Kapalbhati Breath of Fire – forceful exhalation. Breathing Pranayama Yoga: How to do Kapalabhati?

Hi, my name is Yogini Rasa, and I’m certified Open Yoga teacher Today it is spring and thereby it’s the best time for us to practice pranayama for the breathing exercises And today I am going to teach you how to do Pranayama yoga exercise Kapalabhati. It’s great for purificatio,n to clean up your body emotionally and really physically as well it is great massage for your belly and abdomen and all your intestines that don’t get too much of the massage usually thereby We will do a good job today How does it look like? This time all you have to do is to imagine your belly here. You can even have put your hands here and imagine that you are going to exhale , but not the usual way like but you help with your belly like And what happens? you kind of naturally inhale because you make an effort and body naturally relaxes Let’s try it together The perfect number for you to train and usually do one turn of kapalabhati would be about 20-24-26 But in the beginning it can be quite difficult. If we train our abdomen muscles it’s easier. If not then it takes some time to practice. If those will be 6 or 7 times or 10 or 15 it’s up to you. If after some time you feel like you could do some more you are welcome. But other than I would advise you to take turn of relaxation and then to to go on with the next turn. So let’s do it, okay For better understanding and focusing you can close your eyes And what we are going to do? We are going to exhale Make a deep breath in. Go down a little bit. Hold the breath. And then we go back laying on our back and we take the turn off relaxation Relax entire body You have done a great job and you deserve to relax and your body needs that for the energy to get balanced We get up Thumbs up if you like the practice and thumbs up for you for doing it.Do that on the regular basis you’ll get a great success