, here we go. I gotta get naked for this first. – [Audience] Yes please, lets do it. (audience laughing) Okay. Today’s topic is Tantra. And we know from our experiences here that Tantra is the vast science
that helps with everything in our human experience. However, our point of focus
today is one particular aspect of the human experience that
tends to be rather popular. And that is the sexual aspect of our life. So how can Tantra help us to
fulfill this part of our being? Well, Tantra literally could be called the path of love, and oneness, Shiva and Shakti. We’ve talked about this a lot. Shiva is the masculine archetype, cosmic consciousness, Shakti, feminine, creative energy. And they are always one. To remind you, we see them
because we see things in duality. But the whole process of yoga is bringing us back to this
union between Shiva and Shakti, matter and energy, or
consciousness and energy. This is the path of yoga, this is the legitimate path of union. And what happens is, I’m struggling here, whether
to follow the PowerPoints or just let it flow. I’ve never taught this
with PowerPoint before. Let me just talk for a while, and then we’ll go back
into the PowerPoints, okay? This is a path of union
not only within ourselves, but now we have the opportunity to come into union with another. And when we come into union with another, there’s that much more energy
coming into this experience. Tantra is really about
expanding our perception so that we can perceive
more of our infinite being. And this can be done all alone, or can be done in relationship. Tantra is the teaching for
the model an age, okay? The Vedas, the Yoga Sutras,
these are older teachings for older humanity, different
type of consciousness, several thousand years ago. This is the teaching
for the material world, how to use all the tools
in this physical reality for our own spiritual awakening. So, it’s a beautiful gift, because most of us are not
going to go into the cave and meditate for 30 years, but most of us will be in relationship. So how can relationship help us to fulfill our human potential? This is a beautiful teaching,
and I’m very fortunate to share with you and
I’ve been fortunate enough to have it in my life
for the past 10 years. And it’s radically transformed
the way I view relationships, the way I view, love, and sex and myself. This is why I’m very passionate
about sharing it with you, I do workshops with this,
I’ve been doing it for a long time, well, 10 years that’s not so long, but long enough to have
had some good experiences and heard and learned
a lot from my teachers, the people I studied with, and then the people who are
the classes and workshops that I’ve given. Although I am not a woman,
I do have good information for you today, usually,
when I’m with a partner, I teach with the partner so that the woman can hear her perspective. But having taught with a
partner over the last 10 years, I pretty much can understand
some of the perspective without actually being in the body. So, what you can do is
also attend the lectures on Wednesday nights, Nikki gives a lecture on touch on Wednesday nights. We teach essentially, very much
in parallel with each other. This is a legitimate path of yoga, and expansion of consciousness. It’s all about your evolution. And please remember, yoga
is the path of self mastery. We master the body through us
and then we master the breath. And eventually we master the mind. But one important part of
our being that is often suppressed, repressed, even
have negative emotions about or negative sensations
from the culture around us, that somehow sex is not
something that we should talk about openly. So, to master ourselves, all of ourselves, we also need to master our sexual energy and create a healthy
relationship with our sexuality. For many people, because of
the programs from culture, religion, education, parents, there’s often a sense of
guilt around sex these days, or even a sense that somehow it’s dirty, or somehow we should really
just keep it off to the side and completely separated
from our spiritual path. Tantra says, “Your sexual energy
is your spiritual energy.” Because what is your
sexual energy craving for? It’s craving for union with another, it’s craving for that sense of merging, that deep heart connection. And that sexual energy
that’s craving for union, this is the same energy
that’s craving for union with the divine, for the full awakening. Because when we go into a
deep embrace, making love, and you can feel that connection
at the level of the heart. And this whole path is about
how to go into the heart, and how to allow ourselves
to feel these connections, not just with a lover, but with everything in
the universe around us. So, through this path of
working with the partner or with ourselves, we
learn how to of course master this energy, but most importantly, I want you to understand, this is really about opening the heart. And in the modern day, so many people have built
a wall around their hearts, myself included, to protect
myself from more trauma and at the same time,
what happens is we prevent things from coming in,
because we protect ourselves. We prevent the good and
beneficial things from entering into our beings because of this wall. So, this is a path of
coming back to wholeness, and it’s a path of coming
back into your full power. Because once you start to
tap into this sexual creative force, and use it in a
way that helps to amplify your potential, it changes your life. Because rather than just the
losing it and abusing it, which in the modern world is very common, we can now take this strongest energy that
we have in our being, the only energy that can
create another human being that we have. This is a miracle. So, we take this and we turn
it into the central channel up through the chakras and
we illuminate our chakras. So, this is fulfilling
your human potential and taking you from physical to spiritual. And in fact, according to yoga and Tantra, there is no difference
between the physical and the spiritual, they’re all one always. Your sexual energy is your
spiritual energy, and remember, every single form of energy
in the universe has polarity. What does polarity mean? Two opposite charges, a plus
charge and a negative charge. And I mentioned this before,
but please understand what’s happening in every form of energy, is that law of attraction
between the plus charge and the negative charge, Yin and Yang, masculine and feminine, Shiva and Shakti. Whatever you wanna call it,
it’s all the same indication of this interplay that goes
on from the smallest level of the particle to the biggest,
cosmic universal level. So, this is the dance of attraction between these two polar opposites. And this is about the connection, and it always, always starts here, okay? A lot of the time, people
think, “Well, if I get the right partner, if I find the right relationship, then I’ll be fulfilled, then I can finally have the happiness that
I’ve been looking for.” Tantra says. “This is a misunderstanding, we need to become whole in ourselves, so that then we can go into
relationship with another and have two whole
beings coming together.” There’s a beautiful expression, or a way that I like to see it. I become one whole being, and I meet another beautiful being, and then we come together and we merge. And if at some point we need to separate, we’re still whole beings. We’re not relying on somebody
else to complete us per se. So the path of Tantra is really about fulfilling your potential,
and you can do that alone or in partnership. So, remember, you are the microcosm, Universe is the macrocosm,
so what we’re doing through this path of Tantra is
also lighting up the chakras. When you start to send that
sexual energy through the body, it does amazing things when
you do this consciously now. This is also a very powerful
way to awakened Kundalini. Now in Tantra, we talked
a lot about the orgasm. But please understand the
orgasm is never the goal. The orgasm is something
that is a tool, really, it’s a good tool, it’s a fun tool. But why is there so much
emphasis on orgasm in Tantra? And I did talk about this a little bit during the Yamas and Niyamas. When we go into a deep state of orgasm, we transcend the ego,
we transcend the mind, and we go beyond this sense
of duality into this oneness. And we can experience this
alone or with a partner. As we go into this deep
state of surrender, and this is really what
it’s about, surrender, then we open the gates, and this starts to change everything. We say the whole universe is making love, because of that law of attraction
between Shiva and Shakti. In Tantra, everything is divine. There’s nothing that should not be here. There’s nothing that is not divine, every particle of this universe
is a manifestation of God, according to Tantra. So, everything is accepted. If everything is divine, even the cow shit on the side of the road in India and the people dying of cancer. Everything in this universe is supposed to be exactly as it is. It’s just our level of
consciousness that has a hard time perceiving the bigger picture and seeing, how this all fits together
in a beautiful, harmonious, loving way, from a creator
that is here to lift us back to the source. There’s no right or wrong, there’s not saying that this is something you should or should not do. Ultimately, what this path is
about is about communication. And this is a big one, because we need to learn to communicate, to go deeper into relationship. And for me, this was a huge
obstacle for a long time. It’s about intimacy, and it’s ultimately about that the deepest state of love that you can experience. Because, when you go into Tantra, you learn to make love for longer. No more five minutes,
10 minutes, 15 minutes, you can make love for
hours and hours and hours. People say, “Well, I don’t
know if I have that much time.” Well, the idea is that when you
can make love for half hour, and an hour, two hours, three hours, literally five hours all day
long If you have the time, then you can go into a
deep state of intimacy. Because if it’s over in 10
minutes, how deep did you really get into that connection? But if you can make love for several hours and meditate, while you’re
making love with your partner, you go into so much more depth
of connection than you can, from just a physical release
or a physical pleasure. And that’s what it’s really about. How deep can you go into the heart. So, once we go into our own hearts, this is an opportunity to
experience the love of the Divine. And when we have love for
another human being, true love, this is another opening another gateway or an opportunity to
experience not just human love of attachment and ego,
but it’s a possibility to open to the Divinity,
to the love of the Divine. So, you know, when you have
been in love with someone, how everything is wonderful,
the sun is shining brighter, the colors are brighter,
everything smells prettier. Everything is just at a
different level of frequency vibration, because that’s
coming from within you. So this is what we want to bring ourselves back into the hearts so
that we can experience this love all the time, not
just while we’re having sex. The orgasm is an opening to the highest state of consciousness. Remember, I asked Fred,
in French they say, “The little death which mean
in French, La petite mort,” whatever that sound is. (audience laughing) It’s the little death of the ego. What is the ego responsible for? Separation, I am me and you are you that’s what the ego says. The ego is not bad. You have to have an ego
to survive on this planet. You need to eat, you need to feed yourself and your family et cetera. But we need to master
the ego, same as the mind same as the emotions the
path of self mastery. Through the orgasm, literally, you are raising your vibration. Because every time you have a good orgasm, it’s bliss, right? It’s ecstasy, and anytime
your body experiences bliss or ecstasy, your
frequency goes higher. So, there is a lot of
emphasis on how to cultivate more and longer and deeper orgasms. But remember, the orgasm is not the goal. It’s just a nice part of the
play that we have to enjoy. This is a massive path of purification. As you start to send this incredible energy through your
body, what’s it gonna do? The same thing as if you do Pranayama, you’re purifying the nadis. So now you send this
