Learn Restorative Yoga Poses : Shoulder Shrug Restorative Yoga

At the end of the day when you’ve been driving
all day or seated at your computer and you feel your shoulders just creeping up to your
ears, this shoulder shrug is a really good way to release the tension through the neck
and shoulders. Gina’s going to help me demonstrate this now. So she’s going to inhale in and
draw her shoulders all the way up to her ears. Notice how stressful that looks, so doesn’t
look comfortable yeah, so we become a turtle back here. On a big exhale she just going
to drop her shoulders down. You not going to place them down, you just going to let
it all going, get rid of all that tensions and stress. Inhale in, lift the shoulders
up to her ears, good, exhale, let it all go. Good. So this time she’s going to think of
something that’s really driving her crazy. Maybe it’s something that happen at work,
maybe it was her kid or husband, anything you, he wouldn’t do that, I know, but she’s
going to draw all that stress, all that tension, right up in the inhale, draw it up, and she’s
just going to get rid of it, draw it away, get rid of it and exhale, good. Do that again,
inhale, anything that’s bothering you, draw it up, get it up there and exhale, throw it
away. You just don’t need that stuff, don’t carry it with you. It’s a great way to get
all the stress out of your body.