Learn Restorative Yoga Poses : Yoga Supported Bound Angle with Strap

Another way that you can make this pose a
little bit different and more comfortable is by using a strap. So I’m just going to
ask Gina to lift up just for a moment here and then we’re going to let her go right back
down. Good. She’s going to take this strap around her back. Good. And then she’s going
to loop it around her feet. And then pull it tight, good. So this is going to help her draw her thighs out to
the side more, opening up through her thigh, yeah. And then she’s going to go ahead and
lean back again, and a lot of people feel that this makes them feel like they’re in
a cradle being cradled once again, returning to childhood, so that’s very secure, very
relax, very comfortable feeling. Also helping to lengthen through your spine, as it pulls
the sacrum down just enough and then widens out through your thighs. A great way to relax
and renew.