amazing creative force through the whole body
through all the nadis, all 72,000 channels, and you light it up. This is what’s possible
through the purification, through using the sexual energy. Now we’re going to start with
men because let’s face it, it’s usually the men
who come first anyway. (audience laughing) Every time I teach. Okay? What I want to introduce
is some important concepts. Don’t worry, ladies, we’re
gonna get to you next. And the important thing to
remember is that it’s really good for both of you men and women
to hear the other story, because you need to understand. It’s not just about one side, 40, okay. Now in general, what happens
when a couple gets together to make love, there’s
stimulation, arousal, and we’re gonna go to the men first. Usually, let’s say this is 100% arousal, and that would be the orgasm. And this is the time five
minutes, 10 minutes, 15, all the way 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 okay? We got 10 here, I need
to do this so you can see clearly what I’m saying. Okay, so, modern research
has done Masters and Johnson in the last century, I
think in the 60s and 70s, had a very big, expansive research project where they looked into the
sexuality of human beings. And there’s been other, in modern times that have also done this, but
this is one of the most famous research groups to look into sexology. And what they found through the research and I’m going to give
you a generalization. I know there’s always
exceptions to the rules, okay. But in general, what happens
when a man is making love, he gets aroused, and he gets
to 100% orgasm in anywhere from five to 10 minutes. (audience laughing) Okay? A woman on the other hand,
with sexual stimulation, she takes her time. And that’s not a very good pen. (audience laughing) She’s already frustrated. (audience laughing) A woman, generally takes a
different curve of pleasure. And she usually gets to orgasm, if at all, in anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes. Now, you can see there’s a big gap here. And that’s what’s the
cause of a lot of problems in intimate relationships,
especially for the woman, The guy is already
asleep, he doesn’t care. (audience laughing) All right. So, what are we doing in Tantra? Is the men now learn that it
is possible and beneficial to separate the orgasm from ejaculation. When a man has an orgasm,
what usually happens he also has an evacuation
where the semen come out, and then he (snores) depleted. Ejaculation when you lose the
semen cuming, gizz, sperm, I don’t know what else to say. (audience laughing) So, when a man has an ejaculation, he is losing his life force,
because that is the energy that is used to create
another human being. So what Daoism and what Tantra
and other esoteric teachings about sexuality all say
the exact same thing. The man needs to save this energy, like it’s the most
important thing in his life, because it is, it’s his creative force. This is the energy that
drives anything a man does, whether it be art, music,
business, hobby, sport, it doesn’t matter. Whatever we do, we use this creative force not just to make babies, but
that creative force is driving every activity in our life. So imagine if every day and this is what happens in modern world, there are men who ejaculate every day, sometimes several times a day. And each time a man ejaculates, the body has to rebuild up that the sperm. And it takes energy from all
the other parts of the body, draining it to then send
it into reproduction of these sperm cells. So basically by ejaculating, we are depleting our life force, and we are shortening our lifespan as men. The good news is Daoism I talked
about Daoism in conjunction with Tantra because they
go very much hand in hand. There’s some different practices, but the teachings and the
philosophy is very similar. And they both say that by
learning to move this energy through the being rather
than exploding it out, this is what allows a man to
step into his full potential. Because if every day you’re
pulling a little bit of air out of the tire, (shh) every day, eventually that tire is gonna get flat, and you’re gonna be totally depleted. So I know from having taught
these workshops and worked and studied and been with men over the last 10 years in this path, there’re men who can’t fall
asleep without ejaculating. They have to masturbate before bed or have sex before bed because
they’re so stressed out from their jobs and they get home at night and they can either have drinks, and they don’t want to drink every night. So they figure if they masturbate, that’s one easy way to fall asleep. You can already tell if
a man is falling asleep almost immediately after ejaculating, there’s something going on there. And Daoist’s texts talk
about the fact that a man in his teens can ejaculate
every day, that’s fine. A man in his 20s, every other day, a man in his 30s, once a week, a man in his 40s once a month, and after 40 a man should
never ejaculate again, unless he wants to create another baby. Because as we get older it gets harder, to replenish this energy. So it’s very important for
us to conserve this energy. And I will go into my personal experience. I’m gonna talk very openly
today, very directly, and if I make you uncomfortable,
I’m gonna keep talking. (audience laughing) So just get ready, it’s gonna
get graphic in here, okay? If you need to excuse yourself, that’s fine I won’t be insulted. So, what the man learns to do is master his own ejaculation. And this is something that’s
one of the greatest challenges I have ever faced. I’ve been on this path for 10 years. And I’m at a higher level now, but I can’t say I’m 100%
master of this body response. What we do as men and this
is important for you women to understand, because if you
want a man to become tantric, and trust me, you do, because
then you get to make love for hours, you get to go into the heart, you get to experience a
spiritual path together. So, if your man is not tantric, please understand that you can
help teach him these things. And it’s important to understand what the man has to go through. Women are born for Tantra, you’re Shakti, you’re already open
and ready to experience the highest state, you don’t have to worry about any of this idea of
controlling an ejaculation. Just go into the bliss. So, you’re very blessed in that way. Of course, there are other things that you might have to deal with it, it doesn’t have to do with this. But for the men, this
is a great challenge. Now, how does the man get to this point of learning to separate? Well, let’s say between 60
and 80% is the safe zone. So 100% is an ejaculation yeah? What we want to try to do as men, and now here’s where it
starts to get graphic. We learn to train by ourselves. Because if you start trying
to do this with the beautiful Shakti and she just makes the
right sound or the right move, and it’s game over,
you’ve already ejaculated. What we wanna learn to do by ourselves, through the practice of the
art of self stimulation, which we know is masturbation, we learn our response to sexual arousal. And then I know where 100% is. And I know when I’m getting
close, and then I back off. What we do is we go and
we dance in this range, from 60 to 80%. And we’re stimulating
ourselves and then we cool off. And how do we cool off? We can relax, and what do
I do with the energy now that I’ve got it built up? – [Audience] That sublimation. – Yes, thank you, okay, I’ve done my job. Sublimation, okay? So sublimation is one
of the most important parts of this tantric path. Now, when a man’s in the 60, 80%, he learns to just stay
here and as this energy builds, and builds and builds, suddenly, it gets to a place
where it’s more powerful than if he had ejaculated. Now you’ve got this tremendous
energy running through you rather than an explosion
and starting the snoring. You’re expanding and
expanding with this power. And what happens is, as a man does this, he starts to learn how to come
in harmony with the woman. And he can stay longer
and longer and longer. And when you’re here, you
learn how to sublime the energy to stay away from what we
call at, about 95 to 99%. This is called the P.N.R,
the point of no return. – (audience laughing) – When aman gets to this level, it doesn’t matter if the world implodes and an earthquake swallows you whole, you’re still gonna ejaculate. And a man knows this
when that twitch happens, you know it’s coming. Literally okay? So what you need to do is learn how to stay
in dance in this zone. And then you relax, you sublime the energy and you get more energy,
then you build back up, you build energy, then you relax
a little do the sublimation you build more energy. And now you have more
energy and more pleasure than you ever had from this
very powerful yet short, explosive orgasm that
creates an evacuation. Guys, let’s be honest, how
long does our orgasm last? – [Audience] 15 seconds. – So short. (audience laughing) – 10 seconds, 30 seconds, if a minute then you’re already your
head is spinning okay? So women on the other
hand can have orgasms, some women can have orgasms
that lasts a long time. Through this practice men,
this is the good news, you can start to have multiple orgasms that last four minutes,
half hour, an hour. Your body’s just totally
electric, everything is on fire, we could say and charged. And you are having waves of
ecstasy like a female orgasm, where it’s like riding the crest, then a little bit of a descent and backup. And this takes us into
harmony with the feminine. So this is a very important
part to remember for men is how to do this. The training for men
besides the masturbation is exactly what you yogis are doing. This is why I’m very
happy to teach to yogis, ’cause I don’t have to
go into the fundamentals. You do bandhas. Bandhas are the key for
men, especially mulabandha. Because when the man learns
to master these muscles of mulabandha, he can actually stop the ejaculation from happening. I contract I know I’m getting close, I’m getting to that point of no return, time to cool it down
and shift the energy up. So what you already have
is this skill set necessary to become tantric men. Because you are yogis, George. – [George] When you’re
doing the mulabandha, do you take that moment of rest or– – Yes, Through the course of
experience or experiments, you just you find out
what works for you, right? So actually, tantric men and women are encouraged to masturbate daily, to keep that energy cultivated,
to keep the fire burning, and to use the sublimation
not just for pleasure, but for expanding your consciousness. Send that sexual energy
into your third eye, and you can manifest whatever
it is you visualized. That’s part of something
we’re gonna get to later called sex magic. So by learning to dance here, this will allow you to make
love for as long as you want. And trust me, you’re not missing anything. Because this explosion
lasts for 10 seconds. These orgasms last for as long as you feel like you have time that day. You just keep going into
the deeper and deeper state of union with your
partner, or by yourself, and deeper and deeper
states of ecstasy and love. So, this is what I want you understand, man you have training
to do and it takes time, and you will fail many times, going to that point of no return because, we are wired to go for pleasure. And we’ve created a
habit already that says, “Yeah, I know it’s at
the point of no return and I know that it feels good. Now you’re telling me I need
to wait a couple of weeks or months or longer until I
have my next full body orgasm? Okay I’ll try it tomorrow. Right? “Now is the moment I’m
going, I’m feeling good. All right, I know I’m going
to feel better if I finish.” But all I can do guys same as when I try to
teach anything about yoga is plant the seeds and tell you that it’s infinitely superior
to have full body orgasm that last for a half hour, than it is to have a
10 second ejaculation. I think the words just
say it clearly enough. But the problem for most men is that they don’t have the discipline. They don’t have the mental control, because once you get into the pleasure, it’s very easy to lose control and just (pruff) don’t care anymore. So this is a path for
men that is really taking you to another level of self mastery, because it’s a tremendous challenge. We wanna do the sublimation men before self stimulation, (audience laughing) – Just trying to say it nicely. During the self simulation and after. So if you are all fired up,
