Kristen Bell’s Neighbor Teaches Naked Yoga

let’s talk about a show the gentleman who– and I
call him a gentleman– who went to naked yoga. KRISTEN BELL: Yeah. ELLEN DEGENERES: That seems like
something you and Dax would do. KRISTEN BELL: You know what? I’ve never done naked yoga. But I’ve actually wanted to. Because I’m on this app
called Next Door which is– it’s like your whole
community can be on it. You can be like– I joined it to find lost dogs. To say, maybe I could connect
a lost dog to their owner. But the post I love the most
is this dude from my area who is advertising
his naked yoga class. And he always
incorporates a picture. Which I find very odd that it’s
like able to get past– no, he’s always like
doing an inversion. Picture it. When men are doing
inversions, it requires you to stare at
the picture for a minute to just see what’s going on. ELLEN DEGENERES: Right. KRISTEN BELL: I always send it– I immediately screen
cap it and send it to my writers of
“The Good Place” and say, “Anybody want to go?” We’ve never gone,
but I’m dying to. And he does it in Griffith Park. ELLEN DEGENERES: I don’t– I think this is questionable. KRISTEN BELL: I’m going
to send it to you! ELLEN DEGENERES: I don’t
think this guy is really doing naked yoga. I think that’s a guy that you
should call the police on. KRISTEN BELL: I agree. But again, I get
the picture, I just can’t figure out
what’s hanging where. ELLEN DEGENERES: Nor should you. But you stare at it that long. KRISTEN BELL: I do, it’s
very interesting to me. ELLEN DEGENERES:
Well, all right. KRISTEN BELL: Because they’re
not my parts, you know. They’re confusing. ELLEN DEGENERES:
But you’re married to a man who has those parts. KRISTEN BELL: But I don’t watch
him do inversions every day. [LAUGHTER] ELLEN DEGENERES: Well, you and
Dax are as sweet as can be. You’re a cute couple. And I saw you this summer. You came to see me. I was trying out my stand up
before I went and shot it. KRISTEN BELL: Which
I have to say– first of all, thank
you for the invitation. But you guys, I just
have to stop real quick and give you this compliment. Your show was amazing. And I know that you were like
working through some things. You were like, this is
rough and I’m practicing But it is so rare
in this day and age to find comedy that
isn’t edgy and rough and doesn’t feel like it has a
single kernel of maliciousness in it. And I belly laughed so
hard at your routine. I was like– we left
there not wanting to go to bed– like when
you do a workout class and you get like endorphins. And I just want, I don’t know,
to say thank you because I didn’t know what to expect. Because I know your
comedy when you used to do it on stage,
but having been in this job for so long I was
like, “Oh, is she going to take a new approach? What stories is
she going to tell?” And I just loved it. I think you guys are going
to be so excited to see it. ELLEN DEGENERES: Thank you! [APPLAUSE] KRISTEN BELL: I
loved it so much. ELLEN DEGENERES:
I appreciate that. KRISTEN BELL: It’s a rare talent
to really keep it all positive and I’m just so, I’m so thrilled
that you are coming back to it. ELLEN DEGENERES: I know, I
mean, I was really scared. And that’s why I wanted
people that I trusted and advice or notes or whatever. But, thank you. KRISTEN BELL: We’re
lucky to have it. ELLEN DEGENERES: Thank you. KRISTEN BELL: Please check it
out, it’s so good to you guys. ELLEN DEGENERES: I’m going
to take you around with me. It’s called “Relatable.” It’s on December
18th on Netflix. All right, so. I saw a picture of Dax
that I want to show. He’s tinkering with a bike. KRISTEN BELL: Ah, yes. ELLEN DEGENERES: There he
is, tinkering with a bike. But what I want to
show everyone is, zoom into that book that’s
right next to your child’s bike. KRISTEN BELL: Ellen,
Dax, not unlike women, he’s a complex creature. And he’s got a lot
of different layers he likes fixing kids toys,
but he also likes big butts. ELLEN DEGENERES: Yes. KRISTEN BELL: And I can’t
say I’m any different. ELLEN DEGENERES: It’s
a 3D big butt book. KRISTEN BELL: It’s a great book. I know it might be
grossing people out again but I like the human frame. It’s a great book. It’s a lot of nice big
butts in that book. ELLEN DEGENERES: But
why is it why is it 3D? Is it a pop-up? Like when you open a
thing and it like– KRISTEN BELL: No, it’s not that. And it’s not– some
of the pictures– it’s not iridescent,
but when you turn them, the butt kind of like moves. I think I probably should not
share anything ever again. ELLEN DEGENERES:
I don’t think so. You should share that
with your community. KRISTEN BELL: I’m going to put
that right on my Next Door app. ELLEN DEGENERES: What
does he call himself, the man who shows his stuff? KRISTEN BELL: I don’t even know. I’m blindsided by the
picture popping up, I can’t read any of the text. ELLEN DEGENERES:
I just want to– anyway. All right– KRISTEN BELL: I can see
you next time I get it. ELLEN DEGENERES: Yeah, please. KRISTEN BELL: OK, I will. ELLEN DEGENERES: No, don’t. What am I saying? No. I’m just kind of like– No, don’t. The new season of “The Good
Place,” by the way, premieres September 27 at 8:00 on NBC. We’re going to be back more
with Kristen after this.