Kisna Aur Sapnasur – Kisna – Kids animation cartoon  WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Kisna Aur Sapnasur – Kisna – Kids animation cartoon WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES

So beautiful flowers. Gardner uncle, can I pluck few flowers? Uncle, why don’t you speak anything? Who are you? I am Sapnasur and I destroy the kid’s dream! Sapnasur will not let you sleep nor let you dream. Leave me! She must have seen a bad dream. What happened radhika tell me? Please stop crying everything will be fine. She has a high fever. I will just prepare the medicines. Take this medicine. Till morning her fever will be fine. Vaidji open the door. Who came so late? What happened? Vaidji he was sleeping and all of sudden started crying, he is having very high fever. Same thing happened with Ballu. Same thing happened with Radhika too. You all come inside, I will give medicine to all the kids. All the kids having fever together and seeing scary dreams together. I think it is a serious matter Vaidji. Yes something is wrong. I have given medicine to the kids but for the scary dream I don’t have any treatment. How it won’t come! This a special quality of trikaal’s Sapnasur magic. Well done Trikaal scare them so much that the parents go away from Anandnagri along with their kids. Then after that I will rule Anandnagri. Suddi, what did you see in the dream that you got so scared? Kisna I saw. So many toys all for me. Wow! I am enjoying. Now fun will start. When Sapnasur will eat up you. Ballu brother, what dream did you see? I was going in the jungle. Wow! So huge sweets, from where should I start to eat? This is very tasty. Eat us!! You had enough sweets Ballu now Sapnasur will eat you. When I opened my eyes, I was lying on the floor. Radhika did Sapnasur scare you too? Yes Kisna. Everyone are getting scary dreams together and Sapnasur is the one who is scaring every one. Is it a trikaal’s trick? Must tell to the Guruji. Sir all the kids are seeing Sapnasur in their dream, but why didn’t he come in my dream? In Comparison to other kids you are mentally more stronger than them. While sleeping also your brain is attentive that is the reason you don’t get dreams. I had challenged him, if he would be a real monster. But how to fight with this dream monster? Kisna, there must be some way. To deal with dream monster, I have to defeat him in the dream itself. Yes you are right Kisna, but today kids are so scared that they will not sleep. They will sleep, after listening to a good story. Mom, tell us the story of 4 friends You have heard it so many times Kisna. Radhika and Suddi haven’t heard it. Ok fine listen, there were 4 very best friend just like you all. Mom you forgot they even had a friend like a Toto. Yes, they also had a cute parrot just like Toto. Once all the friends go for the outing, they all reach on a very beautiful mountain. After reaching there they feel hungry and they all gather under a big tree and started eating their food. But it was a magical tree of fulfilling the wishes. Every one slept Kisna, now even you also sleep. Yes even I will sleep as today I also have to see a dream. I am Sapnasur. Get scared the more you get scared the more bigger I grow. Get scared!! This Sapnasur is nothing but fear of our heart. The more we get scared of him the more he will grow. Don’t be scared friends, just face him and fight back. Ok Kisna! Well done brother. Suddi, now it’s your turn. Don’t be scared Suddi. What you say brother lets play hitting the ball game with him? Yes sure! Be scared of me or else I will vanish forever. Had a good sleep. Do you know Sapnasur got defeated by us. We all hit killed him together. Did we all see a same dream? Can this happen ever?