you saw a beautiful woman and then you go say, “Okay, I’m going to think
about that for a moment.” And you already have this
energy built up, it’s very easy. It’s like it’s already
a balloon that’s full, and then you start stimulating more, it’s gonna (puff) explode. So before you sit down, lay
down whatever you’re gonna do, start doing your sublimation practice, do a little bit uddiyana
bandha, the mulabandha, the jalandhara bandha,
headstand, shoulder stand, whatever works for you okay? (audience laughing) Now, as you are doing, listen up please, as you’re doing the self
stimulation, of course, you are also doing sublimation, keeping away from the point of no return. And then after rather than
finishing with this big balloon that’s about to explode
the next time you see a beautiful woman, you can sublime the energy
after and send it into whichever chakra you would like to open. The important thing to
remember also is that Tantra is not just for couples
that are men and women, it’s for everybody. Any type of sexual preference, everybody has a masculine
and a feminine energy, everybody has Shiva and Shakti. Everybody can experience Tantra. It’s not exclusive in any way,
it’s totally all inclusive. So this is another good teaching for seeing the equality among everybody. Now, I’ll share a little story
with you about sublimation. I had a partner and
Lisa knows her well Ray. I met Ray, she came to my class when I was teaching
over on the other school and I fell in love with
her on first sight. And I went and adjusted her four times in the first class. And there was 100 students in the class and all I did was walk
to her, every asana. (audience laughing) – After class, she asked if it was okay, if she gave me her number. I said, “Yeah, I think that’s okay.” (audience laughing) So I came to visit her
here, we dated for a while. And the first time we’re
going to make love, we go into the bedroom,
and everything is already very passionate and all
the fore play is happening and I say, “Hang on.” And I go and I do a
headstand for a few minutes. (audience laughing and clapping) It’s true, this is true
story, I promise you. Then I come back, and we make
love for half hour an hour and I say, “Hang on,” I
could do another headstand. (audience laughing) I come back to keep making love. Now I didn’t know what she was thinking until literally about a year later when we started teaching Tantra together. And we’re in a group like
this and she starts telling the story and she says,
“Yeah, everything’s amazing and we’re having a beautiful time. And then he goes and does a headstand. And I was like, What the
hell is happening here? Then he came back and made
love to me for an hour and then he did another headstand. And I thought, oh my God. But then he came back to me again, and made love for another two hours, I said I don’t care about the
headstands, this is right.” (audience laughing) “Okay, good go as many heads
stands as you need to do.” Now, this is a few years
ago, this is a few years ago, I don’t need to do headstand anymore. So I don’t have a people
like looking at me strange, at the beginning of a date
or the end of the date, I should say. So, the sublimation is
what I’m trying to say, is actually extremely important okay, for men and for women. Moolabandha, breath. The other thing is breath. So, this is the same for men and women. Mulabandha is extremely
important for men and women. Let’s go back to Mulabandha for a second. I’ve talked about the yogic perspective, let’s talk about the sexual perspective. When a man gets good with Mulabandha he can start to control stronger
erections that last longer, he can prevent premature ejaculation, he can help to prevent prostate cancer, he can help to control
the orgasmic response and he can help to make the orgasms last for longer and longer. And I’ll get to the benefits of Mulabandha for the women when we talk about them. Now the other thing is breath. We have to breathe and usually most men when they get excited, and women, (huh huh huh huh) and that fast breath makes us lose control of energy. Everything gets fired up
and it’s boiling point, and it’s very easy to go
over the edge and explode. So men when we’re making love, we need to learn to breathe consciously. Long, slow, deep breathing
gives us great control over the energy okay? So this is an important part to remember is the breath as well. And there’s one other technique that men can do besides sublimation. Sublimation is up, up up constantly up. Daoist practices are more
grounded more about the earth and connecting to the
vitality of Mother Earth. Daoist practices do what’s
called the microcosmic orbit, where they send the energy up the spine, and then it goes over
the top of the head down through the front channel, so
there’s a channel in the back through the spine, what
we know as as shumenati, and then there’s a channel
that runs down the front, and it becomes one long orbits. Or we could say, it’s not a circle, but it’s got that long circle. And this is a way that
feeds the entire body. It doesn’t necessarily open the third eye, but it brings great health
at the physical level, because you’re feeding all the organs, you’re feeding all the systems
with this sexual energy. So there’s a little bit of differences, and I do all of this that I
can just to experiment with it. Because we know how
important the experiments are to teachers what works for us. And the other one is spinal breathing, where you inhale up and exhale down. We do this with me in class sometimes. So just learning to master
the movement of energy with your breath is a very powerful tool for tapping into deeper levels of Tantra. This also has to do with your lifestyle. We’re all yogis here and
that makes it a lot easier for us to go into these practices. If you are or anybody
is leading a lifestyle that’s not very healthy, and they’re putting toxins in their body, they are putting toxins into their nodis, their energy channels. So there’s no way for a guy or woman who drinks a lot of
alcohol, eats a lot of meat, smokes a lot of cigarettes to try to think that they’re going to learn to be able to master this energy. Because if you’re
constantly putting blockages into the nodis it’s very
difficult and impossible to learn to master the energetic flow. So lifestyle is a big role in
those who want to be tantric. If they’d like to go
into the deeper Tantra. As I mentioned, there’s
a sense of purification that happens with this energy. Now we talked about solo
practice and for men, the three Ps, practice,
patience and perseverance. Never give up, okay? (chuckles) This is also gonna make a big difference in your health, okay? It’s not only about spiritual evolution, this is got all the levels, the practical level of the health. If you’re constantly depleting
yourself, you are weakening your immune system. So by keeping this energy
in you get that much more powerful, that much more
resistant to illness and disease. Also the erection if men
have problems with erection, misfunction, malfunction, dysfunction, whatever you wanna call
it, this path of Tantra, learning to move the
energy and all the things that we’re talking about, is
one of the most therapeutic approaches to dealing with
a erectile dysfunction. As I said, it also works at
the prostate and literally, learning how to maintain this
energy rather than lose it, increases your longevity. And this is a radical
transformation that also amplifies your ability to be creative. If you want to step into
your full power men, this is necessary. There’s no way around this one, and this is the one in
the Yamas and Niyamas when you get to brahmacharya
and people say abstinence, meaning no more sex. A lot of men and women say,
“Okay, I can do all the yoga except for that one.” Now you don’t have to give up sex, you just have to learn
how to control the energy in a healthy way. This path is the path of
courage because it really is very challenging and it
forces us to look at ourselves in a way that few other
experiences can do. Another thing that helps for
men to do the sublimation, (chuckles) when you’re getting close to the point of no return, (ahhhh), What happens? Energy sublimes is right, up and out? (audience laughing) Now, think about this, how loud that was? I was getting complaints
from the neighbors. We had to close all the windows and turn on the air conditioning
and turn the music way up. Because we were going to get
kicked out of the neighborhood. It’s important to make sound though. Okay, sound is expressing emotion. Have you ever made love
to someone who’s silent? And you’re like, “Am I doing this right? What’s going on? I don’t even know if they’re enjoying.” The expression is enticing. It’s intoxicating, it’s a
lowering, it turns you on when you hear your partner
expressing their pleasure. And women, it also is
exciting for you to hear the man’s pleasure yes? – [Audience] Yes. – Right, if the guy is silent, it’s not that much of return
on in both directions. So sound is a very important
way to increase the energy and for men to sublime. Now, I learned that trick and literally, it’s saved me many times. When I get to 99%, and my partner knows, of course the first few times
it’s like a little jogging, (audience laughing) but once she understands what’s happening, then she does it too. And we go into this energy
sublimation together. And this is now, maybe some
of these things sound weird, I want you to keep that open
mind and understand that everything I’m doing
here is with an intention and an awareness that it
has a benefit and an effect. So when we do this together, we step into, it’s like we’re singing together, we’re expressing, we’re releasing, it’s almost animalistic and primal, where you just let that sound come from the base of the spine and ahh, and this helps a lot to move the energy. Breath we know and movement. Now, this is easy for
men, a lot of the men if depending on the position
that we’re making love in, there’s a lot of movement. If a woman is on the
bottom, it could be possible for her to be very passive. So for both men and women,
sound, breath and movement, are key factors for amplifying
your orgasmic potential. And we’ll talk about
the women in a moment. Communication, this is a
big one and a lot of men struggle with this and as
I said, myself included. I wasn’t very open about
my emotions, my feelings, being honest about what
I wanted or desired. And so I didn’t necessarily
feel like our connection was as deep as it could
be when I was younger. When I learned these
teachings and started applying them into my relationships, I
could see that if I was more open with my communication,
then there was more trust, there was more authenticity. And literally, there’s great
power in being vulnerable. And I’ll talk about this a bit in a bit. But the other thing and
it’s important to remember at this point, is that
this is a path of honoring the woman as the goddess okay? Tantra says that
everything in this universe is god and divine
meaning you are and I am. So if I’m looking at my
partner, and I see the goddess, how am I gonna treat her? I’m gonna worship her,
I’m going to honor her, guide her protect her. And I’m gonna do everything I can, to make sure that she has what she needs. This is a different approach
than the ego approach to relationship. What am I getting out
of this relationship? What is she or he going to do for me? And if they don’t do what I want, if he leaves the toilet seat up, or the dishes in the sink, I pull back. Or if she does, whatever
she does, that upsets me and I pull back. That’s not really staying
open in an unconditional love. This is a path it’s more than
just the sexual understanding. This is about deeper relationships. And the good news is, if
you do these practices and learn to sublime, the
energy learn to stay away from the point of no return,
you become a superior lover. And guys, every ego and every
male would love to be the best lover that their women has ever had. That’s just the way it is. In fact, a lot of women
probably feel that way too. They wanna be the best lover that their partner has ever had. This is a path to that level of mastery and this is the path to
fulfill your potential. Step into your full power
men, but it is a training that takes a few years. But you are all young
