Is Dane’s a Gym? – Dane’s Body Shop – Austin, Texas

I’m Dane, owner of Dane’s Body Shop. I call it Dane’s Body Shop because this place used to be a garage. I’m also a huge fan of homonyms So, is Danes a gym? F*** No! This is More than a Gym.. I’ll show you what I mean with a tour of the place. I’ll be talking during this tour… with my mouth. beep, beep Since opening in 2010, we’ve more than doubled our space and we’ve even opened a second location We now have for more Strength, Fusion, Yoga classes and even a run group that our community really gets into Everybody here is pretty cool, too.. if you’re not, we have a way of letting you know. KYAAA!! What makes Danes Body Shop different is our community. We’re serious about working
hard. We’re serious about living healthier. We’re serious about our
commitment to focus, for people that have been working out their entire lives, to even the little ones, just getting started. Right Makai? Oh!!! nooo oho So as our community grows, so have our events We started the occasional Wednesday Wine Night We even started a Steak Night to see what we can see how we all look in normal clothing We even have a place for our Zombies. Bon appetit, Lé Freaks – snarling – We’re not a cult, and we’re not here to make you feel awful however, you will be pushed to work hard so we’ll be right there with ya … all the way – zombies eating – people screaming – Soon, you’ll be setting your goals on our
bricks here at the Shop and knocking them out.. Richard here wants to work on his reflexes Let’s see how he’s doing.. – snag – – brick hits floor – Nice! Think Fast!! – blade hits – So, that’s Dane’s Body Shop. That’s the Vibe here and that’s why I hate going to the gym, but I Love coming to the Shop and you will too Hit it Terryl