men, we are all healthy. Do this for the next two years
in the next 30, 40, 50 years wow, it just keeps getting
better and better and better, I promise you. All right on to the ladies okay. Now, women the first step
to becoming a tantric woman is to learn your body. And in the modern day because
of suppression and repression, a lot of women don’t
actually know their bodies very well intimately. And this is preventing women
from stepping into their full power to experience their full femininity. Tantra doesn’t give a shit
about political correctness. Men and women are different. Yes, they’re equal but we are different and thank God, because that’s
what makes it interesting. Because, if the men and
women were the same, then how would this
attraction be happening? It doesn’t mean men and women only guys, I know I say that. But that’s just the most common
relationship on the planet. Also any other form of
relationship is fine. But when you have that
attraction to another, you have an opportunity to share yourself with another person. And if you don’t know your own body, how can you know what
turns you on the most? Which places are the most
exciting to be touched? Which places get you to that
place of expansion in orgasm? Women are also encouraged just
like men who need to master their energy, women need
to understand their bodies through the art of self
stimulation, masturbation. And literally I have
talked to so many women over these 10 years, and to
my surprise, because as a man, it’s like, “Yeah, I masturbate
almost too much probably as a young man,” when you’re
a kid, you don’t know what to do with that all that energy. It’s just too much. But women that I’ve talked to, there’s a large percentage of
women that never masturbate. And there’s also a surprising
percentage of women that never have orgasm from penetration, from intercourse, from sex. There’s also women that never have orgasm from any stimulation. This past Tantra is a
path to helping women step into their full femininity. Helping them to experience
this amazing body that God has given you. Because you have zones of
pleasure that men do not have. You have body parts that are
created only for pleasure. That’s unique to the female human being. A man does not have that. So learning your body and
learning what part of your body is going to send you off into space, as part of your journey. Now in Sanskrit we have
the word for the vagina, it’s called yoni. But it doesn’t just mean
vagina which sounds very hard. (audience laughing) yoni sounds so beautiful,
flows off the tongue, okay. So yoni, literally means sacred space and out of the yoni, the
whole universe is born. So this is the creation. And this is important to
understand that you are a goddess, and they you have more
power than you even know at this moment, but
through the path of Tantra, through balancing your relationship
with your own sexuality, you can step into your full
femininity, your full power. Ladies, the good news is you have seven or more different kinds of orgasm. Men are going, “What the, we
don’t get anywhere near that.” And some women are saying, “Really, I don’t know about that.” Well, let’s go through them. The first one, some women the lucky ones, from the ones who have told me about it, said that they can reach orgasm through the stimulation of the nipples. Then we go down into the yoni, and the entrance to the yoni, is also have a lot of nerve endings. So just stimulation of
the entrance to the yoni, can bring about an orgasm from some women. Then if you go deeper and
there’s the walls of the yoni, and stimulation of the walls for some women, can create an orgasm. If we go back out to
the entrance to the yoni and up a little bit, there’s the clitoris and the clitoris is generally
the most accessible orgasm for the largest number of women. It’s the easiest orgasm
to achieve, let’s say, for lack of a better
word or to experience. And this clitoral orgasm is something you all need to understand. It’s very much like a male ejaculation, in that it’s very powerful
and doesn’t last very long, and sometimes women
feel depleted actually, like they’d lost energy
from a clitoral orgasm. Tantra doesn’t say stop
having clitoral orgasms, it says have more, but
learn how to sublime, the energy and have an impulsive
orgasm of the energy rising rather than an explosive
orgasm losing the energy. So you just learn to move this energy up. Now a lot of women, I
don’t know about a lot, I know women who have talked
to me who use a vibrator. They got the batteries, they (zhiii) get the vibration going. And they put that on the clitoris and they have an orgasm that way. This is actually something
that is not helpful for your sexual life. Because, if you use
the vibrator too often, it’s actually going to
desensitize your clitoris to the regular touch of a human being. And if you use it too
often, you get dependent on that high level of vibration, and then you can’t have an orgasm through normal stimulation. So take the batteries out
and put them in your camera and put the vibrator away. Now the other orgasms that can be had would be for those that
like to go a little bit into the exploration of
other parts of the body. The anal orgasm is also very
powerful for some women. Then you have the combination
of different of these mixed together blended orgasms. So women, you are born
for Tantra, literally. And you have the opportunity
to go into states of ecstasy and pleasure that men may never actually
experienced through sex. So this is your gift as a
woman, you have the power to be incredibly sexual beings. But we have to let go of the connotation that sex is somehow dirty or promiscuous. Guys, how did you get into
this planet into this body? Your parents had sex? If it wasn’t for them having
sex, you wouldn’t be here. So, there must be something
okay with this process. Why did nature give this to women? I guess God’s a woman. Now, another thing that can
happen is the G-spot orgasm. And I’m going to give
you the graphic pictures in a very short moment. But when you go to the G-spot
that’s entering into the yoni, and let’s say this is a woman right here, her head’s there, her legs are open here
and here’s her yoni. If you go into the yoni, and
you do this, come here motion towards the belly, you can
start to stimulate the G-spot. And man, if you don’t know
this, you better learn. (audience laughing) Okay, trust me. Women if you don’t know
this, you better learn. This is your body. If you don’t know where your
G-spot is, or your clitoris is, it’s like not knowing
where your elbow is, right? (audience laughing) This is part of your body,
you need to figure this out. It’s very important. So when the G-spot is stimulated, it opens up a possibility
for a woman to have an ejaculation orgasm,
where liquid comes out. If you’ve ever watched
porn, it’s called squirting. I don’t know, I’ve never watched porn. (audience laughing) If you’ve ever watched
it, it’s called squirting. And this is not just some porn show, which I though they do
fake it, but in real life, a woman with certain stimulation, can have an evacuation orgasm. And from the women I know, they say this is the one
of the greatest gifts of being a woman. When they release that
liquid, it’s called kalas or amrita, which literally
means the nectar of immortality. And Tantra text say that
we should drink this nectar in to prolong our life. It has psychoactive properties
like psychoactive drugs, like LSD, like psilocybin mushrooms, et cetera. It changes the consciousness. So when a woman has this, what’s happening is there is
an energy that’s literally being transformed into a
physical material of liquid. This is called alchemy. Alchemy is changing something
base a low vibration, into a higher vibration. So when a woman has this
female ejaculatory orgasm, it’s not like a male ejaculation where she loses energy at all. What she’s doing is purifying. And I can say from the women that I know, and have been with, they feel
like it’s a sense of release, it’s a sense of stepping
into their femininity, and it’s a feeling of purification. It also brings, of course,
an amazing sensation. It doesn’t have to happen with an orgasm, it could just happen through stimulation. And some women can have it with
stimulation of the clitoris, some can have it with
stimulation of the G-spot, it’s different for each woman. But if you have never
had a female ejaculation, this is something that is
a gift of the woman’s body. And all women have the
capacity to do this, if we can bring the women,
or they can bring themselves to a place of surrender and trust. And these are two big issues
that we’ll go back into. Women also the art of self pleasing. Now here’s the technique that
might be interesting to hear. When the woman is doing
the self stimulation, put a mirror in front of the yoni, so that you can see. This is literally a flower
that opens and creates this amazing life that
gives life to the universe. It is a magical, mystical
part of this universe. And if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s something to look into
literally to understand the power that you have. So having a mirror
there and a lot of women are very shy about this. And a lot of cultures say, “God forbid you even
talk about masturbation, let alone do it.” So please understand that
this mastering of your body will help you to be a more
balanced and integrated being. As we said the sound,
now not like, “Ooh, baby, you’re so hot.” It’s more like the real sound
whatever you need to let out, not something staged or fake,
just because Jason said, “Okay, now I got to make sound, when? Now okay, good, you’re
so good, you’re so good.” (audience laughing) But letting out sound is
letting the energy flow, when you don’t let the sound out,(uh) you’re locking it down,
you’re holding it in. You want to let it out
ladies, I know you do. So, let it out it feels good and it also turns your partner on. So this is also a way
to sublime the energy. Use your breath, use your movement. Now this is important
because it is possible for a women to be passive. It’s possible for a man to lay on his back and be passive too. When we move the pelvis
forward and back like pumping, it’s called the pelvic pump, and that generates more sexual energy. So either man or woman, the more that they do
the pelvic thrusting, the more energy that they are creating in the sexual centers. And then that energy can
be moved through the being. So, sound, breath and movement, all are very important factors. As we talked about mulabandha
the importance for women now, this is an amazing preparation. It’s called key goes or K goes
in the west for giving birth. And it helps to bring
the yoni back into shape after giving birth. It helps to keep the lubrication especially as women get
older, things get less juicy. Remember, we get more Vata as
we get older we get more dry. So, men and women mulabandha helps to keep the energy flow down here. It helps dealing with problems
with the menstrual cycle. It helps dealing with
problems of not having orgasm. It helps with so many things
that go beyond just the sexual response, and even the yogic response. So many women every day
mulabandha, is one of the key, what did I call it? The Master Key. This is the key, if you
can master mulabandha, it will change your body, your energy, your emotions and your mind. As I said, as we pump this
massive amount of powerful energy through the being it is healing. Everything is energy including emotions. And we all have difficult
times in our lives where we store negative emotions
even at the cellular level. So we have them in our being
and they’re trapped in there. By sending this energy
through you can purify, raise your vibration and release
these energetic blockages. Now, one way to do this is
what’s called yoni massage. There are professionals, what happens is the woman
either with a man or a woman, who’s doing the massage, just
allows yourself to receive and the masseuse, make sure
if it’s done properly to touch every part of the yoni. Because every part of the
yoni just like the hands and just like the feet,
and just like the ears, have reflexology points that affects the other organs in the body. So just like you massage the feet, and you bring health to the organs, if you massage the entire yoni, you’re also touching
those reflexology points. And if there are any blockages, women tend to store negative
emotions literally in the yoni. And this is what’s preventing
them from having orgasms, preventing them from
having even sexual desire. So by doing yoni massage, you’re touching every part of
the yoni and you can release blockages that have been stored
in that part of the body. So it’s a very powerful practice. You just need to find
someone that you trust, that knows what they’re doing. If you want more information
ladies talk to me later. Now, the other thing is
what’s called the yoni eggs. So, yoni eggs, are made
of different stones. And these stones every stone or crystal has a specific energy. Yoni egg comes from the tradition of China in the ancient Chinese
Empress the leaders, kept this a secret,
because it gives the women so much power, they didn’t want to share it with anybody else
but the royal families. And by using this yoni egg, you start to bring energy
awareness, purification, health, and you do exercises and you
start to develop the muscles of the yoni. And this is very important
as women get older, after childbirth, but also because it makes the man feel amazing. When my partner can massage my, now here’s the Sanskrit
word for penis, lingam. So when a woman can use her
muscles, literally to massage the man’s lingam, that
is amazing for the man. And by learning to master these muscles, you can learn to master sublimation, you can increase the duration
and frequency of your orgasms. You can increase the power of the orgasms that you experience. This according to the women
that I know that use this, becomes one of their best
friends in this life. And I’m not even exaggerating. I’ve heard women say this to
me, and not just one woman, several women say, “This little egg is one
of my best friends.” Because of all the things it does. Now, there’s two holes
and allow you to string a little thing of dental floss through it, and tie it into a circle. And you put the larger
and into the yoni first, in the dental floss can hang out, don’t worry, you will never lose it, the yoni is not an infinite space, (audience laughing) there is a certain place where it stops. So it can be fished out and if needed. But if you have this
string of dental floss, that has wax around it, so
the string won’t fall apart, you can use a finger and
you create resistance, then you use the muscles to
try to move the egg up and down through the yoni canal. And you use the resistance on the string, it’s like using a weight,
you’re building the muscles. And once you learn to
control the muscles here, all I can do because I’m not a woman, is share with you with
the women have told me. It changes their lives. And go talk to Nikki, she’ll
tell you the same thing. And they come in three sizes. If you have had a child,
then they recommend using one of the bigger sizes, because it will help you
to bring things back. Now the other size, we have
large, medium, and small. (audience laughing) This is for the master okay? Because the larger eggs are
easier to feel easier to move. Once a woman gets good at
controlling the larger egg, then she goes to a smaller egg, and that’s harder to feel and move and then you get you know,
it’s like strength training you grow slowly, slowly,
stronger and stronger. This you go smaller and smaller okay? I’m not going to give you a
whole lecture on yoni eggs, I have them here if you like to get them, I don’t know if I have
enough for everybody, But there are thousand
body each if you like them. All the women that use them end up finding out how powerful this is they tend to use them every day. I’ve had women that told me
they practice yoga with them, they sleep with them, they do whatever they
want to do with them. You don’t have sex with
them in okay, obviously. But this is something that
is very powerful for health, healing and all the other good
stuff that I’m talking about. So I’m going to give you
a website to look at more information on the yoni eggs. And of course, if you
have personal questions, you can always come and ask me anytime. I know that sometimes questions
about this type of topic aren’t so comfortable in front of a group. So this is why I offer
myself as assistance at anytime that you need
to talk to somebody. If you wanna see the eggs
and talk and buy one, just come see me after class. I’ll have these tomorrow
morning at breakfast ’cause after this class, you have– (audience laughing) So we get eggs for breakfast. Now, I saw a hand from Shannon go up. – [Shannon] Muffled. – Yeah, different those
are called Ben Wa balls, and actually they clink against each other and creative vibration. And so, it’s a similar
idea, but a different tool. Now the thing about these
is that they’re not metal they’re made of, and
traditionally they’re made of, what’s called jade stone. And jade is a purification
and withdraws negative energy. So any negative energy
that might be in the body gets pulled out into the stone and then the stone is purified. You can put it in the
moonlight the full moon you can put it on buried in the earth, you can put it in some
water with salt in it, you can let it sit in the sun, and this purifies the energy of the stone. And this particular Jade
is called Neff Ride Jade because it has a strong
quality of purification. I know women who likes to use Rose Quartz, ’cause it’s very soft and opens the heart. And so each of the
different types of stones, will have a different energy
energetic effect in the being. Yoni eggs are another powerful
tool for women to open up themselves to the highest
capacity of bliss. Now the big one is for women
is coming into this idea of being able to trust their partner. If a woman can’t trust she
cannot surrender fully. And a woman can never go into
the fullest orgasmic potential if she can’t surrender fully. So this is a big issue for a lot of women, because they may have had relationships where they didn’t have the
trust and in that intimacy, and they couldn’t allow
themselves to surrender. So this idea of communication
keeps coming up again, and again and again. Let’s think about it this way. To be vulnerable means
to show all of yourself. And this is something we
are terrified of because God forbid, if I show something
in my partner runs away, so I hide certain parts behind my mask. And then my partner tells me I love, you can I really believe it? Because she’s only seen part of me, she hasn’t seen the
movie, the whole picture. She’s only seeing what I want her to see. And when she tells me I love you, there’s a little bit of doubt. Would you love the shit
if I showed it to you? And so this creates a certain distance between you and your partner. So being very vulnerable
is one of the keys to going deeper into
a loving relationship, and being authentic and sharing the beauty as well as the challenges. Because this is a path
of spiritual union now. This isn’t just about
having great orgasms. This is about how do we
evolve and go to God together. So trust is a major issue,
surrender, communication, and this also same story
can help you become the superior lover okay? Now let’s talk about
tantric relationships. In a tantric relationship, it takes two to tango. If just one wants to be
tantric in the other doesn’t, it’s not gonna happen
for the one who wants it. You won’t be able to go
into all these things I’m talking about if it’s
you trying to do this alone. So this creates also another sometimes questioning of
our choices of partners. Because if we’re choosing a
partner that doesn’t wanna go in the same direction
that we want to go in, especially with something this important in an intimate relationship, we need to evaluate if
this is the right partner. What we do is we become whole
individuals through this path. As I mentioned, to whole
individuals come together. And if they separate for
anywhere from an hour to a day to the rest of their
lives, they’re still whole. And okay, communication, trust surrender. I think I’ve been trying
to get this point across. But we need to have connection
in a tantric relationship. Connection to have a successful,
spiritual, relationship according to a great
teacher in the last century, Guru Ji, he said that if you want to have a spiritual relationship, you have to have the
connection, not only the body, okay, yeah, we can have
that physical attraction that chemistry and we wanna go
be like bunnies and have sex all day long, but if the heart and mind are not involved in that connection, it will never be a
fulfilling relationship. So we need all three levels of our being, to have the deepest level of relationship with a partner, Manth? Hang on a sec, Monica,
did you have a question? I saw your hand go up. – [Monica] Muffled. – I would say that’s more from
a consciousness perspective, where you choose to detach and isolate one part of your being from another. So it’s not a biological thing
where you detach your mind, that’s a mental activity
or a consciousness, where you say, “Okay,
I’m going to separate some part of myself from another part.” And for some women, that
is exactly what they do to be able to have sex. Because maybe they’ve been traumatized, maybe they’ve had a bad relationship. And their partner wants to have sex, and maybe the woman doesn’t want to. So unable to do this, they create a separation within themselves,
a split within themselves. And this is not healthy at any level. So I understand where
you’re going with this and for some women, this is
a tool that they actually use to disassociate, so that
they can help the person that they love to have an experience that they’d like to have. I’m generalizing obviously,
yeah, okay, your turn. – [Manth] Are you saying
that it’s difficult or maybe impossible to have tantric sex if you don’t love someone? – No, I’m not saying that
you can have sex with someone you don’t love, and you still have energy. But what happens is when
people start going into Tantra, maybe they just have
this physical chemistry. And they say, “Okay, we
can try this together, I’m attracted to you, let’s go for it.” As soon as you start going into this, your energy is going to go
into the heart and open it and you’re gonna fall in love. Like I experimented
with a lot of different things in my life. And I tried to make love
without being in love. And eventually, through the Tantra, I fell in love very quickly, actually, because the heart opens with all this massive energy, going in. And if you’re making love for hours, you’re going to go deep, and
you can’t help but fall in love with this intimacy. So it’s a natural way to
go deeper into that love. – [Female trainee] What about the mind? – What about? – [Female trainee] The mind? – The mind, what about the mind? – [Female trainee] When
you don’t love someone, and you have sex and– – This is a good question. Well, the mind has to accept
and be willing to be open to this person. And then the emotion
is what opens the mind. So if you feel that energy of love, that could change the way
you think about this person, or think about relationship or think about what it is that you actually
want in your life at this time. Now, all of this stuff,
a tantric relationship starts long before you
get into the bedroom. Okay, the foreplay is
every moment of every day, because it’s how you treat each other, how you communicate,
how much trust there is. That’s what leads to the deeper level of intimacy and connection. It’s not about how good you
are at stimulating the G-spot. It’s not about how good you are at having an erection for another hour. It’s really about how
you treat each other. And this is what opens the heart and mind, to be surrendering to the partner. When we get into this deep
level of communication, and we have studied our bodies
through our solo practice, we can ask, show, tell
and guide our partners exactly what we like, don’t
like what we need, don’t need. And then it’s not like, there are moments when you just want to explore and discover,
but there are moments when you’re like, all right,
get to the point already. You’re all over the place, you’re not anywhere
where I want you to be. So for women, this is a big issue, because a lot of men in this world, and this is not an insult, but this is what I hear
from so many women, that men just don’t know what the hell they’re doing in the bedroom. And so the women are
continually frustrated. And this is a sadness for the women, because they don’t feel, they want they love this person, and they want to go deeper
into the connection. But there’s a physical
impediment, or a blockage because the man doesn’t know what he’s doing, and he sometimes
ejaculates before the woman even gets turned on. So learning how to, in a loving way guide and teach your partner
what it is that you like, helps the partner to understand, and then you get what you need, which is an important
part of this process. If going to the places that you know, will create the most ecstasy, to create, because it’s not again about ecstasy, it’s about raising your vibration. So we talked about the power of vulnerability and authenticity. And literally, again, as you see the god or goddess in front of you, we all have egos, we all have masks, but underneath that ego,
underneath and behind that mask, the Divinity looking out through
the eyes to see the world. So if you can see beyond
the mask and understand that the person you are
making love to is divine, but not only that, that person
should be served honored, respected, guided and protected. And when we put the other
person’s needs first in relationship, two people
putting the other person’s needs first, that means
everybody’s needs get met. So we take care of the
other as if this is the most important person in our life. Because hopefully in an
intimate relationship it is. And this is what takes you into love. It’s not about the sex, but
the sex is an expression. It’s a manifestation, that
we use the physical body to express this desire for union. So, when we actually get to the point where we want to make love,
you can have as many quickies as you like, you can do
it wherever you want. I’ve had sex all over vacasa. And there’s lots of beautiful places here to make love at night
when nobody’s around, obviously, I told you, I’d be honest. And what Tantra says is,
keep that fire burning, but also take times once
a week, once a month, where you set aside an
hour, two hours a whole day, to create a beautiful
ritual and a ceremony. And in that time, you approach
this as something sacred. Every act of making love is sacred, because it’s the union of god and goddess. But when you make a ritual and ceremony, it brings the vibration even higher because you create a sacred
space with certain lighting candles, certain scents
that are uplifting, certain sounds like music that
opens the hearts rather than, gangster rap in the bedroom, which I don’t think would
ever really work anyway. But the understanding that
you create an environment for a sacred experience, okay? And as you do this, you set the intention. Remember, in yoga, we are
doing everything consciously, everything, you’re brushing
your teeth consciously, you’re doing you’re asana unconsciously, you’re doing your pranayama,
you’re doing your work, you’re doing your
relationship consciously. So you set your intention as
you go into this experience, and I and my partners, in the past, I don’t have multiple now, In the past, we pray together, we invite the divine into the bedroom, because guess what, she’s already there. She’s everywhere. So by dividing the divine in consciously, you make this more of an
awareness of how sacred this union is. So we can pray before during
and after making love. We can also do meditation before, during and after making love. And one of the best meditations
to do what would you guess? Any couple what? What did you say? – [Female trainee] Is it eye gazing? – Exactly what I wanted
to hear, eye gazing. Imagine starting to make love, where the first thing you do is look into the soul of your partner. Will that change the experience
than if you just want to get an orgasm and go to sleep? This is a very different paradigm from which to approach
your sexual relationships. So meditation before, during and after, and it’s the orgasms that
can help us to go into deeper states of meditation. Again, this idea of
sublimation men and women, George are you with us
or are you sleeping? Sublimation before, during
and after men and women. So if my partner and I
are having a ceremony we can do eye gazing, and
guess what eye gazing sublimes the energy beautifully. But also we can breathe together, we can do a meditation together, we can do headstand together, shoulder stand together,
whatever works for you. The important thing is
you slow down, okay? The faster you go, the
less conscious you become. Everything’s a rush, this is
the modern McDonald’s sex, everything’s over in 10 minutes before it even really got started. Slowing down is a huge part of
starting to build the energy slowly, get the boiling point
rising higher and higher. And foreplay becomes very
much an important part of the practice, because we
want to awaken all the senses. The sense of touch, the
sense of smell the sight, and it’s a dance, it’s an erotic play where
you’re enticing each other. And you can take turns where
one person is receiving one day and he doesn’t have
to do anything but enjoy. Than the other day, the
other person gets to receive, and be worshiped. And this way you’re
taking care of each other and you give honor and the
sense of respect to each other through the process through the ceremony. And for men, the first one to 15
minutes of penetration, where there’s actually the
lingam entering into the yoni, because suddenly there’s a tremendous amount of Shakti energy
coming into the male’s body, and it can be overwhelming and cause the man to go
right to ejaculation. This is why so many men struggle
with premature ejaculation. Because they haven’t done mulabandha, they haven’t learned sublimation, they haven’t learned to move the energy. So if we know these things, by slowing down in the first
minute, the first 15 minutes, then the man gets adapted to this more and more intense energy. And by going slow, you
can stop, you can breathe, you can make sound, whatever
it is that you need to do, but gently and slowly build
like a slow crescendo, not (shush) right up. If you want to have a quickie
and go right up, that’s fine. But in this ritual, we take our time. So for men, the first one
to 15 minutes is the hardest to control the ejaculation. After about 10 to 15
minutes and making love in my own experience, then
it’s so much easier to control everything and you can
start to get more playful, more passionate, more fiery. Now, there’s different types of breathing that we can do together. One is called breathing
literally together, where we inhale together
and exhale together. We can do this while eye gazing. We can do this back to back, we can do this in a loving embrace. The beautiful way that I like
that I find even more powerful is called reciprocal breath. That means when my partner exhales, I’m inhaling her out breath, then when I exhale, she’s
inhaling my exhalation. And we’re sharing the essence the prona, the life force back and forth together. And it sets you into a resonance, harmony with their vibration. So by breathing together,
you’re coming into a deeper, more subtle level of union
and resonance connection. So breathing together is very important. You can do the microcosmic
orbit together okay? There’s going to be some more
things that I’ll show you. My gosh, am I running out of time? We’re doing okay. So the microcosmic orbit is
where you decide together which person is part of the orbit, so you could bring the
energy up her spine, and then down your spine, up
her spine, down your spine. And you create an orbit
that connects both of you. And there’s many different
ways to do the orbits. You can do, I’m not going to go into it, but you understand the idea. If you want more info, you can research. Eye gazing remember the
idea about eye gazing from yesterday, was transfiguration. Transfiguration means
seeing beyond the mask and seeing the divine in the other. And if you can do this, then
you’re making love to god, you’re making love to a goddess. And remember that your partner
is one of the most powerful mirrors in your life. You spend a lot of time with this person. And so they are always
reflecting back to you something about yourself. And sometimes it’s very hard
to deal with that constant reflection, because it’s
easier to escape our nonsense, than to face it sometimes. So this path of relationship
is actually one of the most powerful modern approaches
to spiritual evolution. By understanding that your
mirror is teaching you constantly about who you are, about
how you relate to another, about your love and your connection. The orgasm can lead to meditation. When making love, it’s not like I can make
love for five hours straight, I’m not superman, what we
do is we have yang and yin, where you make love for a while, and then you rest, and
you make love again, and you rest, and you make
love again and your rest throughout as long as you like. So what we do is we build the energy, build the energy, build the energy, and then it’s very powerful for the man to stay inside the woman. And they just relax,
completely surrendered. And let that energy now do
the sublimation automatically, it’s just starts flowing up
because it’s so powerful, it wants to transcend and move up. So this idea of rest is part of the game, you dance, and then you chill, and then you dance and you chill, and you keep building
these waves of pleasure going higher and higher. And I can tell you from my own experience, I’ve done meditation for years. And it’s very challenging,
but when I am having a good session of lovemaking for a long time, and that energy is flowing,
and then we stop and just rest. I go into meditation so easily. I don’t have to think about
any, do mental concentration, that energy is taking me to another space. So the idea of making love
even if it’s not orgasmic love but making love for a longer time, can actually help you go
into states of meditation that you may not have ever experienced from a seated meditation,
because it’s so powerful this energy to help
change your consciousness. – [Female student] Is it in
the end and according to Tantra as in the plan that
not after five minutes, but after I don’t know, 30 or 40 minutes, whatever when you build
up, get to the ejaculation? – No, so men should stop
ejaculating all together unless they’re going to make a baby. That’s the teaching. – [Female trainee] Sorry guys. – It’s okay, it’s not a loss. Once you get to this next
stage, it’s not a loss. It’s, it’s a feeling of stepping in, when I finished making love,
I don’t want to take a nap, I’m ready to go swim and jump and dance, because now I have so much
energy running through me, rather than being depleted, I feel like I have gotten an
infusion of tremendous power. So it’s very different for
men, but it takes time. And that’s the hard
part, is that jump from no more ejaculation to the jump where you get to the full body orgasm. That space in between is what
makes most men quit Tantra, because they don’t have the
patience or the determination or the discipline. So the best times to make love for men, when the best time for a man to make love? – [Audience] Morning. – Exactly, when’s the best
time for a woman to make love? – [Audience] At night. – That’s a problem. (audience laughing) So women, if you want to have
your man it is most powerful peak get ready to make
love in the morning. Okay, because that’s when he’s
at his strongest literally. He wakes up but many men
wake up with an erection ready to go. So jump on it. (audience laughing) The other time is in the evening for men, especially if they’ve had a hard day, they’ve had stress they’ve been working, they’ve had a lot of things
going on in their mind. This stress at the mental
level is what causes problems for men with their erections. So women, men have to
deal with controlling their ejaculation, women, you have to deal with men’s rhythms sometimes. You’d like to make love at
night, but he’s exhausted. So go to bed early, get up
early and make yourself a little bit of a morning ritual, okay? Of course, you can make love at night and the energy is very different. It’s actually much more
feminine, receptive and easier to surrender in the evening that it is during the blazing
heat of the sun shining day. Times to not make love,
especially for men. Do not make love after a heavy meal. You know the date you go out for dinner, you have a bottle of wine, and then you go home and make love. You got all this food and
alcohol in your belly, and then you can’t control anything. Okay, maybe the alcohol makes you numb and you can last a little longer, but essentially, that alcohol
is going to numb everything, and it will change how you approach sex. So it’s very important for men not to make love right after eating. If you have a belly full of food, you’ll never do sublimation,
it just won’t happen. Another time for men
that’s difficult to control the ejaculation is during the full moon. The full moon energy is the
most feminine, the most yin. Which means we have the least control of our emotions in mind. That’s why the craziness
happens on full moon. And the emergency rooms are the most busy during the full moons. Because all the accidents that happened. So for men, that yin energy,
that feminine energy, that energy of surrender
can be too strong. So if you’re a beginner on
Tantra, they say don’t try not to make love to a
woman on the full moon, because it’s that much harder to control. Now, I was mentioning
before, if you’re interested in manifesting things in your
life at the physical reality, you can do this with sex magic. You build the energy, you
send it into the third eye, and you visualize what
she wants to manifest. So it’s not just the power of the mind, it’s also your creative force
going into the visualization. And I have, you can do
this with a partner, okay? You have the same intention,
and when she reaches orgasm, you are visualizing the same thing. It’s a very different experience sexually, but it’s a powerful way, it’s magic, it’s powerful way to manifest
something in your life. So you have this intention
before the ritual starts, that when the orgasm happens
for either you or her or at the same time, hopefully, then you can visualize
whatever it is that you wanna manifest, you could even
speak the words out loud, the power of sound of the voice, and you send that energy
into the visualization. That’s a very short, superficial
introduction to sex magic, it’s a much vaster topic than that. But I’m running out of time. So as we’re making love
to another human being, we are merging with that being. Meaning our energy, our aura, our soul is coming into contact with their energy, their aura and their soul. So choose wisely, who
you decide to merge with. Because whatever it is that you’re doing, there will be karmic consequences. And if you are mixing with
an energy that you don’t feel is totally balanced, you may
feel some of that imbalance come into your being. So there’s a lot of new age Tantra, “Neo” New Age Tantra that says, “Go make love to as
many people as you can, and then you get to experience
a lot of different energies And that will fulfill
different parts of your being, because you can’t get all the
fulfillment from one person.” And some people find
that this works for them. Remember, in Tantra, nothing
is judged, nothing is wrong. It’s whoever needs to do whatever
they need to do go for it. But the idea is that, the
more partners you have, the more energy you’re bringing
in from those partners, and everybody has imbalances, so the more imbalances you’re bringing in. But you’re also at the same time bringing in beautiful aspects, too. So there’s a bit of a balance here. So different teachers in the modern world, have different approaches
to teaching Tantra is what I want you to understand. Not everybody’s going to
say what I’m saying here, I come from a very much
of a tantric, chakra, sublimation, spiritual path. But there are many teachers
out there who are just focusing on good sex and that’s fine. If that’s what you need, then
all all the more power to you. As I said, purification,
transformation of consciousness. This is yoga. Now, one of the greatest
lessons that we can get from the tantric practice, is what is the true nature of love? We say I love you, we use the word
unconditional love so easily. And as I already mentioned, if our partner does
something we don’t like, (huhh) we pullback. And maybe we even create
a distance or sometimes people withhold sex from the other. There’s all kinds of games we
play in relationships, yes? Well, the idea is to understand the true nature of love is unconditional. And that word gets
thrown around a lot also. It doesn’t matter what you say, it doesn’t matter what you think, believe or do I love you the same? Even if you screw up, I still
love you no matter what, like a love of a mother for her child is the way that I think of it. How many times have I screwed up, and my mom still is there for me? Can we do that for our partner? Can we understand that they
are human with imperfections just like we are, we’re
all going to make mistakes. Can we continue to go forward
and into the intimacy, rather than pull back. This is a very powerful
teaching for most of us, because we start to close. Something they do, we don’t like (puffm). And that is not love. Okay, so this is the
path of really starting to go deeper into what is love. This is the path of transcending your ego, and this allows you to
use the relationship as your spiritual path. Because now you are going to God together, you’re doing your practices together. My partner and I, we
do yoga in the morning, we do sublimation, then we make love, it’s actually an amazing time
to make love right after yoga. You got everything flowing,
and then you go right into this sweaty embrace, and it’s already there. Now, a lot of people say this
is great information, Jason, what if I’m single? Good for you be single,
raise your vibration, and by the law of attraction,
you’ll attract a beautiful being into your life because
you have evolved yourself while you’re single and had
the opportunity to focus on your own evolution. Being single is not a curse,
being single as an opportunity to become a whole being. Then when you go into
your next relationship, you’ll be at a higher level. So don’t worry about being
single, do your practices, raise your vibration, and
when the time is right, that person will walk into your life. So create the resonance. Now, what I’d like to show you, is one particular posture,
and I had a volunteer who’s brave enough to
come up and demonstrate, we’re gonna keep our clothes
on, it’s not even very sexual. But if you would, please
Yodi, come on down. This is called Yab Yum. Okay, and this is the union of
grandmother and grandfather. This is a traditional
concept out of Tantra. And it also is very important symbolism. It’s not about two human beings having sex at this symbolic level, it’s about the union of Shiva and Shakti, the god and the goddess. It’s about yoga union. And so if you go to India,
you can go to places like Khajuraho that has a
temple with hundreds of carvings of people in different sexual positions together on a temple. And the Westerners go there
and say, “What is this? Is this ancient porn? Is this the original porn?” No, it’s symbolic for the
infinite variety of manifestation in this physical reality. So that show that by showing
many different possibilities of lovemaking through the physical form. So it’s symbolic. But at the physical level,
what you’re doing is bringing the chakras into alignment,
you can breathe together, you can do eye gazing together,
you can meditate together, you could be making love
or not even making love, there could be no penetration. So this is a way to come into
alignment with your partner. So let’s show them what it looks like. It’s the first time she’s done
it, and she’s very courageous to do this with me okay. – Can I do it? – So bring your feet back here, – Yeah. – Put the soles of your feet together. (audience laughing and clapping) Good, now when we have the
soles of our feet together, we connect in an energy circuit. Yes her feet together back here, so is the feet, when I
place my hand on her sacrum, the sacrum is one of these sexual centers. So I can place my other hand
in the back of her heart, and she can do the same on my back, low back, go find the way to do it. We can help each other sublime, the energy moving the
energy up with our hands, we can look into each other’s
eyes and do eye gazing. We can do the reciprocal
breath, when I exhale, she inhales when she exhales, I inhale and we breathe together. Our chakras are in alignment. This way we’re connecting
at the subtle level, we can meditate, we can
breathe, we can make love or we can just be in a
state of happiness together. So this is called the albumen. Why do we do this because
when the spine is vertical, this is how we move the
sublimation of energy. When you’re laying down in your back, it’s very hard to sublime
the energy as efficiently and as scores all the chakras. (audience laughing) So this is where the albumen looks like, and it’s a beautiful way to
experience this connection at all the things I’ve mentioned okay? Thank you Yodi. – No worries(laughs) (audience laughing and clapping) – Okay, so let’s show
you what it looks like from some of the symbolism. Actually, before I get there, I’m gonna go through some other slides, I have a feeling I’m going
to go a little long today, if that’s okay with you guys,
maybe a few extra minutes. Now, when you go out into the world and decide that you wanna to study more, you’re gonna start doing research. I have a slide here,
that gives you teachers that I find to be respectable
and of a high quality, and it gives you some books. So if you want more information, there’s a few books that I have found to be tremendously beneficial. So I’ll give you that everybody’s gonna get this PowerPoint slides. So don’t worry about writing it down. As you go out there and look
for teachers and workshops, be prepared and do your research. Because you can get to a workshop and everybody’s clothes are
off and they could be doing massage on each other. They could be having group sex. This is part of the New Age
tantric world, if you want that, go for it, if you don’t want it, make sure you under stand what’s gonna happen in that workshop. Or you could end up in a place
where you’re not ready to be. And that’s fine. Why do people do this? Well, one of the
understandings or theories behind why people would
want to go to a workshop like this is to let down their boundaries and their belief that
somehow sex should be hidden. Let’s just bring it out in the open and do that everybody can see, and there’s nothing dirty,
there’s nothing wrong, everybody’s enjoying and
it’s beautiful experience. And some people like a need
to have their buttons pushed a little bit to be confronted, to have them look more deeply
into their belief system or how they view themselves or
their relationship with sex. So by putting into a
very extreme situation where everybody’s naked, or
everybody’s doing massage or having sex, then you are
confronted very powerfully with what is you think is right or wrong. All right, so this is some
of the theory of philosophy behind why they do what they do. And other ideas idea that comes up a lot is open relationships. Some people believe that this
works for them, others do not. Again, we are not here to
judge anybody’s sexual path. We are here to explore
ourselves, find our love, and let that love radiate into the world. Whatever anybody wants to do,
as long as you’re not harming anyone else, that’s fine,
according to Tantra. So there’s a lot of different
approaches to Tantra, as I mentioned the Neo
Tantra thing as well. So we talked about love of unconditional, this is the summary. Expansion of consciousness. These is what all of this path is about. It’s not about the orgasm, but that’s probably one of the, it’s called the icing on the cake. Remember our natural
state Sat, Chit, Ananda. Ananda is bliss. By making love we can access bliss. So this is helping us come
back to our natural state, your being, your
consciousness, your bliss. And you get the best sex ever. Truly like it’s so different than what I had experienced prior. So for all the reasons,
from incredible pleasure to incredible spiritual evolution. Now I wanna show you some more things. This is Yab Yum symbolically. And this is more out of Tibet, this is more of a Tibetan symbology. And you can see it’s a man
and a woman, Shiva and Shakti or however you wanna say it
Shiva and Parvati his concert. And it has all kinds of
significance within this symbolism, that I’m not going to
go into at this time. So your Yab Yum is the
union of father and mother, their union of compassion and wisdom. On the right hand slide you
can see that’s an animation of the chakras. So when you’re in Yab
Yum, your chakras connect. Now, just to give you a quick
overview of the female body, because men need to know
this, if you don’t know this, and women, you also need to know this. What I wanted to show here mostly was not this slide at all, actually. Okay, see, I told you is
gonna be a graphic in here. I hope you’re okay with this. But it’s important for
men and women to know, that this is where the clitoris is, okay? This is actually hidden
under the hood of skin a flap of skin. So it couldn’t be out of view. But the interesting
thing about the clitoris for women and four men to know, is that this has, I can’t remember like 300,000 nerve endings
where the tip of the penis has 10,000. So the level of
sensitivity of the clitoris is tremendous compared to
the sensitivity for the man. And the clitoris is not just
something that little thing that is under the flap of skin, it’s actually quite large, and we’re gonna go into what
it looks like in a minute. So when you pull the
flap of the skin back, this is when you can see the clitoris. These are called the labia
or the lips of the yoni and there’s outer lips and
inner lips, labia majora, the larger lips and labia
minora, the smaller lips. And learning this anatomy,
but through massage through experimentation, exploration, you learn for yourself as
a woman what feels best, and then you can help your man to go there with you. Now this is what I want
to show you the clitoris is not just this, it’s actually this whole
thing that goes all the way into and behind the walls of the yoni. So this is by stimulating the clitoris, you’re actually bringing energy
to the whole yoni as well. This is just a little model
of what a clitoris looks like outside of a vigina or the physical body. Okay, that’s, I don’t know
if that’s to scale or not. Anyway, not to worry. Now, this is what I was trying
to show you about the G-spot orgasm for man. For a man to try to get to that G-spot. (audience laughing) As I was saying, it’s this
come here motion, okay? Placing the fingers into
the yoni coming here, towards the front of the body. And this you can start to
feel it’s like a little bit of it’s got texture, and it feels almost like the tip of the tongue
with riches or dimples like a golf ball. And as it’s stimulated, it
begins to expand like erection of a penis, same thing and the clitoris as it’s stimulated that also gets engorged or blood flowing into and
and it becomes harder, like in an erection of a penis or lingam. So that’s just another understanding of what it could look like. Lots of understandings here
of what it could look like. I guess I got kind of
excited about this one. (audience laughing) There’s another one (chuckles). (audience laughing) All right. Now in order to stimulate
that G-spot as a woman alone, it can be hard. That’s a tough angle, all right. You need to do some more of
those Kosta shoulder stretches to get in there. (audience laughing) So ladies, ladies, you
should all be thanking Kosta, actually because he’s the
only one who teaches this. Because of the angle, there are toys that are built for G-spot stimulation
that have a curve in them, so you can hold it Steven
late your own G-spot. And why do we want to do that
because remember the power of the female ejaculation, the amrita kalas. And as I said that female
ejaculation is called the nectar of immortality. It brings long life. So when my partner and I are making love and she has that ejaculation, I either collected directly
from the source with my mouth, and then I share with her
and we drink it together, or we collected into a cup
and we drink it together. And this also creates a
resonance at a vibrational level that’s much higher, much more subtle. And I see people going ahhh. – [Female trainee] Are we
sure it’s pee, feels like- – Okay, so people ask this all
the time, it feels like pee. The first sensation a woman will have when she’s about to have
a female ejaculation, is that she needs to pee. So what the tantric say is
go pee before you make love so that you know your bladder is empty, then we get to that you
release and let it happen. What I’ve had to do with partners, is some women have a
lot like up to a liter, through the course of making love, and that will ruin a mattress. So we have to put down plastic. (audience laughing) I’m being honest, okay? We have a raincoat that’s
specific for this activity, and we put a towel or a sheet over it, and then you can have as
much kalas as you like, squirting all over the room. Actually, if a woman is
a yogi and has a healthy diet, it tastes incredibly sweet. Same thing for a man’s
ejaculate if he’s pure. His semen actually tastes
according to the women not me, pastes pretty good. So, the female ejaculation,
the most easy way to have that is through the G-spot stimulation. This is why this is important because then you step into that
understanding that I said before of having this sense of purification, release, raising your vibration
feeling more feminine. So the G-spot can be
very powerful for a woman to come into connection with for her own empowerment literally. This is another tool or toy. It’s called a wand and you
can hold one end and use the other end obviously I
don’t need to explain. Let’s see, okay, now genital
reflexology, is important also. Remember, I said the yoni
has reflexology points, kidneys, liver, pancreas,
screen, et cetera. Here’s what’s interesting. The deepest part of the yoni
is connected to the heart. The tip of the man’s penis is
the heart reflexology points. So when the man’s penis,
the tip touches the deepest part of the yoni, it’s a
heart to heart connection. And all of these different reflexology points line up
when there’s full penetration. That’s a beautiful thing. This comes out of Daoism,
actually more than out of Tantra. Now, transfiguration,
we would have rituals at the other school where
everybody gets together, we do a transfiguration, and
we would do it for two hours. And just that circle we did yesterday, we would do that circle for two hours and do it with 30, 40, 50 people. And it start to feel very intense, because the energy in the room is building everybody in that zone,
and everybody’s focusing because they’re all yogi’s, so they know how to concentrate the mind. And it’s a very powerful experience to do it together in a group. Now, there are aphrodisiacs. There are things from nature
that can help to build that fire. If you feel like
you don’t have the sexual fire. There’s definitely foods
and as I’ve said before, and I repeat, herbes are
something we should all look into because they are a gift from nature, to bring us into balance. There are herbs for men and for women, the one that is the most powerful for men, it’s not like Viagra, but
it helps the body to create testosterone, which is the male hormone. It’s not a testosterone supplement, it’s activating the body’s own production. So it’s not some foreign substance. And this literally makes a
man feel like he’s 18 again. I can tell you a few years ago, 40, I started to notice a difference
in my body and my erections and being very clear, and I got freaked out, like,
“Oh my God, I’m getting old, I don’t have the same
hhmm, that I used to have.” So I started researching and
of course, there’s Viagra, but I knew that that’s a
chemical and I didn’t wanna put that junk into my body. And I found through experimentation
and through research that Tongkat Ali for me works the best. And it it’s like being 18. You can have a hard on for hours
and it lasts as long as you want it to. Now for women, as I told you
there herbes that help with balancing your hormones, it
helps with deal with problems with menstruation and
the big one is Shatavari. So I really recommend the women look into that for everybody. There scents that
stimulate sexual attraction or sexual desire, vanilla
and sandalwood being two of many options. Now these are the books that
I want you to understand. Sexual Secrets, the first book
is an encyclopedia of Tantra and Daoist teachings on sexuality. If you want to understand more about this, go to this book first. If you read this book, you’re
gonna know more than most Tantra teachers, literally,
it’s an incredible book. It’s been written in the 70s, and nobody’s done better ever since. And it’s full of beautiful
drawings, animations that help. Now The Vagina by Naomi
Wolf, I read this book, my partner has read this
book and my last partner, and we read it together and talked about the information in there. And it’s tremendous for
women to help them understand the power of their yoni and
the power of how that impacts not just sex, but also
their feeling of self worth. Their self image, and also
their ability to create and manifest in the world. So for this, I’ve been through
10 years of looking at books, these are the books
that I recommend first, for men and women. The next one, one of the
greatest teachers on Tantra is Osho, and if you haven’t
seen a video of a Osho on YouTube, please go look him up. He’s one of the funniest
teachers I’ve ever seen, at the same time, he’s
incredibly brilliant, and he talks a lot about
Tantra and the path of awakening to our highest
potential through lovemaking. Tantric Quest is a story written by a guy who went to
India founder Trantrica, a woman is a Trantrica, and
found Trantrica to teach him about tantric sexuality and tantric path. And that’s a beautiful story as well. And the last one is something
I recommend for every man who would like to step
into their full power. It’s called The Way of he Superior Man. Now modern day teachers that
I have found to be good. Osho, Margot Anand is a
woman who’s been doing this for 30 or 40 years. Barry Long also, I think he’s passed now. But he was teaching for a long time, Charles Muir, another
American guy who is in his 70s and you look at him and
you think he’s in his 50s because he doesn’t
ejaculate, and literally, he was younger when he
stopped ejaculating, you reverse the clock of aging. Mantak Chia here in
Thailand in Chiang Mai, has a center called the Dao gardens. If you would like to
study Daoism and Tantra, these two guys here together,
Charles Muir whatever, and Mantak Chia they have a
workshop each year together for two weeks, and they go
deep into these teachings. But be fore warned, they also
so go deep into some of the expanding the boundaries,
let’s say by having people get naked and doing massage
together in the same room. It’s all optional, of course,
you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. But if you’re interested,
this is what’s out there. And David Deida is the author of the book The Way of the superior man that I just had in the last slide. He’s a phenomenal teacher. And most of these people you can access on YouTube very easily. There’s one video that I have
found that was an amazing explanation of how sexuality
has been understood throughout the ages, and how in the original
teachings of all esoteric religions, they talked about sex as a path to union with God. All the major religions
in the original teachings talked about sex as a
path to union with God. It’s very different than what we hear from the modern religion yes? So they understood that this is sacred, we’ve been given a gift to create union through the physical body. We’ve been given an
opportunity to do it experience the highest spiritual
possibilities through the physical body. And this is about an hour and 15 minutes, and it takes you through an
amazing journey from the origins of the teachings all the way through time, and it uses artwork to depict
and to animate the story. Very beautiful. These two are actually
a woman that I studied with at the school over
there, Maria Freya has become more and more putting
herself out into the world as a Tantra teacher. And she has a good website, these two websites for women,
are excellent to learn about yoni eggs, about how to
do different practices, about different kinds of orgasms, et cetera , et cetera. She’s got a blog, and she
goes deep into all this stuff. That’s it Tantra is about love. So thank you for letting
me share this with you, it’s something that can change your life and I hope you all have a chance. (audience clapping) Thank you. This is the best homework
you’ll ever get from a teacher. (audience laughing) So do your homework, maybe
didn’t scrape your tongue, but this other homework you
might be more inclined to do.